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used in Of Human Bondage

32 uses
  • The words choked Philip, but he was determined not to shirk the truth.
    105-106 — Chapters 105-106 (47% in)
  • At last she came, in black satin; the Vicar did not like colours in a clergyman's wife at any time, but on Sundays he was determined that she should wear black; now and then, in conspiracy with Miss Graves, she ventured a white feather or a pink rose in her bonnet, but the Vicar insisted that it should disappear; he said he would not go to church with the scarlet woman: Mrs. Carey sighed as a woman but obeyed as a wife.
    7-8 — Chapters 7-8 (12% in)
  • Sometimes she and her mother might be seen, with stern eyes and determined mouths, looking over the letters of the reluctant lover.
    23-24 — Chapters 23-24 (54% in)
  • It gave him goose-flesh to think of the season's aggressive cheerfulness, and in his desire to avoid the obvious he determined to travel on Christmas Eve.
    31-32 — Chapters 31-32 (2% in)
  • He wished now that he had never undertaken the siege of Miss Wilkinson's virtue; the first fortnight had been so jolly, and now he was wretched; but he was determined not to give in, he would never respect himself again if he did, and he made up his mind irrevocably that the next night he would kiss her without fail.
    33-34 — Chapters 33-34 (57% in)
  • Hayward had recommended to him a guide which had been compiled out of Ruskin's works, and with this in hand he went industriously through room after room: he read carefully what the critic had said about a picture and then in a determined fashion set himself to see the same things in it.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (5% in)
  • They spent the inside of a week there, leaving on Sunday, and when Philip late at night reached his dingy rooms in Barnes his mind was made up; he would surrender his articles, and go to Paris to study art; but so that no one should think him unreasonable he determined to stay at the office till his year was up.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (89% in)
  • Foinet seemed in a pleasant mood; he did not say much to her, but with quick, determined strokes of her charcoal pointed out her errors.
    43-44 — Chapters 43-44 (16% in)
  • There was in his mien a mixture of shame and of determination.
    47-48 — Chapters 47-48 (76% in)
  • He had written for two years, amid incredible hardships, denying himself all the pleasures of life which had attracted him to Paris, fighting with starvation for art's sake, determined that nothing should hinder his great achievement.
    47-48 — Chapters 47-48 (90% in)
  • They began to talk, and finding Clutton more loquacious and less sardonic than usual, Philip determined to take advantage of his good humour.
    49-50 — Chapters 49-50 (67% in)
  • He made up his mind at length to take a certain step and abide by the result, and, having made up his mind, he determined to take the step at once.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (3% in)
  • Philip was a little annoyed that his uncle did not even see how truly heroic his determination was.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (85% in)
  • Irresolution, incompetence, want of foresight, and lack of determination.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (88% in)
  • His estimate of the human race was determined by the fact that scarcely anyone failed to resist the temptation.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (91% in)
  • He had thought of doctoring among other things, chiefly because it was an occupation which seemed to give a good deal of personal freedom, and his experience of life in an office had made him determine never to have anything more to do with one; his answer to the Vicar slipped out almost unawares, because it was in the nature of a repartee.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (96% in)
  • He determined to be swayed by no prejudices.
    53-54 — Chapters 53-54 (13% in)
  • But he was so tired that he slept heavily, and when Monday came he entered upon life with determination.
    59-60 — Chapters 59-60 (25% in)
  • He determined he would not move, but ten minutes afterwards he jumped in a cab and followed her.
    61-62 — Chapters 61-62 (24% in)
  • Philip took a sudden determination.
    71-72 — Chapters 71-72 (41% in)
  • He was taking up his duties at the beginning of May and meanwhile was going home for a holiday; this was his last week in town, and he was determined to get as much enjoyment into it as he could.
    73-74 — Chapters 73-74 (65% in)
  • There was a morbid obstinacy in him which forced him to do the thing he had determined.
    77-78 — Chapters 77-78 (6% in)
  • He determined to take unfurnished rooms: it would be pleasant and cheaper; and this was an urgent consideration, for during the last year and a half he had spent nearly seven hundred pounds.
    77-78 — Chapters 77-78 (90% in)
  • To remind himself that he too had once been engaged in the practice of art, he put up a charcoal drawing of the young Spaniard Miguel Ajuria: it was the best thing he had ever done, a nude standing with clenched hands, his feet gripping the floor with a peculiar force, and on his face that air of determination which had been so impressive; and though Philip after the long interval saw very well the defects of his work its associations made him look upon it with tolerance.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (10% in)
  • He was determined to stay the visitor out.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (38% in)
  • The week-end she spent with Griffiths at Oxford inflamed rather than extinguished her sudden passion; and when Griffiths went home, with a feeling that was unexpected in her she determined to stay in Oxford by herself for a couple of days, because she had been so happy in it.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (81% in)
  • He was a person who dreaded quarrels, nor did he want to give pain; but at the same time he had other things to do, and he was quite determined not to let Mildred bother him.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (90% in)
  • She had made up her mind that it was no use trying to get work that summer, and with Philip's approval determined to stay where she was till the autumn.
    93-94 — Chapters 93-94 (11% in)
  • She did not speak with anger, but with determination that was rather frightening.
    99-100 — Chapters 99-100 (24% in)
  • Every night he swore that nothing would induce him to put up with such another and determined next morning to write to his uncle, or to Mr. Nixon, the solicitor, or to Lawson; but when the time came he could not bring himself to make the humiliating confession of his utter failure.
    99-100 — Chapters 99-100 (92% in)
  • But if that happened Philip was quite determined what to do, he would not go on in that way indefinitely; his life was only tolerable because he could look forward to something better.
    105-106 — Chapters 105-106 (26% in)
  • He saw the pain come into Lawson's eyes, he could not help it, he was sorry, but he had to think of himself; he could not bear the thought of discussing his situation, he could endure it only by determining resolutely not to think about it.
    105-106 — Chapters 105-106 (52% in)

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