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used in Of Human Bondage

32 uses
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in spite of; or in spite of the thing mentioned
(Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include words and phrases such as nevertheless, nonetheless, all the same, still,  and however.)
  • Sometimes, notwithstanding the cold, a couple came on to the balcony and stood for a moment to get some fresh air; and Philip, imagining that they were in love with one another, turned away and limped along the street with a heavy hurt.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (20% in)
notwithstanding = despite (in this case, even though it was cold, they came out to the balcony)
  • She came from Devonshire and, notwithstanding her many years of service in London, had never lost the breadth of her accent.
    1-2 — Chapters 1-2 (64% in)
  • But there were signs notwithstanding that even there changes were coming; for a few, repeating what they had heard at home, said that the Church was no longer what it used to be.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (5% in)
  • A year passed, and when Philip came to the school the old masters were all in their places; but a good many changes had taken place notwithstanding their stubborn resistance, none the less formidable because it was concealed under an apparent desire to fall in with the new head's ideas.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (52% in)
  • In Philip, notwithstanding his shyness, he felt the possibility of a passion equal to his own.
    17-18 — Chapters 17-18 (43% in)
  • The Vicar, notwithstanding medical assurance that the boy was no longer infectious, received him with suspicion; he thought it very inconsiderate of the doctor to suggest that his nephew's convalescence should be spent by the seaside, and consented to have him in the house only because there was nowhere else he could go.
    19-20 — Chapters 19-20 (10% in)
  • And Philip, easily moved by the emotion of others, very emotional himself notwithstanding a placid exterior, his face, partly by nature but also from the habit of all these years at school, seldom except by his quick flushing showed what he felt, Philip was deeply touched by what the master said.
    19-20 — Chapters 19-20 (78% in)
  • Notwithstanding his rather condescending attitude towards patriotism he had been adopted as the national poet, and seemed since the war of seventy to be one of the most significant glories of national unity.
    23-24 — Chapters 23-24 (78% in)
  • He was clean-shaven, and his mouth, notwithstanding its thin lips, was well-shaped.
    25-26 — Chapters 25-26 (39% in)
  • Herr Sung smiled in the Frau Professor's eyes, and notwithstanding her protests insisted on pouring out a glass of wine for her.
    29-30 — Chapters 29-30 (94% in)
  • He served well and as he ran clumsily played close to the net: notwithstanding his club-foot he was quick, and it was difficult to get a ball past him.
    33-34 — Chapters 33-34 (62% in)
  • he remained at the studio, notwithstanding the protests of those who suffered too bitterly from his attacks, because there could be no doubt that he was one of the best masters in Paris.
    43-44 — Chapters 43-44 (8% in)
  • But notwithstanding when Miss Price on the following Sunday offered to take him to the Louvre Philip accepted.
    43-44 — Chapters 43-44 (53% in)
  • That was not her real name, but by that she was distinguished at Gravier's to emphasise the picture's beauty notwithstanding the somewhat revolting peculiarity of the sitter's appearance.
    43-44 — Chapters 43-44 (98% in)
  • The life of Paris had got into his bones, and he would not change it, notwithstanding its squalor, drudgery, and hardship, for any other in the world.
    45-46 — Chapters 45-46 (10% in)
  • Miss Chalice, who had a clever dexterity which impressed Lawson notwithstanding his contempt for feminine art, started a picture in which she tried to circumvent the commonplace by leaving out the tops of the trees; and Lawson had the brilliant idea of putting in his foreground a large blue advertisement of chocolat Menier in order to emphasise his abhorrence of the chocolate box.
    47-48 — Chapters 47-48 (36% in)
  • Their eyes were haggard and grim; and notwithstanding the beastly lust that disfigured them, and the meanness of their faces, and the cruelty, notwithstanding the stupidness which was worst of all, the anguish of those fixed eyes made all that crowd terrible and pathetic.
    49-50 — Chapters 49-50 (46% in)
  • Their eyes were haggard and grim; and notwithstanding the beastly lust that disfigured them, and the meanness of their faces, and the cruelty, notwithstanding the stupidness which was worst of all, the anguish of those fixed eyes made all that crowd terrible and pathetic.
    49-50 — Chapters 49-50 (47% in)
  • He was an obstinate fellow, and the suspicion that his talent did not lie in one direction made him inclined to force circumstances and aim notwithstanding precisely in that direction.
    51-52 — Chapters 51-52 (72% in)
  • But notwithstanding he was able to look at himself from the outside and smile with amusement.
    53-54 — Chapters 53-54 (9% in)
  • Philip, notwithstanding his hidden stores of wisdom, listened meekly.
    53-54 — Chapters 53-54 (92% in)
  • He felt a bitter hatred for Griffiths, but for Mildred, notwithstanding all that had passed, only a heartrending desire.
    77-78 — Chapters 77-78 (40% in)
  • You learnt in what way to put your questions so that they should be understood, you discovered on what subjects nearly all lied, and by what inquiries you could extort the truth notwithstanding.
    81-82 — Chapters 81-82 (41% in)
  • The air was musty; and the room, notwithstanding Philip's tidying up, had the bedraggled look which seemed to accompany Cronshaw wherever he went.
    83-84 — Chapters 83-84 (90% in)
  • He was pleased with his idea of crowning the dead poet with this; and attempted, notwithstanding Philip's disapproving silence, to fix it on the bald head; but the wreath fitted grotesquely.
    85-86 — Chapters 85-86 (33% in)
  • Notwithstanding the yellowness it was distinguished; he had blue eyes, a nose of an imposing boldness, hooked, aggressive but not clumsy, and a small beard, pointed and gray: he was rather bald, but his hair had evidently been quite fine, curling prettily, and he still wore it long.
    85-86 — Chapters 85-86 (69% in)
  • Notwithstanding the war there was evidently much difficulty in finding work, for when Philip went to the shop many men were waiting already.
    101-102 — Chapters 101-102 (70% in)
  • The awful fear seized him that his uncle, notwithstanding his promises, might leave everything he had to the parish or the church.
    105-106 — Chapters 105-106 (25% in)
  • He told Philip that he should demand higher wages, for notwithstanding the difficult work he was now engaged in, he received no more than the six shillings a week with which he started.
    107-108 — Chapters 107-108 (32% in)
  • He was set upon one thing indomitably and that was living, just living, notwithstanding the monotony of his life and the constant pain which allowed him to sleep only when he was under the influence of morphia.
    109-110 — Chapters 109-110 (66% in)
  • He simply could not do a thing which, notwithstanding all his reason, he felt was horrible.
    121-122 — Chapters 121-122 (47% in)
  • At the bottom of his heart, notwithstanding everything, he felt that a strange, desperate thirst for that vile woman would always linger.
    121-122 — Chapters 121-122 (73% in)

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