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used in The Iliad by Homer - (translated by: Pope)

19 uses
  • Has he not fenced his guarded navy round With piles, with ramparts, and a trench profound?
    Book 9 (56% in)
  • It was not till the age of the grammarians that its primitive integrity was called in question; nor is it injustice to assert, that the minute and analytical spirit of a grammarian is not the best qualification for the profound feeling, the comprehensive conception of an harmonious whole.
    Introduction (33% in)
  • (71) Swift to the seas profound the goddess flies, Jove to his starry mansions in the skies.
    Book 1 (88% in)
  • But when Ulysses rose, in thought profound,(116) His modest eyes he fix'd upon the ground; As one unskill'd or dumb, he seem'd to stand, Nor raised his head, nor stretch'd his sceptred hand; But, when he speaks, what elocution flows!
    Book 3 (50% in)
  • Here, where on one promiscuous pile they blazed, High o'er them all a general tomb be raised; Next, to secure our camp and naval powers, Raise an embattled wall, with lofty towers; From space to space be ample gates around, For passing chariots; and a trench profound.
    Book 7 (72% in)
  • Then, to secure the camp and naval powers, They raised embattled walls with lofty towers:(186) From space to space were ample gates around, For passing chariots, and a trench profound Of large extent; and deep in earth below, Strong piles infix'd stood adverse to the foe.
    Book 7 (90% in)
  • And now had death and horror cover'd all;(193) Like timorous flocks the Trojans in their wall Inclosed had bled: but Jove with awful sound Roll'd the big thunder o'er the vast profound: Full in Tydides' face the lightning flew; The ground before him flamed with sulphur blue; The quivering steeds fell prostrate at the sight; And Nestor's trembling hand confess'd his fright: He dropp'd the reins: and, shook with sacred dread, Thus, turning, warn'd the intrepid Diomed: "O chief! too...
    Book 8 (25% in)
  • When flying they had pass'd the trench profound, And many a chief lay gasping on the ground; Before the ships a desperate stand they made, And fired the troops, and called the gods to aid.
    Book 8 (59% in)
  • To Neptune, ruler of the seas profound, Whose liquid arms the mighty globe surround, They pour forth vows, their embassy to bless, And calm the rage of stern AEacides.
    Book 9 (31% in)
  • To her the chief retired from stern debate, But found no peace from fierce Althaea's hate: Althaea's hate the unhappy warrior drew, Whose luckless hand his royal uncle slew; She beat the ground, and call'd the powers beneath On her own son to wreak her brother's death; Hell heard her curses from the realms profound, And the red fiends that walk the nightly round.
    Book 9 (82% in)
  • Their arms in order on the ground reclined, Through the brown shade the fulgid weapons shined: Amidst lay Rhesus, stretch'd in sleep profound, And the white steeds behind his chariot bound.
    Book 10 (81% in)
  • But Neptune, rising from the seas profound, The god whose earthquakes rock the solid ground, Now wears a mortal form; like Calchas seen, Such his loud voice, and such his manly mien; His shouts incessant every Greek inspire, But most the Ajaces, adding fire to fire.
    Book 13 (9% in)
  • Not half so loud the bellowing deeps resound, When stormy winds disclose the dark profound; Less loud the winds that from the AEolian hall Roar through the woods, and make whole forests fall; Less loud the woods, when flames in torrents pour, Catch the dry mountain, and its shades devour; With such a rage the meeting hosts are driven, And such a clamour shakes the sounding heaven.
    Book 14 (75% in)
  • Now in swift flight they pass the trench profound, And many a chief lay gasping on the ground: Then stopp'd and panted, where the chariots lie Fear on their cheek, and horror in their eye.
    Book 15 (3% in)
  • The lord of thunders, from his lofty height Beheld, and thus bespoke the source of light: "Behold! the god whose liquid arms are hurl'd Around the globe, whose earthquakes rock the world, Desists at length his rebel-war to wage, Seeks his own seas, and trembles at our rage; Else had my wrath, heaven's thrones all shaking round, Burn'd to the bottom of his seas profound; And all the gods that round old Saturn dwell Had heard the thunders to the deeps of hell.
    Book 15 (30% in)
  • All scatter'd round the stream (their mightiest slain) The amazed Paeonians scour along the plain; He vents his fury on the flying crew, Thrasius, Astyplus, and Mnesus slew; Mydon, Thersilochus, with AEnius, fell; And numbers more his lance had plunged to hell, But from the bottom of his gulfs profound Scamander spoke; the shores return'd the sound.
    Book 21 (33% in)
  • Between where Samos wide his forests spreads, And rocky Imbrus lifts its pointed heads, Down plunged the maid; (the parted waves resound;) She plunged and instant shot the dark profound.
    Book 24 (13% in)
  • 218 "All the circumstances of this action—the night, Rhesus buried in a profound sleep, and Diomede with the sword in his hand hanging over the head of that prince—furnished Homer with the idea of this fiction, which represents Rhesus lying fast asleep, and, as it were, beholding his enemy in a dream, plunging the sword into his bosom.
    Footnotes (68% in)
  • The whole scene between Achilles and Priam, when the latter comes to the Greek camp for the purpose of redeeming the body of Hector, is at once the most profoundly skilful, and yet the simplest and most affecting passage in the Iliad.
    Footnotes (95% in)

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