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used in In Cold Blood

26 uses
  • What are you going to do with these men that bind a man hand and foot and cut his throat and blow out his brains?
    4 — The Corner (59% in)
  • Not that there's much to see-simply an aimless congregation of buildings divided in the center by the main-line tracks of the Santa Fe Rail-road, a haphazard hamlet bounded on the south by a brown stretch of the Arkansas (pronounced "Ar-kan-sas") River, on the north by a highway, Route 50, and on the east and west by prairie lands and wheat fields.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (1% in)
  • His tiny feet, encased in short black boots with steel buckles, would have neatly fitted into a delicate lady's dancing slippers; when he stood up, he was no taller than a twelve-year-old child, and suddenly looked, strutting on stunted legs that seemed grotesquely inadequate to the grown-up bulk they supported, not like a well-built truck driver but like a retired jockey, overblown and muscle-bound, outside the drugstore, Perry stationed himself in the sun.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (18% in)
  • Far from resenting these lessons, the pupil, to please his tutor, once composed a sheaf of poems, and though the verses were very obscene, Perry, who thought them nevertheless hilarious, had had the manuscript leather-bound in a prison shop and its title, Dirty Jokes, stamped in gold.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (28% in)
  • Tonight, having dried and brushed her hair and bound it in a gauzy bandanna, she set out the clothes she intended to wear to church the next morning: nylons, black pumps, a red velveteen dress-her prettiest, which she herself had made.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (75% in)
  • The cord around her wrists ran down to her ankles, which were bound together, and then ran on down to the bottom of the bed, where it was tied to the footboard-a very complicated, artful piece of work.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (84% in)
  • He was gagged with adhesive tape and bound hand and foot, like the mother-the same intricate process of the cord leading from the hands to the feet, and finally tied to an arm of the couch.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (86% in)
  • His ankles were tied together, but not his hands-or, rather, he'd managed, God knows how, maybe in rage or pain, to break the cord binding his hands.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (87% in)
  • On November 15, while she was waiting for the west bound ten-thirty-two, she was astonished to see two ambulances cross the railroad tracks and turn toward the Clutter property.
    1 — Last To See Them Alive (90% in)
  • Then, with cord and adhesive tape supplied by the killer, Mr. Clutter bound and gagged his wife, bound his daughter (who, inexplicably, had not been gagged), and roped them to their beds.
    2 — Persons Unknown (6% in)
  • Then, with cord and adhesive tape supplied by the killer, Mr. Clutter bound and gagged his wife, bound his daughter (who, inexplicably, had not been gagged), and roped them to their beds.
    2 — Persons Unknown (6% in)
  • More over, there was reason to suppose that all four had been bound by the same person: in all four instances the same type of knot, a half hitch, was used.
    2 — Persons Unknown (7% in)
  • ...courtroom exhibits: the adhesive tape and the yards of cord removed from the victims and sealed in plastic sacks (as clues, neither item seemed very promising, for both were common-brand products, obtainable here in the United States), and photographs taken at the scene of the crime by a police photographer-twenty blown-up glossy-print pictures of Mr. Clutter's shattered skull, his son's demolished face, Nancy's bound hands, her mother's death-dulled, staring eyes, and so on.
    2 — Persons Unknown (8% in)
  • Church had inspected Smith's farm home and seen there, hanging from a barn rafter, a length of rope tied with the same kind of knot that was used to bind the four Clutters.
    2 — Persons Unknown (12% in)
  • Bound and gagged their victims expertly, with no evidence of a struggle with any of them.
    2 — Persons Unknown (16% in)
  • One truck driver, bound for Needles, California, had offered a lift, but Dick had declined.
    2 — Persons Unknown (99% in)
  • Each had been bound, gagged, and shot through the head with a .
    3 — Answer (1% in)
  • Nye undid the cord; the knot, he was unhappy to see, was not the same as the half hitch that the killers had used when binding the Clutter family.
    3 — Answer (21% in)
  • If they do, it's bound to be somebody everybody knows.
    3 — Answer (37% in)
  • Each of the victims, though not bound or gagged, had been shot through the head with a .
    3 — Answer (45% in)
  • One company offered them immediate work on a tanker bound for Brazil, and, indeed, the two would now have been at sea if their prospective employer had not discovered that neither man possessed union papers or a passport.
    3 — Answer (55% in)
  • Who'll stand in the witness box and tell a jury how Richard Hickock and Perry Smith bound and gagged and slaughtered four helpless people.
    3 — Answer (71% in)
  • Thus the last loose strings were tied, the K.B.I. had now assembled an unshakable case, for tests established that the shells had been discharged by Hickock's shotgun, and remnants of cord and tape were of a piece with the material to bind and silence the victims.
    4 — The Corner (7% in)
  • At the station, while waiting for a homeward-bound train, he spoke to a reporter: "I seen Dirk uh-huh.
    4 — The Corner (9% in)
  • And there remains the mother, bound and gagged and having to listen as her husband, her beloved children died one by one.
    4 — The Corner (59% in)
  • Accompanied by six guards and a prayer-murmuring chaplain, he entered the death place handcuffed and wearing an ugly harness of leather straps that bound his arms to his torso.
    4 — The Corner (95% in)

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