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used in Gone with the Wind

41 uses
  • You see, my dear, I was engaged in some of my nefarious schemes here during the war and these people have devilish long memories!
    5.48 (12% in)
  • Well, when we were in Atlanta yesterday, waiting for the home train, her carriage went by the depot and she stopped and talked to us, and she told us there was going to be an engagement announced tomorrow night at the Wilkes ball.
    1.1 (35% in)
  • "Besides, it isn't his engagement that's going to be announced," said Stuart triumphantly.
    1.1 (36% in)
  • It was supposed to be a secret and a surprise, and a man's got a right to keep his own engagement quiet, hasn't he?
    1.1 (52% in)
  • Or else engaged in shooting matches.
    1.1 (91% in)
  • Suppose it was the news of his engagement he had intended to tell her!
    1.2 (33% in)
  • Of course, she did not intend to tell her mother what was so heavy on her heart, for Ellen would be shocked and grieved to know that a daughter of hers wanted a man who was engaged to another girl.
    1.4 (4% in)
  • And Ashley's engagement had not even been announced yet!
    1.4 (75% in)
  • Naturally, she would have to say then that she simply couldn't think of marrying a man when he was engaged to another girl, but he would insist and finally she would let herself be persuaded.
    1.4 (96% in)
  • The mockingbirds and the jays, engaged in their old feud for possession of the magnolia tree beneath her window, were bickering, the jays strident, acrimonious, the mockers sweet voiced and plaintive.
    1.5 (2% in)
  • Of course, Suellen would be certain to tell tales tomorrow, but if all went as Scarlett hoped, the excitement of the family over her engagement to Ashley or her elopement would more than overbalance their displeasure.
    1.5 (38% in)
  • You know as well as I do that Ashley's engagement is going to be announced tonight.
    1.5 (53% in)
  • Our cook is the broad wife of the Wilkes butler, and he was over last night with the news that the engagement would be announced tonight and Cookie told us this morning.
    1.5 (79% in)
  • It was one thing to know that Ashley was engaged but it was another to hear people talk about it so casually.
    1.5 (81% in)
  • And she smiled as she thought how surprised Mrs. Tarleton would be when no engagement was announced that night—how surprised if there were an elopement.
    1.5 (82% in)
  • And he's never acted very sweet on her, for all that they're engaged.
    1.5 (84% in)
  • Father is to announce the engagement tonight.
    1.6 (69% in)
  • But she's as good as engaged to Stuart.
    1.6 (86% in)
  • So short an engagement would have been impossible in times of peace.
    1.7 (4% in)
  • All ages and sexes went visiting, honeymooners, young mothers showing off new babies, convalescents, the bereaved, girls whose parents were anxious to remove them from the dangers of unwise matches, girls who had reached the danger age without becoming engaged and who, it was hoped, would make suitable matches under the guidance of relatives in other places.
    2.8 (64% in)
  • Unhampered by matrimony or widowhood, they made vast inroads on the convalescents, and even the least attractive girls, Scarlett observed gloomily, had no difficulty in getting engaged.
    2.8 (98% in)
  • Just a little over a year ago, she was dancing and wearing bright clothes instead of this dark mourning and was practically engaged to three boys.
    2.9 (5% in)
  • Melanie sensed her moodiness but, crediting it to longing for Charlie, did not try to engage her in conversation.
    2.9 (38% in)
  • Scarlett had to admit that Melanie carried off things very well, acting as if she knew nothing was amiss, and she actually succeeded in engaging Gerald in conversation, once the supper had been served.
    2.10 (46% in)
  • Do you remember at the barbecue, the day our engagement was announced, that a man named Butler, a Charlestonian by his accent, nearly caused a fight by his remarks about the ignorance of Southerners?
    2.11 (52% in)
  • For some months, he was the most popular and romantic figure the town knew, despite his previous reputation, despite the faint rumors that he was engaged not only in blockading but in speculating on foodstuffs, too.
    2.12 (60% in)
  • —he had started after them, engaged them before they even reached Rome, harassed them day and night and finally captured the entire force!
    2.14 (7% in)
  • And Lafe had been engaged to Cathleen Calvert.
    2.14 (73% in)
  • He had sold his boats when blockading grew too hazardous, and he was now openly engaged in food speculation.
    2.16 (30% in)
  • Within the space of a few days the battles of Atlanta and of Ezra Church were fought, and both of them were major engagements which made Peachtree Creek seem like a skirmish.
    3.18 (74% in)
  • A shadow disengaged itself from the mass and came to the gate.
    3.22 (75% in)
  • Then she stripped off the large sapphire solitaire which Charles had given her as an engagement ring.
    3.27 (53% in)
  • There's nothing we can be sure of and—and I thought it would be a heap of comfort to me and maybe to her if we were engaged.
    3.28 (90% in)
  • But, all the same, he was her beau after you turned him down, because when he come home on his last furlough they got engaged.
    3.30 (67% in)
  • There was no doubt what Ellen would say to a daughter who told lies and engaged in sharp practices.
    4.38 (11% in)
  • Until Rhett was back in Atlanta and the ring on her finger she told no one, not even her family, of her intentions, and when she did announce her engagement a storm of bitter gossip broke out.
    4.47 (72% in)
  • The news of their engagement came like an explosion, unexpected and shattering, rocking the town, and even the mildestmannered women spoke their minds heatedly.
    4.47 (76% in)
  • Atlanta might perhaps have been more tolerant toward the two if the news of their engagement had not come at a time when Rhett's Carpetbagger and Scallawag cronies were more odious in the sight of respectable citizens than they had ever been before.
    4.47 (77% in)
  • Public feeling against the Yankees and all their allies was at fever heat at the very time when the town learned of the engagement, for the last citadel of Georgia's resistance to Yankee rule had just fallen.
    4.47 (78% in)
  • A week before Scarlett and Rhett announced their engagement, an election for governor had been held.
    4.47 (82% in)
  • Atlanta was in no mood to be tolerant or charitable toward anyone in the enemy camp and, the news of the engagement coming when it did, the town remembered all of the evil things about the pair and none of the good.
    4.47 (84% in)

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