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used in The Fellowship of the Ring

16 uses
  • Now you have come thus far, you must be brought before the Lord and the Lady.
    2.6 -- Book 2 Chapter 6 -- Lothlorien (74% in)
  • Thus, the only craft little practised among them was shoe-making; but they had long and skilful fingers and could make many other useful and comely things.
    Prologue (7% in)
  • Thus began the Shire-reckoning, for the year of the crossing of the Brandywine (as the Hobbits turned the name) became Year One of the Shire, and all later dates were reckoned from it.
    Prologue (25% in)
  • It is thus quite possible that he learned of this plant in Bree, where now, at any rate, it grows well on the south slopes of the hill.
    Prologue (51% in)
  • The home and centre of the an is thus to be found in the old inn of Bree, The Prancing Pony, that has been kept by the family of Butterbur from time beyond record.
    Prologue (52% in)
  • The Thain's Book was thus the first copy made of the Red Book and contained much that was later omitted or lost.
    Prologue (93% in)
  • But when news of the events at Bree came to Tom's ears, he sent them to Mr. Butterbur, who thus got five good beasts at a very fair price.
    1.11 -- Book 1 Chapter 11 -- A Knife in the Dark (18% in)
  • By our valour the wild folk of the East are still restrained, and the terror of Morgul kept at bay; and thus alone are peace and freedom maintained in the lands behind us, bulwark of the West.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (20% in)
  • Some here will remember that many years ago I myself dared to pass the doors of the Necromancer in Dol Guldur, and secretly explored his ways, and found thus that our fears were true: he was none other than Sauron, our Enemy of old, at length taking shape and power again.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (35% in)
  • For this scroll concerns the Ring, and thus wrote Isildur therein: _The Great Ring shall go now to be an heirloom of the North Kingdom; but records of it shall be left in Gondor, where also dwell the heirs of Elendil, lest a time come when the memory of these great matters shall grow dim.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (42% in)
  • Thus the Enemy knows now that the One is found, that it was long in the Shire; and since his servants have pursued it almost to our door, he soon will know, already he may know, even as I speak, that we have it here.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (49% in)
  • But Saruman has long studied the arts of the Enemy himself, and thus we have often been able to forestall him.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (57% in)
  • 'Thus we return once more to the destroying of the Ring,' said Erestor, 'and yet we come no nearer.
    2.2 -- Book 2 Chapter 2 -- The Council of Elrond (93% in)
  • Thus, at last, they came beyond hope under the sky and felt the wind on their faces.
    2.5 -- Book 2 Chapter 5 -- The Bridge of Khazad-dum (97% in)
  • It is hard upon the Dwarf to be thus singled out.
    2.6 -- Book 2 Chapter 6 -- Lothlorien (75% in)
  • As they spoke thus, the Company filed slowly along the paths in the wood, led by Haldir, while the other Elf walked behind.
    2.6 -- Book 2 Chapter 6 -- Lothlorien (82% in)

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