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used in The Brothers Karamazov

33 uses
  • The day after his fate was determined, Mitya had fallen ill with nervous fever, and was sent to the prison division of the town hospital.
    Epilogue (24% in)
  • He would perhaps have really gone; but having determined to do so he felt at once entitled to fortify himself for the journey by another bout of reckless drinking.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (10% in)
  • His rather large, prominent, dark eyes had an expression of firm determination, and yet there was a vague look in them, too.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (58% in)
  • He had the long, determined stride of a military man.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (59% in)
  • He determined to drop his litigation with the monastery, and relinquish his claims to the wood-cutting and fishery rights at once.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (87% in)
  • He was firm and determined and went blindly and obstinately for his object, if once he had been brought by any reasons (and they were often very illogical ones) to believe that it was immutably right.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (1% in)
  • She walked in and looked straight at me, her dark eyes determined, even defiant, but on her lips and round her mouth I saw uncertainty.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (31% in)
  • When Fyodor Pavlovitch heard of this development in Smerdyakov he determined to make him his cook, and sent him to Moscow to be trained.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (49% in)
  • If I try to understand anything, I shall be false to the fact, and I have determined to stick to the fact.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (43% in)
  • But whether this was only the conversation that took place then, or whether he added to it his notes of parts of former conversations with his teacher, I cannot determine.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (7% in)
  • One day he would come determined and say fervently: "I know it will be heaven for me, heaven, the moment I confess.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (61% in)
  • And now after four years the sensitive, injured and pathetic little orphan had become a plump, rosy beauty of the Russian type, a woman of bold and determined character, proud and insolent.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (46% in)
  • He suspected, quite correctly, that she, too, was passing through an inward struggle, and was in a state of extraordinary indecision, that she was making up her mind to something, and unable to determine upon it.
    Book 8 — Mitya (1% in)
  • He suddenly determined to go to Samsonov, the merchant who was Grushenka's protector, and to propose a "scheme" to him, and by means of it to obtain from him at once the whole of the sum required.
    Book 8 — Mitya (5% in)
  • So he had determined, if he did not get hold of the three thousand that would pay his debt to Katerina Ivanovna, and so remove from his breast, from that spot on his breast, the shame he carried upon it, that weighed on his conscience.
    Book 8 — Mitya (33% in)
  • His first horror was over, but evidently some new fixed determination had taken possession of him.
    Book 8 — Mitya (43% in)
  • Next came the account of Mitya's sudden determination to "step aside" and make way for their happiness.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (49% in)
  • You'll never know," said Mitya, chipping out each word with extraordinary determination.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (51% in)
  • Of the raptures of his love he said nothing, but told them that he abandoned his determination to shoot himself, owing to "new factors in the case."
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (54% in)
  • Mitya uttered his sudden monologue as though he were determined to be absolutely silent for the future.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (62% in)
  • I determined to give him a lesson for other things as well.
    Book 10 — The Boys (42% in)
  • There were signs of a spiritual transformation in her, and a steadfast, fine and humble determination that nothing could shake could be discerned in her.
    Book 11 — Ivan (0% in)
  • Mitya hurriedly pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and read: " 'In order to determine this question, it is above all essential to put one's personality in contradiction to one's reality.'
    Book 11 — Ivan (29% in)
  • Though Smerdyakov spoke without haste and obviously controlling himself, yet there was something in his voice, determined and emphatic, resentful and insolently defiant.
    Book 11 — Ivan (55% in)
  • He determined to sacrifice thirty thousand on arranging Mitya's escape.
    Book 11 — Ivan (61% in)
  • So it's true that Dmitri Fyodorovitch has been here, was the thought that came into my head, and I determined on the spot to make an end of it, as Grigory Vassilyevitch, even if he were alive, would see nothing of it, as he lay there senseless.
    Book 11 — Ivan (70% in)
  • I'm determined to!
    Book 11 — Ivan (73% in)
  • His determination was taken, "and now it will not be changed," he thought with relief.
    Book 11 — Ivan (75% in)
  • If it does, everything is determined and humanity is settled for ever.
    Book 11 — Ivan (93% in)
  • The anguish of a proud determination.
    Book 11 — Ivan (**% in)
  • Alyosha, carried away himself by his recollection, warmly expressed his theory that this disgrace was probably just that fifteen hundred roubles on him, which he might have returned to Katerina Ivanovna as half of what he owed her, but which he had yet determined not to repay her and to use for another purpose—namely, to enable him to elope with Grushenka, if she consented.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (22% in)
  • After touching upon what had come out in the proceedings concerning the financial relations of father and son, and arguing again and again that it was utterly impossible, from the facts known, to determine which was in the wrong, Ippolit Kirillovitch passed to the evidence of the medical experts in reference to Mitya's fixed idea about the three thousand owing him.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (46% in)
  • And you have no one else only because you have determined to exclude Smerdyakov from all suspicion.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (83% in)

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