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used in The Brothers Karamazov

20 uses
  • He resolved to dismiss him with contempt and forget him.
    Book 11 — Ivan (60% in)
  • Alyosha firmly and ardently resolved that in spite of his promises to his father, the Hohlakovs, and Katerina Ivanovna, he would not leave the monastery next day, but would remain with his elder to the end.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (97% in)
  • Thinking of another subject was a relief, and he resolved to think no more about the "mischief" he had done, and not to torture himself with remorse, but to do what he had to do, let come what would.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (68% in)
  • Alyosha did not, however, give much thought to the details of his plan, but resolved to act upon it, even if it meant not getting back to the monastery that day.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (14% in)
  • As for me, I've long resolved not to think whether man created God or God man.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (30% in)
  • Several times afterwards he wondered how he could on leaving Ivan so completely forget his brother Dmitri, though he had that morning, only a few hours before, so firmly resolved to find him and not to give up doing so, even should he be unable to return to the monastery that night.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (76% in)
  • About two o'clock when everything was quiet, and even Fyodor Pavlovitch had gone to bed, Ivan had got into bed, firmly resolved to fall asleep at once, as he felt fearfully exhausted.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (92% in)
  • If you resolve on that once for all, you may subdue the whole world.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (87% in)
  • He looked on that past with infinite pity and resolved with all the fervor of his passion that when once Grushenka told him she loved him and would marry him, it would mean the beginning of a new Grushenka and a new Dmitri, free from every vice.
    Book 8 — Mitya (6% in)
  • But at the instant when Mitya stood before him, feeling his legs grow weak under him, and frantically exclaiming that he was ruined, at that moment the old man looked at him with intense spite, and resolved to make a laughing-stock of him.
    Book 8 — Mitya (13% in)
  • Mitya fussed about the drunken peasant for half an hour, wetting his head, and gravely resolved not to sleep all night.
    Book 8 — Mitya (18% in)
  • Mitya resolved to sacrifice an hour to it: "In an hour I shall know everything, I shall settle everything, and then, then, first of all to Samsonov's.
    Book 8 — Mitya (25% in)
  • He had resolved to borrow three thousand from that lady.
    Book 8 — Mitya (25% in)
  • And it seemed strange to him, at moments, to think that he had written his own sentence of death with pen and paper: "I punish myself," and the paper was lying there in his pocket, ready; the pistol was loaded; he had already resolved how, next morning, he would meet the first warm ray of "golden-haired Phoebus."
    Book 8 — Mitya (59% in)
  • It was resolved to act with energy.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (16% in)
  • One piece of Pyotr Ilyitch's evidence made a great impression on the prosecutor and the investigating magistrate, namely, his idea that Dmitri Fyodorovitch would shoot himself before daybreak, that he had resolved to do so, had spoken of it to Ilyitch, had taken the pistols, loaded them before him, written a letter, put it in his pocket, etc. When Pyotr Ilyitch, though still unwilling to believe in it, threatened to tell some one so as to prevent the suicide, Mitya had answered...
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (17% in)
  • And so it was resolved to go in the evening, half a mile from the station, so that the train might have time to get up full speed after leaving the station.
    Book 10 — The Boys (5% in)
  • He suddenly stopped and resolved to go in.
    Book 11 — Ivan (38% in)
  • I resolved to sound you, too, for I thought if you wanted the same as your brother, then the business was as good as settled and I should be crushed like a fly, too.
    Book 11 — Ivan (56% in)
  • The court has resolved to go on with the trial, but, meantime, I might make a few remarks about the character-sketch of Smerdyakov drawn with subtlety and talent by the prosecutor.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (83% in)

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