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used in The Brothers Karamazov

27 uses
  • But the question is: is it true that they were entrusted to him in such an insulting and degrading way as was proclaimed just now?
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (77% in)
  • He did not finish his studies at the gymnasium, he got into a military school, then went to the Caucasus, was promoted, fought a duel, and was degraded to the ranks, earned promotion again, led a wild life, and spent a good deal of money.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (18% in)
  • Seeing this, the opponents of the elders declared that the sacrament of confession was being arbitrarily and frivolously degraded, though the continual opening of the heart to the elder by the monk or the layman had nothing of the character of the sacrament.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (84% in)
  • All this will not degrade it in any way or take from its honor and glory as a great State, nor from the glory of its rulers, but only turns it from a false, still pagan, and mistaken path to the true and rightful path, which alone leads to the eternal goal.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (48% in)
  • "From the fields and from the vineyards Came no fruits to deck the feasts, Only flesh of bloodstained victims Smoldered on the altar-fires, And where'er the grieving goddess Turns her melancholy gaze, Sunk in vilest degradation Man his loathsomeness displays."
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (21% in)
  • My dear, my dear, in degradation, in degradation now, too.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (21% in)
  • My dear, my dear, in degradation, in degradation now, too.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (21% in)
  • I hardly think of anything but of that degraded man—if only I'm not lying.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (21% in)
  • And whenever I've happened to sink into the vilest degradation (and it's always been happening) I always read that poem about Ceres and man.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (21% in)
  • For when I do leap into the pit, I go headlong with my heels up, and am pleased to be falling in that degrading attitude, and pride myself upon it.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (22% in)
  • And in the very depths of that degradation I begin a hymn of praise.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (22% in)
  • Let me tell you, Alexey, that I may be a low man, with low and degraded passions, but a thief and a pickpocket Dmitri Karamazov never can be.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (40% in)
  • You might still have said to her, 'He's a degraded sensualist, and a low creature, with uncontrolled passions.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (40% in)
  • Besides, there is suffering and suffering; degrading, humiliating suffering such as humbles me—hunger, for instance—my benefactor will perhaps allow me; but when you come to higher suffering—for an idea, for instance—he will very rarely admit that, perhaps because my face strikes him as not at all what he fancies a man should have who suffers for an idea.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (34% in)
  • I've seen it myself, I can testify to it, I've seen it and marveled at it, I've seen it in spite of the degraded sins and poverty-stricken appearance of our peasantry.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (78% in)
  • And now the man who should, he believed, have been exalted above every one in the whole world, that man, instead of receiving the glory that was his due, was suddenly degraded and dishonored!
    Book 7 — Alyosha (35% in)
  • It is impossible to picture to oneself the shame and moral degradation to which the jealous man can descend without a qualm of conscience.
    Book 8 — Mitya (22% in)
  • I often dream it—it's always the same .... that some one is hunting me, some one I'm awfully afraid of .... that he's hunting me in the dark, in the night .... tracking me, and I hide somewhere from him, behind a door or cupboard, hide in a degrading way, and the worst of it is, he always knows where I am, but he pretends not to know where I am on purpose, to prolong my agony, to enjoy my terror....
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (40% in)
  • "When all are undressed, one is somehow not ashamed, but when one's the only one undressed and everybody is looking, it's degrading," he kept repeating to himself, again and again.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (58% in)
  • "It's like a dream, I've sometimes dreamed of being in such degrading positions."
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (58% in)
  • Why, why did I degrade myself by confessing my secret to you?
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (79% in)
  • 'I wrote them as a joke,' he said, 'for I think it degrading to write verses....
    Book 11 — Ivan (14% in)
  • Come answer, answer, I insist: what was it .... what could I have done to put such a degrading suspicion into your mean soul?
    Book 11 — Ivan (56% in)
  • Our newborn and still timid press has done good service to the public already, for without it we should never have heard of the horrors of unbridled violence and moral degradation which are continually made known by the press, not merely to those who attend the new jury courts established in the present reign, but to every one.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (39% in)
  • Remember the brilliant remark made by a young observer who has seen the Karamazov family at close quarters—Mr. Rakitin: 'The sense of their own degradation is as essential to those reckless, unbridled natures as the sense of their lofty generosity.'
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (45% in)
  • Can you conceive that a man like that, on receiving that sum and in such a way, at the price of such shame, such disgrace, such utter degradation, could have been capable that very day of setting apart half that sum, that very day, and sewing it up in a little bag, and would have had the firmness of character to carry it about with him for a whole month afterwards, in spite of every temptation and his extreme need of it!
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (45% in)
  • After a month of hopeless love and moral degradation, during which he betrayed his betrothed and appropriated money entrusted to his honor, the prisoner was driven almost to frenzy, almost to madness by continual jealousy—and of whom?
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (48% in)

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