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used in The Fountainhead

44 uses
  • He picked up his copy of the contract, folded it and put it, with a precise gesture, into his inside coat pocket.
    4.19 — Part 4 Chapter 19 (96% in)
  • It had often astonished Keating; he had seen Roark moving with the soundless tension, the control, the precision of a cat; he had seen him relaxed, like a cat, in shapeless ease, as if his body held no single solid bone.
    1.2 — Part 1 Chapter 2 (84% in)
  • It displayed nothing but the precision of its sharp angles, the modeling of its planes, the long streaks of its windows like streams of ice running down from the roof to the pavements.
    1.3 — Part 1 Chapter 3 (50% in)
  • Guy Francon, its designer, has known how to subordinate himself to the mandatory canons which generations of craftsmen behind him have proved inviolate, and at the same time how to display his own creative originality, not in spite of, but precisely because of the Classical dogma he has accepted with the humility of a true artist.
    1.4 — Part 1 Chapter 4 (3% in)
  • On the last day, it was Roark who had ordered Cameron home after midnight, because Cameron's hands were jerking and his knees kept seeking the tall drafting stool for support, leaning against it with a slow, cautious, sickening precision.
    1.5 — Part 1 Chapter 5 (79% in)
  • His scientific precision was impeccable and his erudition astounding; no one could refute him on the cooking utensils of Babylon or the doormats of Byzantium.
    1.6 — Part 1 Chapter 6 (6% in)
  • Roark's words were like the steps of a man walking a tightwire, slow, strained, groping for the only right spot, quivering over an abyss, but precise.
    1.8 — Part 1 Chapter 8 (17% in)
  • The voice coming from the loud-speaker was dry, precise, with the faint trace of a British accent.
    1.9 — Part 1 Chapter 9 (51% in)
  • There were moments when he could be precise, impersonal, and stop to give instructions as if this were not his house but only a mathematical problem; when he felt the existence of pipes and rivets, while his own person vanished.
    1.11 — Part 1 Chapter 11 (57% in)
  • The city was like a mural designed to illuminate and complete the room: the fragile lines of spires on a black sky continued the fragile lines of the furniture; the lights glittering in distant windows threw reflections on the bare, lustrous floor; the cold precision of the angular structures outside answered the cold, inflexible grace of every object within.
    1.12 — Part 1 Chapter 12 (15% in)
  • Perhaps that is precisely why.
    1.12 — Part 1 Chapter 12 (23% in)
  • He understood nothing of it, but he understood that it had been precisely the sequence of events to expect from his daughter.
    1.12 — Part 1 Chapter 12 (37% in)
  • It was a study in circles; there were no angles and no straight lines; it looked like shapes caught in a flow, held still at the moment of being poured, at the precise moment when they formed a harmony that seemed too perfect to be intentional.
    1.13 — Part 1 Chapter 13 (6% in)
  • She lifted her head, she got up and the sharp precision of the movement was her own again.
    1.14 — Part 1 Chapter 14 (88% in)
  • Her body, sagging limply from her shoulders, contradicted the inflexible precision of the legs; the cold austerity of her face contradicted the pose of her body.
    2.2 — Part 2 Chapter 2 (32% in)
  • He was saying: "I shall make certain to get a piece of marble of precisely the same quality, Miss Francon.
    2.2 — Part 2 Chapter 2 (32% in)
  • make certain that I order a new piece of precisely the same quality.
    2.2 — Part 2 Chapter 2 (37% in)
  • Toohey spoke with a kind of cautious precision.
    2.4 — Part 2 Chapter 4 (56% in)
  • It was a feeling of brotherhood, but somehow not of a sainted or noble brotherhood; yet this precisely was the comfort—that one felt, among them, no necessity for being sainted or noble.
    2.5 — Part 2 Chapter 5 (35% in)
  • That is precisely why, my dear.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (26% in)
  • When he approached, she made no effort to ignore him; she turned to him, she answered; but the monotonous precision of her answers stopped him, made him helpless, made him leave her in a few moments.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (45% in)
  • I must be what I am, precisely because of what I see.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (91% in)
  • Her voice had the sound of efficiency, obeying an order with metallic precision.
    2.7 — Part 2 Chapter 7 (78% in)
  • She lifted her two hands to her collar and unfastened the buttons of her jacket, simply, precisely, one after another.
    2.7 — Part 2 Chapter 7 (89% in)
  • She said: "But, of course, if it had been up to me, last spring, when you were broke and jobless, I would have sent you precisely to that kind of a job in that particular quarry."
    2.8 — Part 2 Chapter 8 (53% in)
  • "If you want to marry me," she went on in the same precise, impersonal voice, "you must do it right now.
    2.14 — Part 2 Chapter 14 (9% in)
  • He was precise, sure of himself, without joy, without emotion.
    2.14 — Part 2 Chapter 14 (26% in)
  • Precisely.
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (14% in)
  • He obeyed with military precision.
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (55% in)
  • That, precisely, doesn't make sense.
    3.3 — Part 3 Chapter 3 (25% in)
  • Ah, but that is precisely why I made it a bestseller.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (40% in)
  • But in a modern building, it is precisely these useful elements—symbols of toil—that come starkly in the open.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (82% in)
  • She smiled and held the smile too long, in deliberate, fixed precision.
    3.7 — Part 3 Chapter 7 (14% in)
  • Mallory spoke with a forced, vicious, self-torturing precision.
    4.1 — Part 4 Chapter 1 (66% in)
  • She stood straight, her head level; the planes of her face had a military cleanliness of precision and a feminine fragility; her hands hung still, composed by her sides, parallel with the long straight lines of her black dress.
    4.4 — Part 4 Chapter 4 (25% in)
  • He heard three statements in his mind, in precise succession, like interlocking gears: It's spring—I wonder if I have many left to see—I am fifty-five years old.
    4.5 — Part 4 Chapter 5 (49% in)
  • You would dislike him—precisely because he's the type of man you should like....
    4.5 — Part 4 Chapter 5 (95% in)
  • Keating explained, precisely, dispassionately, relating his conversation with Toohey as if it were the summary of a court transcript he had read long ago.
    4.8 — Part 4 Chapter 8 (21% in)
  • Not selfishness, but precisely the absence of a self.
    4.11 — Part 4 Chapter 11 (59% in)
  • That, precisely, is the deadliness of second-handers.
    4.11 — Part 4 Chapter 11 (71% in)
  • But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed.
    4.13 — Part 4 Chapter 13 (50% in)
  • I suppose that's in the nature of your natures and that's precisely my chief weapon—but God!
    4.14 — Part 4 Chapter 14 (36% in)
  • Clearly, precisely and openly.
    4.14 — Part 4 Chapter 14 (39% in)
  • She helped him to find the right questions and answered them precisely like a good newspaper woman.
    4.17 — Part 4 Chapter 17 (58% in)

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