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used in Atlas Shrugged

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having or revealing little emotion — especially under circumstances others would find exciting
  • The owner turned impassively to fill her order; there was, in his stolid indifference, the kind of mercifulness that asks no questions.
    1.7 Part 1 Chapter 7 — The Exploiters and the Exploited (26% in)
  • His cold, blue eyes made two horizontal cuts across the gaunt planes of his face; they remained horizontal, impassively half-closed; he said evenly, without emphasis: 'I'll do it.
    1.4 Part 1 Chapter 4 — The Immovable Movers (78% in)
  • When Rearden handed to him the deed to his new property, Danagger said impassively, "I don't believe I've mentioned that any coal you buy from me, you'll get it at cost."
    1.8 Part 1 Chapter 8 — The John Galt Line (20% in)
  • She had screamed when Ellis Wyatt went; she had gasped when Andrew Stockton retired; when she heard that Lawrence Hammond had quit, she asked impassively, "Who's next?
    2.1 Part 2 Chapter 1 — The Man Who Belonged on Earth (30% in)
  • At the end of the dinner, Danagger had said in the same precise, impassive tone, the tone of a man who knows the exact meaning of his words, "If any employee of yours or mine discovers this and attempts private blackmail, I will pay it, within reason.
    2.2 Part 2 Chapter 2 — The Aristocracy of Pull (11% in)
  • They sat in the courtroom in heavy silence and they looked at the tall, gray figure, not with hope-they were losing the capacity to hope —but with an impassive neutrality spiked by a faint question mark; the question mark was placed over all the pious slogans they had heard for years.
    2.4 Part 2 Chapter 4 — The Sanction of the Victim (43% in)
  • She was drawling her words impassively, as if she were stretching them to fill time, for some reason which he could not imagine.
    2.5 Part 2 Chapter 5 — Account Overdrawn (88% in)
  • "Split rail," the conductor answered impassively.
    2.7 Part 2 Chapter 7 — The Moratorium on Brains (53% in)
  • "How long?" the conductor said impassively, in answer to his question.
    2.7 Part 2 Chapter 7 — The Moratorium on Brains (62% in)
  • "People don't look for kinds of work any more, ma'am," he answered impassively.
    2.10 Part 2 Chapter 10 — The Sign of the Dollar (10% in)
  • The tramp's last sentence was one of the most profoundly moral statements she had ever heard; but the man did not know it; he had said it in his impassive, extinguished voice, simply, dryly, as a matter of fact.
    2.10 Part 2 Chapter 10 — The Sign of the Dollar (12% in)
  • "The president of the Atlantic Southern," said Eddie impassively, "has committed suicide."
    3.3 Part 3 Chapter 3 — Anti-Greed (55% in)
  • After a while, he said impassively, "Dagny, that new rail we discussed last month-I don't think I'll be able to deliver it.
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (26% in)
  • The chief engineer was looking at him impassively, as if words were not conveying anything any longer.
    3.7 Part 3 Chapter 7 — "This is John Galt Speaking" (12% in)
  • He stood impassively, his head held level, she saw the undisturbed lines of his profile, his eyes directed at the door.
    3.8 Part 3 Chapter 8 — The Egoist (47% in)
  • He had screamed in blind terror, begging a circle of impassive faces not to make him do it, sobbing that he would do anything but that.
    3.8 Part 3 Chapter 8 — The Egoist (83% in)
  • The two who held guns still held them aimed at him in the impassive manner of automatons.
    3.10 Part 3 Chapter 10 — In the Name of the Best Among Us (17% in)

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