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used in Anna Karenina

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do not despair
to lose hope
  • Haven't I despaired for nothing many times already?" she said to herself afterwards.
    Part Seven (81% in)

There are no more uses of "despair" flagged with this meaning in Anna Karenina.

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  • "Oh, oh, oh!" he kept repeating in despair, as he remembered the acutely painful sensations caused him by this quarrel.
    Part One (1% in)
  • And instantly Anna's despairing jealousy changed to a despairing passion of tenderness.
    Part Seven (76% in)
  • She, his Dolly, forever fussing and worrying over household details, and limited in her ideas, as he considered, was sitting perfectly still with the letter in her hand, looking at him with an expression of horror, despair, and indignation.
    Part One (1% in)
  • What's to be done?" he said to himself in despair, and found no answer.
    Part One (2% in)
  • Stepan Arkadyevitch could be calm when he thought of his wife, he could hope that she would come round, as Matvey expressed it, and could quietly go on reading his paper and drinking his coffee; but when he saw her tortured, suffering face, heard the tone of her voice, submissive to fate and full of despair, there was a catch in his breath and a lump in his throat, and his eyes began to shine with tears.
    Part One (9% in)
  • But after spending two months alone in the country, he was convinced that this was not one of those passions of which he had had experience in his early youth; that this feeling gave him not an instant's rest; that he could not live without deciding the question, would she or would she not be his wife, and that his despair had arisen only from his own imaginings, that he had no sort of proof that he would be rejected.
    Part One (20% in)
  • Levin was wondering what that change in Kitty's expression had meant, and alternately assuring himself that there was hope, and falling into despair, seeing clearly that his hopes were insane, and yet all the while he felt himself quite another man, utterly unlike what he had been before her smile and those words, "Good-bye till this evening."
    Part One (28% in)
  • And then all at once love turns up, and you're done for, done for," Stepan Arkadyevitch said with weary despair.
    Part One (35% in)
  • But before the mazurka, when they were beginning to rearrange the chairs and a few couples moved out of the smaller rooms into the big room, a moment of despair and horror came for Kitty.
    Part One (70% in)
  • But while she looked like a butterfly, clinging to a blade of grass, and just about to open its rainbow wings for fresh flight, her heart ached with a horrible despair.
    Part One (70% in)
  • But, noticing that Kitty only responded to her smile by a look of despair and amazement, she turned away from her, and began gaily talking to the other lady.
    Part One (71% in)
  • "But I should be in despair if there were anything serious in it on his side," Anna interrupted her.
    Part One (84% in)
  • We apologize in due form: we are in despair, we entreat forgiveness for the unfortunate misunderstanding.
    Part Two (11% in)
  • I see a chance of despair, of wretchedness.... or I see a chance of bliss, what bliss!
    Part Two (19% in)
  • "When I was beginning to despair, and it seemed there would be no end—it's come!
    Part Two (19% in)
  • "Not a word more," she repeated, and with a look of chill despair, incomprehensible to him, she parted from him.
    Part Two (27% in)
  • The despair you were unable to conceal at the accident to one of the riders.
    Part Two (80% in)
  • I was, and I could not help being in despair.
    Part Two (81% in)
  • I sent to Alexey to find out how he is, and he writes me he is quite well and unhurt, but in despair.
    Part Two (81% in)
  • Finding instead of peace and rest all these, from her point of view, fearful calamities, Darya Alexandrovna was at first in despair.
    Part Three (20% in)
  • "Just see, now, and you were quite in despair," said Marya Philimonovna, pointing to the ironing-board.
    Part Three (21% in)
  • Yesterday she came up to me after the races and was in despair at not finding you.
    Part Three (52% in)
  • Tears of shame and despair choked her utterance.
    Part Three (69% in)
  • Now what's to be done? what's to be done?" he said in despair.
    Part Three (97% in)
  • No, it was better anyway," she added, touched by his despairing face.
    Part Four (67% in)
  • He forgave Vronsky, and pitied him, especially after reports reached him of his despairing action.
    Part Four (80% in)
  • The nurse, with a gesture of despair, went to it, took it from the wet-nurse's arms, and began walking up and down, rocking it.
    Part Four (83% in)
  • No one else in Stepan Arkadyevitch's place, having to do with such despair, would have ventured to smile (the smile would have seemed brutal); but in his smile there was so much of sweetness and almost feminine tenderness that his smile did not wound, but softened and soothed.
    Part Four (90% in)
  • One thing he could not pluck out of his heart, though he never ceased struggling with it, was the regret, amounting to despair, that he had lost her forever.
    Part Four (98% in)
  • "No, this can't go on!" he said to himself in despair.
    Part Five (7% in)
  • With despair in his heart and bitter anger against all men, against himself, against her, he went out of the hotel and drove to her house.
    Part Five (7% in)
  • I can't suffer alone," he said with despair in his voice, standing before her and looking imploringly into her eyes.
    Part Five (7% in)
  • But in the corridor there was no sign of the person he was looking for and he came back in despair, and frantically waving his hands addressed Stepan Arkadyevitch, who was smoking serenely.
    Part Five (10% in)
  • The bridegroom was expected at the church while he was pacing up and down his room like a wild beast in a cage, peeping out into the corridor, and with horror and despair recalling what absurd things he had said to Kitty and what she might be thinking now.
    Part Five (11% in)
  • There you have technique," he said, addressing Golenishtchev, alluding to a conversation between them about Vronsky's despair of attaining this technique.
    Part Five (33% in)
  • But now, thanks to his wife's presence, that feeling did not reduce him to despair.
    Part Five (61% in)
  • He felt that love saved him from despair, and that this love, under the menace of despair, had become still stronger and purer.
    Part Five (61% in)
  • He felt that love saved him from despair, and that this love, under the menace of despair, had become still stronger and purer.
    Part Five (61% in)
  • Answering inquiries about the disposition of Anna Arkadyevna's rooms and belongings, he had exercised immense self-control to appear like a man in whose eyes what had occurred was not unforeseen nor out of the ordinary course of events, and he attained his aim: no one could have detected in him signs of despair.
    Part Five (62% in)
  • His despair was even intensified by the consciousness that he was utterly alone in his sorrow.
    Part Five (62% in)
  • At the bitterest moment of his lonely despair she came to him, and without waiting to be announced, walked straight into his study.
    Part Five (64% in)
  • ..." he cried in despair through his tears, and, clutching her by the shoulders, he began squeezing her with all his force to him, his arms trembling with the strain.
    Part Five (89% in)
  • She thought he had ceased to love her, she felt close upon despair, and consequently she felt exceptionally alert.
    Part Five (91% in)
  • He shrugged his shoulders with an air of perplexity and despair.
    Part Five (94% in)
  • ... And why is she putting me in such a position?" he said with a gesture of despair.
    Part Five (96% in)
  • "You, you are to blame for everything!" she cried, with tears of despair and hatred in her voice, getting up.
    Part Five (**% in)
  • Again, as before, all of a sudden, without the slightest transition, he felt cast down from a pinnacle of happiness, peace, and dignity, into an abyss of despair, rage, and humiliation.
    Part Six (40% in)
  • The former marshal of the province was in a state of despair, which he could not conceal.
    Part Six (94% in)
  • Gaiety and grief and despair and tenderness and triumph followed one another without any connection, like the emotions of a madman.
    Part Seven (15% in)
  • "But what are you talking about?" he said, horrified at her expression of despair, and again bending over her, he took her hand and kissed it.
    Part Seven (36% in)
  • I am ready to do anything to make you happy," he said, touched by her expression of despair; "what wouldn't I do to save you from distress of any sort, as now, Anna!" he said.
    Part Seven (36% in)
  • She was in despair.
    Part Seven (67% in)
  • And instantly Anna's despairing jealousy changed to a despairing passion of tenderness.
    Part Seven (76% in)
  • —to look at her, see her heart was breaking with despair, and go out without a word with that face of callous composure?
    Part Seven (81% in)
  • And again at the old sore places, hope and then despair poisoned the wounds of her tortured, fearfully throbbing heart.
    Part Seven (96% in)
  • For an instant Stepan Arkadyevitch's face looked sad, but a minute later, when, stroking his mustaches and swinging as he walked, he went into the hall where Vronsky was, he had completely forgotten his own despairing sobs over his sister's corpse, and he saw in Vronsky only a hero and an old friend.
    Part Eight (11% in)
  • At last, after despairing, breathless screaming, and vain sucking, things went right, and mother and child felt simultaneously soothed, and both subsided into calm.
    Part Eight (29% in)
  • Dolly was in despair, she detested her husband, despised him, pitied him, resolved on a separation, resolved to refuse, but ended by agreeing to sell part of her property.
    Part Eight (33% in)
  • When Levin thought what he was and what he was living for, he could find no answer to the questions and was reduced to despair, but he left off questioning himself about it.
    Part Eight (42% in)

There are no more uses of "despair" in Anna Karenina.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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