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used in Middlemarch

23 uses
  • Private prayer is inaudible speech, and speech is representative: who can represent himself just as he is, even in his own reflections?
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (77% in)
  • Was his endurance aided also by the reflection that Mr. Brooke was the uncle of Dorothea?
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (17% in)
  • But further reflection told her that she was presumptuous in demanding his attention to such a subject; he would not disapprove of her occupying herself with it in leisure moments, as other women expected to occupy themselves with their dress and embroidery—would not forbid it when—Dorothea felt rather ashamed as she detected herself in these speculations.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (24% in)
  • It seemed as if something like the reflection of a white sunlit wing had passed across her features, ending in one of her rare blushes.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (35% in)
  • I am not sure that the greatest man of his age, if ever that solitary superlative existed, could escape these unfavorable reflections of himself in various small mirrors; and even Milton, looking for his portrait in a spoon, must submit to have the facial angle of a bumpkin.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (68% in)
  • This was not the first time that Mr. Bulstrode had begun by admonishing Mr. Vincy, and had ended by seeing a very unsatisfactory reflection of himself in the coarse unflattering mirror which that manufacturer's mind presented to the subtler lights and shadows of his fellow-men; and perhaps his experience ought to have warned him how the scene would end.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (9% in)
  • The reflection of that smile could not but have a little merriment in it too, even under dark eyelashes still moist, as Dorothea said inquiringly, "Something amuses you?"
    Book 2 — Old and Young (81% in)
  • ...selves: Dorothea had early begun to emerge from that stupidity, but yet it had been easier to her to imagine how she would devote herself to Mr. Casaubon, and become wise and strong in his strength and wisdom, than to conceive with that distinctness which is no longer reflection but feeling—an idea wrought back to the directness of sense, like the solidity of objects—that he had an equivalent centre of self, whence the lights and shadows must always fall with a certain difference.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (86% in)
  • Fred gave up the fallacious hope of getting a genuine opinion; but on reflection he saw that Bambridge's depreciation and Horrock's silence were both virtually encouraging, and indicated that they thought better of the horse than they chose to say.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (12% in)
  • "Remember, I'm the eldest after you, Brother, and prospered from the first, just as you did, and have got land already by the name of Featherstone," said Solomon, relying much on that reflection, as one which might be suggested in the watches of the night.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (88% in)
  • I will not here make reflections on any person's judgment.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (46% in)
  • What a bitter reflection for a man!
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (58% in)
  • In the five minutes' drive to the Hospital she had time for some reflections that were quite new to her.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (3% in)
  • The new-comer already threatened to be a nuisance in the shape of rivalry, and was certainly a nuisance in the shape of practical criticism or reflections on his hard-driven elders, who had had something else to do than to busy themselves with untried notions.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (21% in)
  • And some oddities of Will's, more or less poetical, appeared to support Mr. Keck, the editor of the "Trumpet," in asserting that Ladislaw, if the truth were known, was not only a Polish emissary but crack-brained, which accounted for the preternatural quickness and glibness of his speech when he got on to a platform—as he did whenever he had an opportunity, speaking with a facility which cast reflections on solid Englishmen generally.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (32% in)
  • Still "I do wish it" came at the end of those wise reflections as naturally as a sob after holding the breath.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (5% in)
  • "—though on reflection he might have urged that Mr. Casaubon's codicil, barring Dorothea's marriage with Will, except under a penalty, was enough to cast unfitness over any relation at all between them.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (11% in)
  • Rosamond was arranging her hair before dinner, and the reflection of her head in the glass showed no change in its loveliness except a little turning aside of the long neck.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (47% in)
  • A philosopher fallen to betting is hardly distinguishable from a Philistine under the same circumstances: the difference will chiefly be found in his subsequent reflections, and Lydgate chewed a very disagreeable cud in that way.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (42% in)
  • After some rapid reflection, he only asked— "What did Mrs. Casaubon say?"
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (47% in)
  • In many cases it is inevitable that the shame is felt to be the worst part of crime; and it would have required a great deal of disentangling reflection, such as had never entered into Rosamond's life, for her in these moments to feel that her trouble was less than if her husband had been certainly known to have done something criminal.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (25% in)
  • She laid down the letter on the small table which had checked her retreat, and then including Rosamond and Will in one distant glance and bow, she went quickly out of the room, meeting in the passage the surprised Martha, who said she was sorry the mistress was not at home, and then showed the strange lady out with an inward reflection that grand people were probably more impatient than others.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (45% in)
  • The mention of Mrs. Casaubon's loan seemed a reflection of that public feeling which held it a matter of course that every one would avoid a connection with her husband.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (95% in)

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