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used in Middlemarch

27 uses
  • Hence when Mr. Brooke noddingly appealed to that motive, Sir James felt a sudden embarrassment; there was a stoppage in his throat; he even blushed.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (88% in)
  • She spoke with more energy than is expected of so young a lady, but Sir James had appealed to her.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (9% in)
  • This accomplished man condescended to think of a young girl, and take the pains to talk to her, not with absurd compliment, but with an appeal to her understanding, and sometimes with instructive correction.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (23% in)
  • All appeals to her taste she met gratefully, but saw nothing to alter.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (59% in)
  • "I am no judge of these things," said Dorothea, not coldly, but with an eager deprecation of the appeal to her.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (64% in)
  • Sometimes when Dorothea was in company, there seemed to be as complete an air of repose about her as if she had been a picture of Santa Barbara looking out from her tower into the clear air; but these intervals of quietude made the energy of her speech and emotion the more remarked when some outward appeal had touched her.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (72% in)
  • Fred paused an instant, and then added, in politic appeal to his uncle's vanity, "That is hardly a thing for a gentleman to ask."
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (91% in)
  • She waited a minute or two, but when she passed into the next room there were just signs enough that she had been crying to make her open face look more youthful and appealing than usual.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (79% in)
  • Then occasionally, but not too often, he appealed to Dorothea, and discussed what she said, as if her sentiment were an item to be considered in the final judgment even of the Madonna di Foligno or the Laocoon.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (87% in)
  • I thought you would consider that a good sign," said Dorothea, with an appealing look into her husband's neutral face.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (**% in)
  • He almost always saw her before going to the sickroom, and she appealed to him as to what she could do for mamma.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (41% in)
  • Dorothea appealed to her husband, and he made a silent sign of approval.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (62% in)
  • For years after Lydgate remembered the impression produced in him by this involuntary appeal—this cry from soul to soul, without other consciousness than their moving with kindred natures in the same embroiled medium, the same troublous fitfully illuminated life.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (68% in)
  • His words were quite abrupt and awkward; but the tone made them sound like an ardent, appealing avowal.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (80% in)
  • But Rosamond had good reasons for suggesting to Lydgate that papa should be appealed to in writing.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (29% in)
  • But were it so, Mr. Lydgate, I should desire to know the truth without reservation, and I appeal to you for an exact statement of your conclusions: I request it as a friendly service.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (95% in)
  • Every morning now she sat with Celia in the prettiest of up-stairs sitting-rooms, opening into a small conservatory—Celia all in white and lavender like a bunch of mixed violets, watching the remarkable acts of the baby, which were so dubious to her inexperienced mind that all conversation was interrupted by appeals for their interpretation made to the oracular nurse.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (56% in)
  • Caleb, leaning back in his chair, looked with anxious appeal towards his wife.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (30% in)
  • "Well, I won't," said Mrs. Vincy, roused by this appeal and adjusting herself with a little shake as of a bird which lays down its ruffled plumage.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (34% in)
  • At the time when Mr. Vincy uttered that presentiment about Rosamond, she herself had never had the idea that she should be driven to make the sort of appeal which he foresaw.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (44% in)
  • "Now, ladies," said he, "I shall appeal to you.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (68% in)
  • But Will was immediately appealed to by Mr. Trumbull.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (72% in)
  • However, the season was come for thinking of friends at home, and at any rate Sir Godwin, who had chucked her under the chin, and pronounced her to be like the celebrated beauty, Mrs. Croly, who had made a conquest of him in 1790, would be touched by any appeal from her, and would find it pleasant for her sake to behave as he ought to do towards his nephew.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (20% in)
  • Nearly three weeks of the new year were gone, and Rosamond, awaiting an answer to her winning appeal, was every day disappointed.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (26% in)
  • When he left her to go out again, he told himself that it was ten times harder for her than for him: he had a life away from home, and constant appeals to his activity on behalf of others.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (31% in)
  • "I did not believe that you would let any circumstance of my birth create a prejudice in you against me, though it was sure to do so in others," said Will, shaking his head backward in his old way, and looking with a grave appeal into her eyes.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (79% in)
  • But this latter argument, obscuring the majesty of the former, was one too many, for Ben answered contemptuously, "The more spooneys they!" and immediately appealed to his mother whether boys were not better than girls.
    Finale (28% in)

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