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used in Middlemarch

25 uses
  • Rosamond's thin utterance threw into the words "What can—I—do!" as much neutrality as they could hold.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (58% in)
  • Mr. Brooke sat down in his arm-chair, stretched his legs towards the wood-fire, which had fallen into a wondrous mass of glowing dice between the dogs, and rubbed his hands gently, looking very mildly towards Dorothea, but with a neutral leisurely air, as if he had nothing particular to say.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (27% in)
  • The Mrs. Waule who was so far from being admirable in the eyes of these distant connections, had happened to say this very morning (not at all with a defiant air, but in a low, muffled, neutral tone, as of a voice heard through cotton wool) that she did not wish "to enjoy their good opinion."
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (86% in)
  • It was a bright fire, but it made no difference to the chill-looking purplish tint of Mrs. Waule's face, which was as neutral as her voice; having mere chinks for eyes, and lips that hardly moved in speaking.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (87% in)
  • Will here looked at Mr. Casaubon, who received this offhand treatment of symbolism very uneasily, and bowed with a neutral air.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (88% in)
  • I thought you would consider that a good sign," said Dorothea, with an appealing look into her husband's neutral face.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (**% in)
  • Mr. Horrock looked before him with as complete a neutrality as if he had been a portrait by a great master.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (12% in)
  • In the more doubtful time, he had advised calling in Dr. Sprague (who, if he could, would rather have remained neutral on Wrench's account); but after two consultations, the conduct of the case was left to Lydgate, and there was every reason to make him assiduous.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (41% in)
  • "What are you laughing at so profanely?" said Rosamond, with bland neutrality.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (47% in)
  • Opening her own letter Dorothea saw that it was a lively continuation of his remonstrance with her fanatical sympathy and her want of sturdy neutral delight in things as they were—an outpouring of his young vivacity which it was impossible to read just now.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (69% in)
  • Hence the brothers showed a thoroughly neutral gravity as they re-entered with Mr. Standish; but Solomon took out his white handkerchief again with a sense that in any case there would be affecting passages, and crying at funerals, however dry, was customarily served up in lawn.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (12% in)
  • All the rest is to show what sort of legislator a philanthropist is likely to make," ended the Rector, throwing down the paper, and clasping his hands at the back of his head, while he looked at Mr. Brooke with an air of amused neutrality.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (58% in)
  • Rosamond looked mildly neutral as she said this, rising to ring the bell, and then crossing to her work-table.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (37% in)
  • So she went on in her neutral tone, as if she had been remarking on baby's robes.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (58% in)
  • The striking points in his appearance were his buff waistcoat, short-clipped blond hair, and neutral physiognomy.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (73% in)
  • At one and the same moment there had risen above the shoulders of the crowd, nearly opposite Mr. Brooke, and within ten yards of him, the effigy of himself: buff-colored waistcoat, eye-glass, and neutral physiognomy, painted on rag; and there had arisen, apparently in the air, like the note of the cuckoo, a parrot-like, Punch-voiced echo of his words.
    Book 5 — The Dead Hand (74% in)
  • The drawing-room was the most neutral room in the house to her—the one least associated with the trials of her married life: the damask matched the wood-work, which was all white and gold; there were two tall mirrors and tables with nothing on them—in brief, it was a room where you had no reason for sitting in one place rather than in another.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (6% in)
  • The volume was "Ivanhoe," and Jim was in the great archery scene at the tournament, but suffered much interruption from Ben, who had fetched his own old bow and arrows, and was making himself dreadfully disagreeable, Letty thought, by begging all present to observe his random shots, which no one wished to do except Brownie, the active-minded but probably shallow mongrel, while the grizzled Newfoundland lying in the sun looked on with the dull-eyed neutrality of extreme old age.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (35% in)
  • ; the tones were a music from which he was falling away—he had really fallen into a momentary doze, when Rosamond said in her silvery neutral way, "Here is your tea, Tertius," setting it on the small table by his side, and then moved back to her place without looking at him.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (56% in)
  • That little speech of four words, like so many others in all languages, is capable by varied vocal inflections of expressing all states of mind from helpless dimness to exhaustive argumentative perception, from the completest self-devoting fellowship to the most neutral aloofness.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (58% in)
  • The current carried even Mr. Horrock with it, but this committal of himself to an opinion fell from him with so little sacrifice of his neutral expression, that the bid might not have been detected as his but for the friendly oaths of Mr. Bambridge, who wanted to know what Horrock would do with blasted stuff only fit for haberdashers given over to that state of perdition which the horse-dealer so cordially recognized in the majority of earthly existences.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (70% in)
  • In the stormy fluctuation of his feelings these words of hers seemed to him cruelly neutral, and he looked pale and miserable after his angry outburst.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (96% in)
  • That was the state of things with Lydgate and Rosamond on the New Year's Day when they dined at her father's, she looking mildly neutral towards him in remembrance of his ill-tempered behavior at breakfast, and he carrying a much deeper effect from the inward conflict in which that morning scene was only one of many epochs.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (25% in)
  • The presence of a new gloom in her husband, about which he was entirely reserved towards her—for he dreaded to expose his lacerated feeling to her neutrality and misconception—soon received a painfully strange explanation, alien to all her previous notions of what could affect her happiness.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (22% in)
  • To a creature of Will's susceptible temperament—without any neutral region of indifference in his nature, ready to turn everything that befell him into the collisions of a passionate drama—the revelation that Rosamond had made her happiness in any way dependent on him was a difficulty which his outburst of rage towards her had immeasurably increased for him.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (72% in)

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