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used in Great Expectations

35 uses
  • Windy donkey as he was, it really amazed me that he could have the face to talk thus to mine.
    Chapter 58 (44% in)
  • It seemed to me that we continued thus for a long time.
    Chapter 11 (73% in)
  • Thus, you were to hammer boys round—Old Clem!
    Chapter 12 (44% in)
  • Thus calling him back as I went out of the door, I heard her say to Joe in a distinct emphatic voice, "The boy has been a good boy here, and that is his reward.
    Chapter 13 (44% in)
  • Thus, we came to the village.
    Chapter 15 (94% in)
  • Thus it was:— Again and again and again, my sister had traced upon the slate, a character that looked like a curious T, and then with the utmost eagerness had called our attention to it as something she particularly wanted.
    Chapter 16 (76% in)
  • "And that same man, remember," pursued the gentleman, throwing his finger at Mr. Wopsle heavily,—"that same man might be summoned as a juryman upon this very trial, and, having thus deeply committed himself, might return to the bosom of his family and lay his head upon his pillow, after deliberately swearing that he would well and truly try the issue joined between Our Sovereign Lord the King and the prisoner at the bar, and would a true verdict give according to the evidence, so help...
    Chapter 18 (19% in)
  • Finding that he could not see us very well from where he sat, he got up, and threw one leg over the back of a chair and leaned upon it; thus having one foot on the seat of the chair, and one foot on the ground.
    Chapter 18 (32% in)
  • Thus I made the second discovery on that first occasion, that the nurture of the little Pockets consisted of alternately tumbling up and lying down.
    Chapter 22 (98% in)
  • With her character thus happily formed, in the first bloom of her youth she had encountered Mr. Pocket: who was also in the first bloom of youth, and not quite decided whether to mount to the Woolsack, or to roof himself in with a mitre.
    Chapter 23 (13% in)
  • Thus advised, Mrs. Pocket took it the other way, and got its head upon the table; which was announced to all present by a prodigious concussion.
    Chapter 23 (57% in)
  • I thus became aware of the mutual relations between them and Mr. Pocket, which were exemplified in the following manner.
    Chapter 23 (80% in)
  • Wemmick's attention being thus directed to his brooch, he put down the cast, and polished the brooch with his pocket-handkerchief.
    Chapter 24 (67% in)
  • Thus, Bentley Drummle had come to Mr. Pocket when he was a head taller than that gentleman, and half a dozen heads thicker than most gentlemen.
    Chapter 25 (4% in)
  • I was thus enabled to fly from the Blue Boar immediately after breakfast.
    Chapter 30 (8% in)
  • When he recommended the player not to saw the air thus, the sulky man said, "And don't you do it, neither; you're a deal worse than him!"
    Chapter 31 (33% in)
  • It had no set beginning, as Dear Mr. Pip, or Dear Pip, or Dear Sir, or Dear Anything, but ran thus:— "I am to come to London the day after to-morrow by the midday coach.
    Chapter 32 (3% in)
  • Thus, we walked through Wemmick's greenhouse, until he turned to me and said, "Notice the man I shall shake hands with."
    Chapter 32 (48% in)
  • While my mind was thus engaged, I thought of the beautiful young Estella, proud and refined, coming towards me, and I thought with absolute abhorrence of the contrast between the jail and her.
    Chapter 32 (93% in)
  • Did I never give her a burning love, inseparable from jealousy at all times, and from sharp pain, while she speaks thus to me!
    Chapter 38 (41% in)
  • While I did so, he stood at the table drinking rum and eating biscuit; and when I saw him thus engaged, I saw my convict on the marshes at his meal again.
    Chapter 39 (86% in)
  • Having thus cleared the way for my expedition to Miss Havisham's, I set off by the early morning coach before it was yet light, and was out on the open country road when the day came creeping on, halting and whimpering and shivering, and wrapped in patches of cloud and rags of mist, like a beggar.
    Chapter 43 (31% in)
  • She raised her eyes to my face, on being thus addressed, and her fingers plied their work, and she looked at me with an unmoved countenance.
    Chapter 44 (44% in)
  • And thus, in the gloom and death of the night, we stared at one another.
    Chapter 45 (9% in)
  • When I had begun to advance Herbert's prospects by stealth, I had been able to bear this with cheerful philosophy: he and his affianced, for their part, had naturally not been very anxious to introduce a third person into their interviews; and thus, although I was assured that I had risen in Clara's esteem, and although the young lady and I had long regularly interchanged messages and remembrances by Herbert, I had never seen her.
    Chapter 45 (74% in)
  • While he thus spoke, the growling noise became a prolonged roar, and then died away.
    Chapter 46 (20% in)
  • As we were thus conversing in a low tone while Old Barley's sustained growl vibrated in the beam that crossed the ceiling, the room door opened, and a very pretty, slight, dark-eyed girl of twenty or so came in with a basket in her hand: whom Herbert tenderly relieved of the basket, and presented, blushing, as "Clara."
    Chapter 46 (31% in)
  • After the acquittal she disappeared, and thus he lost the child and the child's mother."
    Chapter 50 (80% in)
  • My eyes were fixed on the ladder against the wall, when I came to myself,—had opened on it before my mind saw it,—and thus as I recovered consciousness, I knew that I was in the place where I had lost it.
    Chapter 53 (67% in)
  • Thus Trabb's boy became their guide, and with him they went out to the sluice-house, though by the town way to the marshes, which I had avoided.
    Chapter 53 (80% in)
  • Thus we held on, speaking little, for four or five dull miles.
    Chapter 54 (40% in)
  • I never had any reason to doubt the exact truth of what he thus told me.
    Chapter 54 (88% in)
  • The responsibility of giving the lady away devolved upon the Aged, which led to the clergyman's being unintentionally scandalized, and it happened thus.
    Chapter 55 (84% in)
  • The allotted time ran out, while we were thus; but, looking round, I found the governor of the prison standing near me, and he whispered, "You needn't go yet."
    Chapter 56 (89% in)
  • We sat down on a bench that was near, and I said, "After so many years, it is strange that we should thus meet again, Estella, here where our first meeting was!
    Chapter 59 (61% in)

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