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By the Waters of Babylon

Top-Ranked Words with Sample Sentences from the Book

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1  —1 use as in:
bronze won't corrode in salt water
I was in a long small chamber—on one side of it was a bronze door that could not be opened, for it had no handle.
bronze = made of a type of high-quality metal
DefinitionGenerally this sense of bronze means:
a brownish-colored metal with red or yellow hues that is made of copper and (usually) tin
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Book1 use
Library4 uses in 10 avg bks
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1 use
Moreover, night was falling.†
moreover = in addition to what has just been said
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Book1 use
Library6 uses in 10 avg bks
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6 uses
That was when I was very young—nevertheless, my brothers would not have done it, though they are good hunters.†
nevertheless = in spite of that (used to connect contrasting ideas)
DefinitionGenerally nevertheless means:
in spite of that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include words and phrases such as nonetheless, all the same, still,  and however.)
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Book6 uses
Library14 uses in 10 avg bks
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1 use
When I woke in the morning, I was hungry, but I did not think first of my hunger for my heart was perplexed and confused.
perplexed = confused
DefinitionGenerally perplex means:
to confuse
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Book1 use
Library9 uses in 10 avg bks
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1 use
Restless, restless, were the gods and always in motion! ... no part of the earth was safe from them, for, if they wished for a thing, they summoned it from the other side of the world.
summoned = called forth (made it appear locally as though by magic)
DefinitionGenerally summon means:
to call forth
The exact meaning of summon can depend upon its context. For example:
  • "summon to court" — officially demand that someone appear in court (call them to court)
  • "summon the team to a meeting" — call upon the team members to attend a meeting
  • "summon help" — call others to come and help
  • "summon her courage" — call forth her courage from within
Word Statistics
Book1 use
Library35 uses in 10 avg bks
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