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  • People don't want bosses who are ... just telling them what to do and not creating a strong collegial relationship with give and take.   (source)
  • I've brought a few delicacies from the sea for your collegial gathering before the evening meal which I have personally attended to at the side of the chef who has been known to be prone to errors without expert guidance which I was all too happy to provide.†   (source)
  • I WANT TO do that very thing now, of course, slow at each door and awning and window case and flip down the passenger-side window of my old and lumbering gray Mercedes coupe and perhaps not so softly call out my general gratitude for the collegial thoughts and kindnesses, but it's the selling hour, after all, and what would I be doing but disturbing the bustling morning of the town's activity by showing myself in an odd one-man parade that evokes no one's great nostalgia or longing.†   (source)
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