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She’s an avid sports fan.
  enthusiastic or strongly interested
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avid avidly
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  • She’s an avid sports fan.
  • She’s an avid reader.
  • They undressed him, the survivors avidly sharing out his clothes, then two "gravediggers" took him, one by the head and one by the feet, and threw him out of the wagon like a sack of flour.
    Elie Wiesel  --  Night
  • At the end of the interview, Sharon took both my hands in hers—cool, a bit calloused, I’d read she was an avid golfer—and wished me well.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl

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  • I was ushered into a conference room and introductions were made, and on each of their faces, I could read an avid curiosity as they wondered how Ruth and I—a haberdasher and a schoolteacher—had managed to accumulate such an extensive private modern art collection.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Longest Ride
  • Asmodeus watched as they spoke, avidly, almost hungrily, and Clary remembered that demons fed on human emotions—fear and joy and love and pain.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • For about three minutes I got really excited, like I was close to a breakthrough, and then two things became apparent: first, that Ralph Waldo Emerson had lived and died in the 1800s and therefore could not have written any letters dated September third, 1940, and, second, that his writing was so dense and arcane that it couldn’t possibly have held the slightest interest for my grandfather, who wasn’t exactly an avid reader.
    Ransom Riggs  --  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • We had learned that before her death, Ronda Morrison had been receiving menacing calls and that there was a man who had been avidly and inappropriately pursuing her—stopping by unannounced at the cleaners, maybe even stalking her.
    Bryan Stevenson  --  Just Mercy
  • She never ceased being the most avid reader, and I knew she was truly gone from the house when I got home that night weeks earlier and found the stacks removed, the shelves emptied save those books from her childhood, the ones I’d read to her when she first arrived, nursery and bedtime stories in a language she didn’t know.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  A Gesture Life
  • Only human servers were present—a concession to Levana’s avid distrust of androids.
    Marissa Meyer  --  Cinder

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  • Olive ate steadily, but Hattie put her fork down every so often to pat her mouth daintily with her napkin Then she’d tuck in again, as avidly as ever.
    Gail Carson Levine  --  Ella Enchanted
  • Meg was sure it was not only imagination that made her feel that behind Mr. Jenkins’ surface concern was a gleam of avid curiosity.
    Madeleine L’Engle  --  A Wrinkle in Time
  • There are several girls I watch avidly at school, a grade or two above me, whose well-to-do parents take them to the Twin Cities to buy clothes.
    Christina Baker Kline  --  Orphan Train
  • Dr. Pierce—an avid surfer himself who knew me well through our sport and also our churchlater told me he had a premonition that it was me.
    Bethany Hamilton  --  Soul Surfer
  • An avid fisherman, he knew the waters around the off-lying islands extremely well.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Water is Wide
  • The specifics of the prayer were always different, for Father—who loved science—was an avid reader of a dozen university journals.
    Corrie Ten Boom  --  The Hiding Place
  • And this was the role of an obsessed and poisonous anti-Semite—a passionate, avid, tediously single-minded hater of Jews.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Their pink cheeks and group sniggering, their good-girl and bad-girl categories, their avid, fumbling attempts to push back the frontiers of garter belt and brassiere no longer hold my attention.
    Margaret Atwood  --  Cat’s Eye
  • But my hands grew clammy around the porcelain bowl as I thought of myself stepping out, alone and powerless, to confront that mob of solid and virtuous citizens, avid for the excitement of punishment and blood to alleviate the tedium of existence.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander
  • Whatever he’d meant to say slid away as her mouth came back, avidly, to his.
    Nora Roberts  --  Dark Witch
  • Then the trail, the frustration, claimed him again and he searched the ground avidly.
    William Golding  --  Lord of the Flies
  • All wait, avidly.
    Arthur Miller  --  The Crucible
  • The most avid was Naghma, who was always hugging her elbows and following Mariam everywhere she went.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • He was still staring avidly at Krum.
    J.K. Rowling  --  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • * The boy rode along through the desert for several hours, listening avidly to what his heart had to say.
    Paulo Coelho  --  The Alchemist
  • As my high school career was coming to an end, I was still being avidly recruited by college programs.
    Wes Moore  --  The Other Wes Moore
  • There had been a small neat woman with very red lips who clung to him avidly when we first arrived.
    Maya Angelou  --  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • He listened avidly for any mention of Rawlings, Pennsylvania.
    Robert Cormier  --  I Am the Cheese
  • Both men were generations ahead of their times, uniquely gifted artists, members of secret societies, and, most notably, avid pranksters.
    Dan Brown  --  The Da Vinci Code
  • It was the first chance Francon had ever had at a Wynand commission and he grasped it avidly, thinking of the possibilities which it could open.
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
  • His avid sons thereafter dividing up the property by lot gave me a wretched portion, a poor house.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • "Yes," she said avidly.
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • He glanced at the people surrounding Lupin; they were still gazing avidly at him.
    J.K. Rowling  --  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • There was a huge, giddy crowd of men who were avid for any diversion, but the cat turned chicken the moment Yossarian released him and fled from Hungry Joe ignominiously like a yellow dog.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • He had never met a fan before, and Billy was such an avid fan.
    Kurt Vonnegut  --  Slaughterhouse-Five
  • Curly and his wife were avid movie fans.
    Carl Hiassen  --  Hoot
  • From his studies, Eragon learned much about the elves, a subject that he avidly pursued, hoping that it would help him to better understand Arya.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • Scrimgeour, Ron, and Hermione continued to gaze avidly at the now partially concealed ball, as if still hoping it might transform in some way.
    J.K. Rowling  --  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • His eyes avidly brought the room into focus.
    John Steinbeck  --  East of Eden
  • I believed her young, ardent, reckless, disillusioned, under sentence, feverish, avid of pleasure.
    Willa Cather  --  My Antonia
  • Mavens, according to Price, are the kinds of people who are avid readers of Consumer Reports.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  The Tipping Point
  • The warning track, as it was called by Peter Solomon, an avid baseball fan.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • There’s a full complement of night courses for me, and the forests are very conveniently located for the avid hiker.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Eclipse
  • I’m an avid reader.
    John Howard Griffin  --  Black Like Me
  • Hall had for some years been an avid hill walker; about the same time he went to work for Alp Sports, he took up rock and ice climbing as well.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into Thin Air
  • Soon enough, however, he was looking at the typewriter again with avid repulsed fascination, not even aware of just when his gaze had shifted.
    Stephen King  --  Misery
  • Sitting at the old desk in my room at Charlie’s house with gray light glowing dully through the window, staring at my ancient, wheezing computer, reading avidly through a web-site called "Vampires AZ."
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Breaking Dawn
  • Fellow teachers remember Ed McCabe as a committed teacher who was always willing to go the extra mile to help a student, and as an avid outdoorsman who talked often in the faculty room about his dreams to hike through Alaska.
    Jodi Picoult  --  Nineteen Minutes
  • It came to Feyd-Rautha then that the packed ranks of faces would look just as avidly at his blood as at that of the slave-gladiator.
    Frank Herbert  --  Dune
  • She blinked up out of her avid shameclosing eyes, mewing plaintively and long, showing him her milkwhite teeth.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
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