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Korematsu v. United States
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Korematsu v. United States

Korematsu v. United States was decided in 1944 by a 6-3 decision.
  controversial U.S. Supreme Court case upholding the government’s right to declare the entire Pacific coast as a military area and to exclude Japanese Americans from that area during the Second Word War (1944)
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The provisions of other orders requiring Japanese Americans to assemble in re-location centers was not covered in this case.

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Frank Murphy described the decision as a "legalization of racism."

In the majority opinion, Justice Hugo Black wrote:  "Korematsu was not excluded from the Military Area because of hostility to him or his race. He was excluded because we are at war with the Japanese Empire, because the properly constituted military authorities feared an invasion of our West Coast and felt constrained to take proper security measures, because they decided that the military urgency of the situation demanded that all citizens of Japanese ancestry be segregated from the West Coast temporarily, and, finally, because Congress, reposing its confidence in this time of war in our military leaders — as inevitably it must — determined that they should have the power to do just this."
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  • Korematsu v. United States was decided in 1944 by a 6-3 decision.
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