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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt is also remembered for assuring the American people during a bank panic, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
  32nd President of the United States; elected four times; instituted New Deal to counter the Great Depression and led country during World War II (1882-1945)
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Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is often referred to by his initials, FDR. He is consistently ranked as one of the three greatest U.S. presidents in scholarly surveys. Many programs initiated in the Roosevelt administration continue to have instrumental roles in the nation — most notably, Social Security.
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  • Franklin Roosevelt is also remembered for assuring the American people during a bank panic, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
  • In an effort to stop Japan, President Franklin Roosevelt imposed ever-increasing embargoes on materiel, such as scrap metal and aviation fuel.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Unbroken
  • These are some of its characteristics: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the President of the United States, and he always has been.
    John Knowles  --  A Separate Peace
  • The president was Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons

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  • For Dad, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the Antichrist, Harry Truman the vice-Antichrist, and UMWA chief John L. Lewis was Lucifer himself.
    Homer Hickam  --  October Sky
  • Grandmother Baxter calmed my anxiety by explaining that America would not be bombed, not as long as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President.
    Maya Angelou  --  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP)—a charity created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who’d himself been paralyzed by polio—began organizing the largest field trial ever conducted to test the polio vaccine.
    Rebecca Skloot  --  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  • Over the maps was the large picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt I had cut out of a New York Times Sunday magazine section, and next to it was the picture of Albert Einstein I had taken years ago from an issue of Junior Scholastic.
    Chaim Potok  --  The Chosen
  • This was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
    James Bradley  --  Flags of Our Fathers
  • God thinks he’s Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved

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  • The Presidential Suite, with its cold elegance, had made her feel awkward and clumsy — it was all very well to visit some restored historical building with a bedroom plaque that announced Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt had slept there, but another thing entirely to imagine you and your husband lying beneath acreages of linen and perhaps making love where the greatest men in the world had once lain (the most powerful, anyway, she amended).
    Stephen King  --  The Shining
  • In 1938, near the end of a decade of monumental turmoil, the year’s number-one newsmaker was not Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hitler, or Mussolini.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Seabiscuit
  • The election of Franklin Roosevelt in November did not raise his spirits.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • The speech of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a New Yorker, illustrates the admired and widely imitated earlier style.
    Robert MacNeil and William Crane  --  Do You Speak American?
  • But that’s the way the world’s been going since that Madman was President, Franklin Roosevelt, you know.
    John Gardner  --  The Sunlight Dialogues
  • Being vice president, noted John Nance Garner, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first VP, is like being "a pitcher of warm spit."
    Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard  --  Killing Kennedy
  • ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was active in Democratic politics and helped shape her husband’s New Deal programs while he was president.
    Jay Allison, et al.  --  This I Believe
  • At a meeting in Monterrey between U. S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Mexican President Avila Camacho, Mexico committed El Escuadron Aereo de Pelea 201, the Aztec Eagles, to the allied war effort.
    W. William Winokur  --  The Perfect Game
  • And the illustrious occupant of the White House then, who was a great leader — and I say it with some anguish and pain, because, today is exactly 54 years marking his death — Franklin Delano Roosevelt died on April the 12th, 1945, so he is very much present to me and to us.
    Elie Wiesel  --  The Perils of Indifference
  • "The only person who ever succeeded in closing First National," Edgar often boasted, "was Franklin D. Roosevelt, in ’thirty-three, and he had to shut down every other bank in the country to do it.
    Pat Frank  --  Alas, Babylon
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was a well-known Mason.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt thinks he can control the whole Chesapeake Bay?
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • One of them would guide her to the source of Franklin Roosevelt posters.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • "But, Sara Louise Bradshaw—" Franklin D. Roosevelt for all his faults never failed to call me by my full name.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • Just ask Franklin D. Roosevelt when we meet him.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • The amount of medals Franklin D. Roosevelt had either hung around my neck or pinned to my front would have supplied the army with enough metal for a tank.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • The walk seemed endless, the trip back even longer, but when we returned and Aunt Pat taped the picture of Franklin Roosevelt to our front door I forgot exhaustion.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • What would Franklin D. Roosevelt say about a spy who lost his shoe in the salt marsh and worried aloud that his grandma would beat him? I sighed and handed Call the shoe.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • "Do you think, Mr. President, with the life I lead, that I will live long enough to have children?" That question never failed to reduce Franklin D. Roosevelt to silence touched with awe.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • All I could think of was if we’d netted a spy like this, Franklin D. Roosevelt would have thrown him back.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • And socialism was what Franklin Roosevelt was practicing.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • Admiring him so extravagantly, I was disappointed to find that he detested my hero, Franklin Roosevelt.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt had succumbed to a cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs, Georgia.
    James Bradley  --  Flags of Our Fathers
  • 32-caliber handgun at President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
    Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard  --  Killing Kennedy
  • Dear Wheeze, What do you think St. Peter said to Franklin D. Roosevelt?
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • Franklin Roosevelt was a good guy of legendary proportions.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • On the second-to-last day of March 1945, in one of his last acts as President before he died two weeks later, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a secret order to Marine Headquarters in the Pacific.
    James Bradley  --  Flags of Our Fathers
  • The following day, most of those same listeners, including hundreds of thousands of children, tuned in again to hear President Franklin Roosevelt intone the six-and-a-half-minute speech whose key phrases would resound in American folklore: Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan… With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of…
    James Bradley  --  Flags of Our Fathers
  • "Call, it’s funny because Franklin D. Roosevelt has got too big for his britches.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • " God thinks he’s Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was hanging the Congressional Medal of Honor around my neck, saying, "Without regard for her personal safety, she entered the very stronghold of the foe.
    Katherine Paterson  --  Jacob Have I Loved
  • So I diddent put any Price on, only told them what I am getting here, but what ever the wages are for a man like me down there I vould take…… " Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated March 4, 1933, but his sonorous cadences designed to revive the national spirit failed to stir Oluf.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
  • You’ll live to curse the day Franklin Roosevelt was born," he told me.
    Russell Baker  --  Growing Up
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