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His death made me aware of my own mortality.
  the quality of being mortal (subject to death)


death rate — often given per 1,000 people per year
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Strongly Associated with:   mortal, mortal, mortal, immortal, immortalize
Mortality rates and mortality tables (with such rates) are used by life insurance companies and those who study medicine.
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  • His death made me aware of my own mortality.
  • mortality rates are higher for smokers
  • calculated by using the applicable mortality table
  • Mortality data show that in famines and droughts, it is mostly girls who die, not boys.
    Nicholas D. Kristof  --  Half the Sky

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  • Some people on the outside look for what is amiss in every interaction, every relationship, and every meal; they are always trying to hang their mortality on improvement.
    Piper Kerman  --  Orange Is the New Black
  • Despite America’s preeminent status among developed nations, we have always struggled with high rates of infant mortality—much higher than in most developed countries.
    Bryan Stevenson  --  Just Mercy
  • And then Liv, too, must be misremembering the scene, for she’s been equally grateful and then nervous, no doubt abraded by this rough brush with mortality.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  A Gesture Life
  • Zeus had cursed me with mortality.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Trials of Apollo
  • Thinking then that those lines, those reverberant lines with their miniature, sorrowing music of mortality and time, would be as familiar to an American librarian as anything, as household objects are, or a patriotic anthem, or one’s own flesh, Sophie felt her lips part to say, Because I could not stop for Death .
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Now the final ingredient: the heartbeat of the chained god—chaos, violence, and fear of mortality.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Blood of Olympus

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  • The things we do outlast our mortality.
    R.J. Palacio  --  Wonder
  • Moord: mortality, mordant, morbid, murder.
    Donna Tartt  --  The Goldfinch
  • She smelled sweet—blood, mortality, gardenias.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Lost Souls
  • He thought that my encounter with mortality had shaken me out of my immaturity and waywardness.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  And The Mountains Echoed
  • He could smell her mortality, the sweet rot of corruption.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Bones
  • And once hospitalized, they got fewer pain medications, and had higher mortality rates.
    Rebecca Skloot  --  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  • It reminds them of their own mortality.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Notebook
  • I think it is time to stop this torrent of mortality.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The Party claimed, for example, that today 40 per cent of adult proles were literate: before the Revolution, it was said, the number had only been 15 per cent. The Party claimed that the infant mortality rate was now only 160 per thousand, whereas before the Revolution it had been 300 — and so it went on.
    George Orwell  --  1984
  • But at the age of twentythree, personal mortality, the idea of my own death, was still largely outside my conceptual grasp.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into the Wild
  • My father had felt in that moment the first flicker of the strange sad mortality of being a father.
    Alice Sebold  --  The Lovely Bones
  • He loved to dust his old grammars; it somehow mildly reminded him of his mortality.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • Perhaps it was only the awareness of mortality.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Ashes
  • Infant mortality in the wild is high.
    Michael Crichton  --  Jurassic Park
  • They’ve got mortality on their minds.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  The Host
  • But on that onerous day, oppressed beyond relief, my own mortality was borne in upon me on sluggish tides of doom.
    Maya Angelou  --  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • But it was mortality that made them what they were, the flame that blazed brighter for its flickering.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Fallen Angels
  • The mood of a man insuring his life is not unlike that of a man signing his will; thoughts of mortality must occur.
    Truman Capote  --  In Cold Blood
  • It was not alone that it was composed of all the ills of mortality and with the pungent, acrid smell of blood, but it seemed as though corruption had become itself corrupt.
    Bram Stoker  --  Dracula
  • Beneath the social mortality, we feel human imperishableness.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • Such thoughts of mortality were not new to him (he was over seventy now), but they still had the power to annoy.
    Toni Morrison  --  Beloved
  • They mostly seemed like excuses dreamed up to explain things like infant mortality rates—and infidelity.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Breaking Dawn
  • Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of any cancer; half of those diagnosed with it die within six months, and 96 percent die within five years.
    Randy Pausch  --  The Last Lecture
  • The mortality figures for death from typhus were five thousand people every month.
    Wladyslaw Szpilman  --  The Pianist
  • Who shall measure what an all-pervading Spirit may do with these capabilities of our mortality, or the ways in which He may encourage the desponding souls of the desolate?
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Fortunately the doctors got the mole off in time, but the question of her own mortality is one she seems to be preoccupied with of late, probably because she knows death is the one condition in life she can’t outrun.
    James McBride  --  The Color of Water
  • Of our childhood and adolescence-You heard the sister’s statistics on our infant mortality rate.
    Ralph Ellison  --  Invisible Man
  • It seemed so sad, so frivolous, that mere mortality, not judgment, kept him from it.
    Toni Morrison  --  The Bluest Eye
  • He now dug into the poor clergyman’s heart, like a miner searching for gold; or, rather, like a sexton delving into a grave, possibly in quest of a jewel that had been buried on the dead man’s bosom, but likely to find nothing save mortality and corruption.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The Scarlet Letter
  • Do you hear them raising their voices about the chain gangs, the slave camps, the fourteen-hour workday and the mortality from scurvy in the People’s States of Europe?
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality.
    William Shakespeare  --  King Lear
  • But she chose mortality, and to die from the world, so that she might follow him; and it is sung that they met again beyond the Sundering Seas, and after a brief time walking alive once more in the green woods, together they passed, long ago, beyond the confines of this world.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Aware of his mortality, he turned over again, entangled in the bedclothes.
    Robert Cormier  --  The Chocolate War
  • The race knows its own mortality and fears stagnation of its heredity.
    Frank Herbert  --  Dune
  • The royal phantom also carried a ghostly manuscript round its truncheon, to which it had the appearance of occasionally referring, and that too, with an air of anxiety and a tendency to lose the place of reference which were suggestive of a state of mortality.
    Charles Dickens  --  Great Expectations
  • For a hero, the craving for recognition is ultimately an attempt to find compensation for mortality.
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • And thus the battle endured long with great mortality.
    Thomas Malory  --  Le Morte D’Arthur
  • 14 I BECOME A KNOWN FUGITIVE I’d love to tell you I had some deep revelation on my way down, that I came to terms with my own mortality, laughed in the face of death, et cetera.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Lightning Thief
  • These rooms are designed as cold, austere places in which a Mason can reflect on his own mortality.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • Through the action we are shown a very human concern with mortality, the search for knowledge, and for an escape from the common lot of man.
    Unknown  --  The Epic of Gilgamesh
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