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The preparatory school has a reputation for sending students to top colleges.
  preceding and preparing for something
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  • The preparatory school has a reputation for sending students to top colleges.
  • She opened the meeting with some preparatory remarks.
  • a preparatory meeting to set the agenda
  • preparatory steps

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  • It was a long train ride up to our prep school in Boston, and there were guys on that train.
    Julia Alvarez  --  How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
  • For we are lovers of the beautiful in our tastes and our strength lies, in our opinion, not in deliberation and discussion, but that knowledge which is gained by discussion preparatory to action.
    Thucydides  --  Pericles’s Funeral Oration
  • He wore a velvet prep school blazer with a crest emblazoned on it in glittering thread, and at least a dozen rings.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • A sixteen-year-old Kinghorn Preparatory student who police were questioning in what has been dubbed "The Kinghorn Hanging" has been released without charge.
    Becca Fitzpatrick  --  Hush, Hush
  • And welcome, teachers and students from …. the Beecher Prep School!
    R.J. Palacio  --  Wonder
  • As he stretched out his right arm preparatory to giving him a box on the ear he looked as if he were going to reach down a star.
    Erich Maria Remarque  --  All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • He had made one careless blunder though, because he had skimped a bit on his preparatory research.
    Douglas Adams  --  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Van Helsing is lying down, having a rest preparatory to his journey.
    Bram Stoker  --  Dracula
  • "Uncle" rose, and it was as if there were two men in him: one of them smiled seriously at the merry fellow, while the merry fellow struck a naive and precise attitude preparatory to a folk dance.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • Eventually it was converted into Cascia Hall, a private preparatory school for affluent human teenagers.
    P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast  --  Marked
  • Blomkvist went to school first in Blomma and then to prep school on Kungsholmen.
    Stieg Larsson  --  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • As it extorted nothing from that gentleman but a smile, the old lady tossed her head, and smoothed down her apron preparatory to another speech, when she was stopped by Mr. Brownlow.
    Charles Dickens  --  Oliver Twist
  • The stranger, muffled in hat, coat, gloves, and wrapper, came out impatiently to meet Fearenside’s cart, while Hall was having a word or so of gossip preparatory to helping being them in.
    H.G. Wells  --  The Invisible Man
  • He took a preparatory breath-as if he were about to dive into a lake-and lumbered off through the downpour in the direction of the forge.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • Now, this," said Mr. Trabb, taking down a roll of cloth, and tiding it out in a flowing manner over the counter, preparatory to getting his hand under it to show the gloss, "is a very sweet article.
    Charles Dickens  --  Great Expectations
  • Matthew encountered the stationmaster locking up the ticket office preparatory to going home for supper, and asked him if the five-thirty train would soon be along.
    Lucy Maud Montgomery  --  Anne Of Green Gables
  • Their peculiar hooting invariably preceded feeding; it had no modulation, and was, I believe, in no sense a signal, but merely the expiration of air preparatory to the suctional operation.
    H.G. Wells  --  The War of the Worlds
  • "Very well," said Gabriel amiably, as he took another preparatory draught, "kindly forget my existence, ladies and gentlemen, for a few minutes."
    James Joyce  --  Dubliners
  • The steward and chambermaid, and all, were busily engaged in cleaning, furbishing, and arranging the splendid boat, preparatory to a grand entree.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • A very successful visit:—I saw all the three ladies; and felt very much obliged to you for your preparatory hint.
    Jane Austen  --  Emma
  • "I like good strong words that mean something," replied Jo, catching her hat as it took a leap off her head preparatory to flying away altogether.
    Louisa May Alcott  --  Little Women
  • Miss Davidson was born in Ohio, and received her preparatory education in the public schools of that state.
    Booker T. Washington  --  Up From Slavery: An Autobiography
  • He mounted a starting box, leaned forward from the waist as he had seen racing swimmers do but never had occasion to do himself—I noticed a preparatory looseness coming into his shoulders and arms, a controlled ease about his stance which was unexpected in anyone trying to break a record.
    John Knowles  --  A Separate Peace
  • In science, development, thought, invention, ideals, aims, liberalism, judgment, experience and everything, everything, everything, we are still in the preparatory class at school.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  Crime and Punishment
  • "Will your ladyship stay the night?" asked pretty Miss Sally, who was already busy laying a snow-white cloth on the table, preparatory to providing a simple supper for her ladyship.
    Baroness Orczy  --  The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Across the room, Don Barrett was putting up an extension ladder preparatory to gilding the overhead steel beams with crepe paper.
    Stephen King  --  Carrie
  • The time having come for her withdrawal for the night, and she having left us, I gave Mr. Wickfield my hand, preparatory to going away myself.
    Charles Dickens  --  David Copperfield
  • "I should have got here by morning …. if only this bullock had kept better pace-" He leaped down and lifted the yoke preparatory to watering his animals.
    Kamala Markandaya  --  Nectar in a Sieve
  • Thanks to these preparatory labours, he failed completely in his examination for an ordinary degree.
    Gustave Flaubert  --  Madame Bovary
  • With the exception of Byron, they had brought no lunch with them today, and they began to gather up their belongings preparatory to quitting until Monday.
    William Faulkner  --  Light in August
  • They stand up as the PLAYER whips oft their cloaks preparatory to execution.
    Tom Stoppard  --  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  • "Tess!" he said in a preparatory tone, after a silence.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Tess of the d’Urbervilles
  • The approach of the train was more and more evident by the preparatory bustle in the station, the rush of porters, the movement of policemen and attendants, and people meeting the train.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  Anna Karenina
  • As he undid his collar and unfastened his studs, preparatory to washing his face and changing his clothes, he dilated upon his trip.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • This was Smurov, a boy in the preparatory class (two classes below Kolya Krassotkin), son of a well-to-do official.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • Mrs. Radford had done all the little jobs preparatory to going to bed, had locked the door and filled the kettle.
    D.H. Lawrence  --  Sons and Lovers
  • "You do me great wrong, dear Cousin Hepzibah!" said he, first kindly offering her his hand, and then drawing on his glove preparatory to departure.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The House of the Seven Gables
  • He went to work in this preparatory lesson, not unlike Morgiana in the Forty Thieves: looking into all the vessels ranged before him, one after another, to see what they contained.
    Charles Dickens  --  Hard Times
  • The school separated these two groups by levels of education: The professional-class kids were provided with college-preparatory classes; the blue-collar students were pushed into "industrial arts."
    Luis J. Rodriguez  --  Always Running
  • He began to revolve on his toes, preparatory to vanishing.
    T. H. White  --  The Once and Future King
  • …between persons w h o , because of their level of general mental ability, can or cannot attend a regular school (about I Q 50), can or cannot master the traditional subject matter of elementary school (about I Q 75), can or cannot succeed in the academic or college preparatory curriculum through high school (about IQ 105), can or cannot graduate from an accredited four-year college with grades that w o u l d qualify for admission to a professional or graduate school (about IQ 115 ).
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Outliers
  • And the clock, in the altar on which Iphigenia was situated, beginning, after a preparatory convulsion, to toll twelve, the mere tolling seemed as if it would last until one—so prolonged was the knell to the anxious spinster.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • He became aware that Mr. Jackson was clearing his throat preparatory to farther revelations.
    Edith Wharton  --  The Age of Innocence
  • Her husband, who had left us while we had this chat, now coming back, preparatory to exercising the apprentices in the ball-room, Caddy informed me she was quite at my disposal.
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • Thus he passed out of the preparatory school into college, and we who watched him felt four more years of change, which almost transformed the tall, grave man who bowed to us commencement morning.
    W. E. B. Du Bois  --  The Souls of Black Folk
  • In Hern’s Grocery they would be roasting coffee on Friday afternoon, preparatory to the Saturday rush of trade, and the rich odor invaded lower Main Street.
    Sherwood Anderson  --  Winesburg, Ohio
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