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as idealized and romanticized as a Disney cartoon
  to think of or portray as ideal (perfect)
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idealized idealize idealization idealizing idealizes
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  • as idealized and romanticized as a Disney cartoon
  • ...we idealize youth and sexiness but recoil if our young want to be sexy.
    Belinda Luscombe  --  Time, 2008, The Truth About Teen Girls  --,9171,1840556,00.html(retrieved 11/03/09)
  • She idealizes her boyfriend
  • Conscientious to a fault, thoughtful of others, and affectionate within reasonable bounds, he was the kind of father whose idealized image appears in many wistful books of human family reminiscences, but whose real prototype has seldom paced the earth upon two legs.
    Farley Mowat  --  Never Cry Wolf

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  • Cristian tended to think in abstract, idealized solutions.
    Joshua Davis  --  Spare Parts
  • I had not idealized "femininity" in the silly fashion of the time and therefore I am sure I did not foresee bedding down some chaste Sweet Briar maiden only after a trip to the altar.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Their bodies are somewhat idealized: less hairy than they really were, the muscle groups in higher definition, the skin luminous.
    Margaret Atwood  --  Cat’s Eye
  • It’s not idealized or humanized.
    Donna Tartt  --  The Goldfinch
  • Many, including Enrique, begin to idealize their mothers.
    Sonia Nazario  --  Enrique’s Journey
  • I idealized them as the bravest and most generous men that ever sought a home in a strange land.
    Helen Keller  --  Story of My Life

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  • Over the next several months, as it often happens, I managed to erase the story’s flaws from my memory, taking pride in a shadowy, idealized recollection of its virtues.
    Tim O’Brien  --  The Things They Carried
  • It was easy to idealize someone you barely knew.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Lucky One
  • This child had not only grown, she had become idealized.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • He had never liked Warsaw, and the worse it was for us there the more he longed for and idealized Sosnowiec.
    Wladyslaw Szpilman  --  The Pianist
  • Therefore, in his other moods, symbolize whatever grand or gracious thing he will by whiteness, no man can deny that in its profoundest idealized significance it calls up a peculiar apparition to the soul.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • The word passion means nothing else to them; and that Higgins could have a passion for phonetics and idealize his mother instead of Eliza, would seem to them absurd and unnatural.
    George Bernard Shaw  --  Pygmalion
  • Don’t idealize him, either.
    Ernest Hemingway  --  For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • At first Fernanda did not talk about her family, but in time she began to idealize her father.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • This is an activity that idealizes risktaking; the sport’s most celebrated figures have always been those who stick their necks out the farthest and manage to get away with it.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into Thin Air
  • A distinguished grandfather, warmly wrapped in a cozy red bathrobe, taught an idealized blond boy how to use his new gift—a fishing pole.
    Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin  --  Three Cups of Tea
  • But it should be borne in mind that, for an eighth-century audience, stories about the great old days were as liable to exaggeration and idealization as American sagas of the Wild West or English legends of King Arthur.
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • For the last couple of centuries, since Wordsworth and the Romantic poets, the sublime landscape—the dramatic and breathtaking vista—has been idealized, sometimes to the point of cliche.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • And so the very life of the colonial city, which the young Juvenal Urbino tended to idealize in his Parisian melancholy, was an illusion of memory.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
  • Pauline was like the public: She embraced the idealized image, never grasping Rene’s conception of the ordinariness of his action.
    James Bradley  --  Flags of Our Fathers
  • Manuel read little; he had only been once to the theater (where above all there reigns the legend that love is a devotion) and the Peruvian tavern-songs that he might have heard, unlike those of Spain, reflected very little of the romantic cult of an idealized woman.
    Thornton Wilder  --  The Bridge of San Luis Rey
  • An idealization of some such a man as Leonardo da Vinci would be a more valuable beacon to you at present.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  This Side of Paradise
  • There was in Lily a vein of sentiment, perhaps transmitted from this source, which gave an idealizing touch to her most prosaic purposes.
    Edith Wharton  --  The House of Mirth
  • White Communists had idealized all Negroes to the extent that they did not see the same Negroes I saw.
    Richard Wright  --  Black Boy
  • It was too easy otherwise to idealize him as a man who fought with God - a Prometheus, a noble victim in a hopeless war.
    Graham Greene  --  The Power and the Glory
  • On the radio, the idealized worldof One Man’s Family and the just and reassuring tales of The Lone Ranger were runaway hits.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Seabiscuit
  • As I see it, the battle lines are between the idealized, superficial and insular-minded way of looking at the world (which many schools and mainstream culture impose on our children and the rest of us), and the actual conditions of our lives with all its multiplicity, struggle, shading and nuance.
    Luis J. Rodriguez  --  Always Running
  • He himself, the old Harry, had been just such a bourgeois idealization of Goethe, a spiritual champion whose all-too-noble gaze shone with the unction of elevated thought and humanity, until he was almost overcome by his own nobleness of mind!
    Hermann Hesse  --  Steppenwolf
  • The great aids to idealization in love were present here: occasional observation of her from a distance, and the absence of social intercourse with her—visual familiarity, oral strangeness.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Far from the Madding Crowd
  • So sturdy and masterful he grew, so filled with bubbling life, so tremulous with the unspoken wisdom of a life but eighteen months distant from the All-life,—we were not far from worshipping this revelation of the divine, my wife and I. Her own life builded and moulded itself upon the child; he tinged her every dream and idealized her every effort.
    W. E. B. Du Bois  --  The Souls of Black Folk
  • And so we see our Eustacia—for at times she was not altogether unlovable—arriving at that stage of enlightenment which feels that nothing is worth while, and filling up the spare hours of her existence by idealizing Wildeve for want of a better object.
    Thomas Hardy  --  The Return of the Native
  • Ever and anon there gleamed across the young man’s mind a sense of wonder that he should be walking side by side with the being who had so wrought upon his imagination, whom he had idealized in such hues of terror, in whom he had positively witnessed such manifestations of dreadful attributes,—that he should be conversing with Beatrice like a brother, and should find her so human and so maidenlike.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  Rappaccini’s Daughter
  • We idealize them as gods or dismiss them as animals.
    John Green  --  Paper Towns
  • These aren’t idealized heavenly beings.
    David Almond  --  Clay
  • And I thought, I like this girl because she is not amazonian or angelic or terrifically idealized.
    Don DeLillo  --  Underworld
  • The sort of hard-working ranchers long idealized in cowboy myths are the ones most likely to go broke today.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • Her heel went down, almost without her knowing, on the idealized, dreaming, and predatory face of that Sicilian bandit.
    Eudora Welty  --  The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
  • She fed it with fantasies, idealized it, savagely defended it, stripped it of its prosaic truth, and turned it into the kind of love one found in novels.
    Isabel Allende  --  The House of Spirits
  • I thanked him for teaching me to use my eyes and ears; but I told him that his beauty worshipping and happiness hunting and woman idealizing was not worth a dump as a philosophy of life; so he called me Philistine and went his way.
    George Bernard Shaw  --  Man And Superman
  • And among these new things too was the revolution-not the idealized intellectuals’ revolution of 1905, but this new upheaval, today’s, born of the war, bloody, ruthless, elemental, the soldiers’ revolution led by those professional revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks.
    Boris Pasternak  --  Doctor Zhivago
  • Instead, a seemingly natural arrangement of open grasslands, winding paths, clumps and groves of trees, in combination with an abundant presence of water in the form of serpentine lakes, streams, and artificial cataracts, was intended to evoke the look of an idealized English landscape.
    David McCullough  --  John Adams
  • It was depravity with the best of consciences, the idealized apotheosis of a total refusal to obey Western demands for an active life.
    Thomas Mann  --  The Magic Mountain
  • I wasn’t looking for love — no, I was far too eager to be a soldier for that; I thought of nothing but the idealized glory of the war that they were selling prospective draftees then — but if I had found ." He paused, cocking his head to the side.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Eclipse
  • Little by little he idealized her, endowing her with improbable virtues and imaginary sentiments, and after two weeks he thought of nothing else but her.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
  • So this first excursion was for her a fascinating adventure idealized in her girlhood dreams.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
  • Years later, when he tried to remember what the maiden idealized by the alchemy of poetry really was like, he could not distinguish her from the heartrending twilights of those times.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
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