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as in:  She personifies wisdom.

She personifies optimism.
  to be a perfect example of
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personify personification personifications personified
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  • She personifies optimism.
  • In her imagination he was that terrible moaning personified.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • He was wisdom personified, his manner so serious and formal that Tally found herself wishing she had dressed up.
    Scott Westerfeld  --  Uglies
  • For us Ultima personified goodness, and any risk in defense of goodness was right.
    Rudolfo Anaya  --  Bless Me, Ultima

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  • He’s goodness personified.
    Anne Frank  --  The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Look at Aramis, now; Aramis is mildness and grace personified.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Three Musketeers
  • The two of us personified the mix of arts and technology; right brain/left brain, drama guy/computer guy.
    Randy Pausch  --  The Last Lecture
  • Perhaps it was the fascination of seeing that particular force so explicitly personified in a human body.
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
  • Anne sat up, tragedy personified.
    Lucy Maud Montgomery  --  Anne Of Green Gables
  • Phileas Fogg was, indeed, exactitude personified, and this was betrayed even in the expression of his very hands and feet; for in men, as well as in animals, the limbs themselves are expressive of the passions.
    Jules Verne  --  Around the World in 80 Days

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  • He finally decided that children liked dinosaurs because these giant creatures personified the uncontrollable force of looming authority.
    Michael Crichton  --  Jurassic Park
  • The lady was also in green, and so richly and splendidly dressed that splendour itself seemed personified in her.
    Miguel de Cervantes  --  Don Quixote
  • As the envoy of the prefect of police arrived ten minutes before ten, he was told that Lord Wilmore, who was precision and punctuality personified, was not yet come in, but that he would be sure to return as the clock struck.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • He resembled a pilot, which to a seaman is trustworthiness personified.
    Joseph Conrad  --  Heart of Darkness
  • Without putting the thing clearly to himself, but with a confused intuition of the necessity of his presence and of his success, he, Javert, personified justice, light, and truth in their celestial function of crushing out evil.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • I did not know whether to resent this language or pursue my explanation; but he seemed so powerfully affected that I took pity and proceeded with my dreams; affirming I had never heard the appellation of ’Catherine Linton’ before, but reading it often over produced an impression which personified itself when I had no longer my imagination under control.
    Emily Bronte  --  Wuthering Heights
  • Here I was, a loner to the core, burnout personified, with a train wreck of a home life.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Lock and Key
  • I thought that for Deo the begging woman personified the problems of his country, and his fears for it.
    Tracy Kidder  --  Strength in What Remains
  • Then the four women who personified the elements moved as one to the table.
    P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast  --  Marked
  • Now, and by the few words at the door, he had become the thing personified.
    Sherwood Anderson  --  Winesburg, Ohio
  • In the jugglery of circumstances preceding and attending the event on board the Indomitable, and in the light of that martial code whereby it was formally to be judged, innocence and guilt personified in Claggart and Budd in effect changed places.
    Herman Melville  --  Billy Budd
  • The conventional farm-folk of his imagination— personified in the newspaper-press by the pitiable dummy known as Hodge—were obliterated after a few days’ residence.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Tess of the d’Urbervilles
  • Night, in its sad, solemn, and benevolent aspect, apart from its stealthy and cruel side, was personified in this form.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Far from the Madding Crowd
  • Bovary was searching at the bottom of his purse for a centime, and without appearing to understand all there was of humiliation for him in the mere presence of this man, who stood there like a personified reproach to his incurable incapacity.
    Gustave Flaubert  --  Madame Bovary
  • If a mother was Sacrifice personified, then a daughter was Guilt, with no possibility of redress.
    Milan Kundera  --  The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • He personified the Institute’s capacity for deviance.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • The most unhappy aspect of their relations was Dick’s growing indifference, at present personified by too much drink; Nicole did not know whether she was to be crushed or spared—Dick’s voice, throbbing with insincerity, confused the issue; she couldn’t guess how he was going to behave next upon the tortuously slow unrolling of the carpet, nor what would happen at the end, at the moment of the leap.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  Tender is the Night
  • The female principle was personified in the beautiful girl whom Raven encountered in the great room within the animal; meanwhile the conjunction of male and female was symbolized separately in the flow of the oil from the pipe into the burning lamp.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • And indeed the poor girl, whose pregnancy had swelled and stoutened every part of her, even to her face, and the vertical, squared outlines of her cheeks, did distinctly suggest those virgins, so strong and mannish as to seem matrons rather, in whom the Virtues are personified in the Arena Chapel.
    Marcel Proust  --  Swann’s Way
  • Peeperkorn was courtesy personified, by the way.
    Thomas Mann  --  The Magic Mountain
  • She was simply knowledge embodied, embalmed, and personified.
    Abraham Verghese  --  Cutting for Stone
  • It was he who, from the beginning of the tragedy to its end, personified Society for the Turners.
    Doris Lessing  --  The Grass is Singing
  • These were followed by the Moralities, plays in which were personified abstract virtues and vices.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • Consequently, I’m also in training to be a High Priestess of Nyx, the vampyre Goddess, who is Night personified.
    P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast  --  Betrayed
  • Representative Fisher Ames of ’Massachusetts later wrote of sitting "entranced," as though he were witnessing "an allegory on which virtue was personified."
    David McCullough  --  John Adams
  • I have frequently used the word "equality" in an absolute sense—nay, I have personified equality in several places; thus I have said that equality does such and such things, or refrains from doing others.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 2
  • In lifeless squares and avenues these tawdry idols lorded it under the lowering sky; stolid monsters that might have personified the rule of immobility imposed on us, or, anyhow, its final aspect, that of a defunct city in which plague, stone, and darkness had effectively silenced every voice.
    Albert Camus  --  The Plague
  • In Trueba’s opinion, the time had arrived for him to come out in defense of the national interest and of the Conservative Party, since no one better personified the honest, uncontaminated politician, as he himself declared, adding that he had pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, and not only that, had created jobs and a decent life for all his workers and owned the only hacienda with little brick houses.
    Isabel Allende  --  The House of Spirits
  • …starting with Herzen, its assassinations of Tsars, some only plotted, others carried out, the whole of the workers’ movement of the world, the whole of Marxism in the parliaments and universities of Europe, the whole of this new system of ideas with its newness, the swiftness of its conclusion, its irony, and its pitiless remedies elaborated in the name of pity-all of this was absorbed and expressed in Lenin, who fell upon the old world as the personified retribution for its misdeeds.
    Boris Pasternak  --  Doctor Zhivago
  • "If Richard personified the family’s dark, fanatical side, Gottfried embodied the indolent one.
    Stieg Larsson  --  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • BOOK XXV Proud Music of the Storm 1 Proud music of the storm, Blast that careers so free, whistling across the prairies, Strong hum of forest tree-tops—wind of the mountains, Personified dim shapes—you hidden orchestras, You serenades of phantoms with instruments alert, Blending with Nature’s rhythmus all the tongues of nations; You chords left as by vast composers—you choruses, You formless, free, religious dances—you from the Orient, You undertone of rivers, roar of pouring…
    Walt Whitman  --  Leaves of Grass
  • He had just viewed the malice of men and the misery of society under a new aspect— incomplete aspects, which unfortunately only exhibited one side of the truth, the fate of woman as summed up in Fantine, and public authority as personified in Javert.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • Your own conscience, conveniently personified in the body of another person and attending to your concern for the less fortunate of this world, thus leaving you free not to attend to.
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
  • My dear Aramis, you speak like theology personified.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Three Musketeers
  • She looked like someone had turned on a blazing inner light within her, which I realize is definitely an ironic description considering the vampyre stereotypes (some of which I already knew were totally true): They avoid sunlight, they’re most powerful at night, they need to drink blood to survive (eesh!), and they worship a goddess who is known as Night personified.
    P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast  --  Marked
  • In the midst of the personified impersonal, a personality stands here.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • She personified the figure of death and made him now a strong black-haired youth running over hills, now a stem quiet man marked and scarred by the business of living.
    Sherwood Anderson  --  Winesburg, Ohio
  • Nor even in our superstitions do we fail to throw the same snowy mantle round our phantoms; all ghosts rising in a milk-white fog—Yea, while these terrors seize us, let us add, that even the king of terrors, when personified by the evangelist, rides on his pallid horse.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • "The incident illustrates to perfection," wrote Ellsworth Toohey, "the antisocial nature of Mr. Howard Roark’s egotism, the arrogance of the unbridled individualism which he has always personified."
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
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