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The two countries sent peace negotiators to parley in Paris.
  a negotiation or discussion — especially between enemies
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parley parleys parleyed parleying
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  • The two countries sent peace negotiators to parley in Paris.
  • We then called again to the foremost boat, and offered a truce, to parley again, and to know what her business was with us; but had no answer, only she crowded close under our stern.
    Daniel Defoe  --  The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
  • Now, Percy Jackson, let us parley?
    Rick Riordan  --  The Last Olympian
  • ...waited no longer to hold parley with the hermit,
    Edgar Allan Poe  --  The Fall of the House of Usher

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  • "An attack?"
    "A parley, rather," said Sopespian. See, they carry green branches. They are coming to surrender most likely.
    C.S. Lewis  --  Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
  • The opening parley: This place is a bit of a hole in the wall, But we had a great kiss there one Tuesday last fall.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl
  • "We’ve parleyed with the Queen before," Jace said.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • "That is the building you described last summer," Chiron said, "where you parleyed with the Romans."
    Rick Riordan  --  The Trials of Apollo
  • "I come in peace and wish to parley," he said to the men on the shore.
    Scott O’Dell  --  Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • From the bottom of the slope, where the parleys had taken place, came the report of musketry.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace

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  • Here and there they would stop to inspect a bunch of cattle, and there would be a parley, brief and businesslike.
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • What an eye she has! methinks it sounds a parley to provocation.
    William Shakespeare  --  Othello, the Moor of Venice
  • "Enough of this parley," said the sergeant.
    Charles Dickens  --  Great Expectations
  • Through the crevices in the granite he had seen the two young peasants talking with the carbineers, and guessed the subject of their parley.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • We came expecting to find none living here; yet now that we are met there is matter for a parley and a council.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Hobbit
  • Whether you serve Shade, Urgal, or some twisted fiend I’ve not heard of, I have no wish to parley with him.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eragon
  • She heard the voice of the Savage parleying with silence.
    Aldous Huxley  --  Brave New World
  • Hereupon I advanced with, my whole army: and, it being dark, I ordered the man we had surprised in the boat, to call them by their names, and to parley with them.
    Daniel Defoe  --  Robinson Crusoe
  • Nevertheless, the man who had the key parleyed, simply to gain time.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • What’s the business, That such a hideous trumpet calls to parley The sleepers of the house? speak, speak!
    William Shakespeare  --  Macbeth
  • It is to be held the next day, and with this their long parley is at an end.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • "Well—I parleyed, didn’t I?"
    H.G. Wells  --  The War of the Worlds
  • The accounts of his ferocity as related by Mrs. Sowerberry and Charlotte, were of so startling a nature, that Mr. Bumble judged it prudent to parley, before opening the door.
    Charles Dickens  --  Oliver Twist
  • Kemp had hurried upstairs after letting Adye out, and now crouching among the broken glass and peering cautiously over the edge of the study window sill, he saw Adye stand parleying with the Unseen.
    H.G. Wells  --  The Invisible Man
  • From this time Be something scanter of your maiden presence; Set your entreatments at a higher rate Than a command to parley.
    William Shakespeare  --  Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  • Bessie and Abbot having retreated, Mrs. Reed, impatient of my now frantic anguish and wild sobs, abruptly thrust me back and locked me in, without farther parley.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • It could mean attack, it could mean parley, it could mean the edge of something, a territory.
    Margaret Atwood  --  The Handmaid’s Tale
  • His visit he would now defer; but they had a very interesting parley about what could be done and should be done.
    Jane Austen  --  Emma
  • General Pickett presents his compliments, sir, and requests permission to parley with the Commanding General, s ’il vous plait.
    Michael Shaara  --  The Killer Angels
  • They parleyed briskly for a moment—then Barban nodded and bowed coldly to his late antagonist.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  Tender is the Night
  • After some parley, the trader agreed to his terms.
    Harriet Jacobs  --  Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
  • Will you be wise? will you be guided? will you suffer me to take this glass in my hand and to go forth from your house without further parley? or has the greed of curiosity too much command of you?
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • They stand, and would have parley.
    William Shakespeare  --  Julius Caesar
  • Then he raised his empty hand, palm outward in token of parley.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Two Towers
  • A man with coarse black hair and a thick slab of belly said, "Pardon me for overhearing your parley with the young master, but if it’s ships and such you be after, and at a fair price, then I should guess you’d want to attend the auction."
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • Aunt’s pronunciation is old-fashioned, and Flo and I, though we flattered ourselves that we knew a good deal, find we don’t, and are very grateful to have Fred do the (parley vooing), as Uncle calls it.
    Louisa May Alcott  --  Little Women
  • A white flag from within the fortress, and a parley—this dimly perceptible through the raging storm, nothing audible in it—suddenly the sea rose immeasurably wider and higher, and swept Defarge of the wine-shop over the lowered drawbridge, past the massive stone outer walls, in among the eight great towers surrendered!
    Charles Dickens  --  A Tale of Two Cities
  • It was in the afternoon of the fifth day of the siege, and the fourth of his own service in it, that Major Heyward profited by a parley that had just been beaten, by repairing to the ramparts of one of the water bastions, to breathe the cool air from the lake, and to take a survey of the progress of the siege.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Last of the Mohicans
  • After a parley in the hall, someone came upstairs, and Vronsky’s steps could be heard passing the drawing room.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  Anna Karenina
  • In due time we were challenged by the warders, from the castle walls, and after a parley admitted.
    Mark Twain  --  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • When the besiegers from their parleying ground , heard sounds of cattle in stampede, they mounted behind mettlesome teams, following the sound, and came up quickly.
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • The servant opened the garret-window and parleyed for some time with a man in the street below.
    Gustave Flaubert  --  Madame Bovary
  • Outside in the gloom they stood, while the leader parleyed within.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • Sir Bors came from the northern hole to parley with the King and with the Constable—a long, indistinct argument or explanation which the people could not catch on account of the wind.
    T. H. White  --  The Once and Future King
  • As for himself, he had never seen the blockade so complete; he heard his stomach sounding a parley, and he considered it very much out of place that evil destiny should capture his philosophy by famine.
    Victor Hugo  --  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Moreover, her own acceptance of the disease, of the inevitability of her mortality and suffering, mirrors her self-sacrificing nature: perhaps it is best for everyone else, parley especially, if she dies.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • This frame of mind barred all desire of holding further parley with the fellow, even were it but for the purpose of gaining some enlightenment as to his design in approaching him.
    Herman Melville  --  Billy Budd
  • She left the room before Rawdon went away that day; but they met by chance below, as he was going away after taking leave, and had a parley together.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • Indeed, because you are a banish’d man, Therefore, above the rest, we parley to you.
    William Shakespeare  --  The Two Gentlemen of Verona
  • After a further parley the pilot climbed back into the cockpit, a Pathan clumsily swung the propeller, and the flight was resumed.
    James Hilton  --  Lost Horizon
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