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Biblical scholars point to seven covenants described in the Bible.
  a binding agreement
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covenants covenant covenanted covenantal covenanting
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  • Biblical scholars point to seven covenants described in the Bible.
  • Because the early church believed in the continuity of history and of divine activity, it included in the Christian Bible the written records of both the Old and the New covenants.
    Bible - MSN Encarta  -- 05/21/06)
  • Traditional Judaism teaches that God relates to humanity through a series of covenants, which are initiated by him, and in which God promises to perform certain acts on the condition that humans "keep their side of the bargain."
    Development of religion - Wikipedia  -- 05/20/06)
  • The desire of the book was to associate the ideas of the covenant relationship with God to the everyday lives of those who were reading the wisdom literature, as many of the proverbs may have been familiar simply through culture...
    Book of Proverbs - Wikipedia  -- 05/20/06)

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  • "My oath to the Covenant binds me," he said.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Bones
  • They seemed to have been hand-wrought, their lines curving in to circle around the symbol of the Council— four Cs in a square, standing for Council, Covenant, Clave, and Consul.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • I know certain families have enjoyed relationships because of their children, had carpools and holiday barbecues, and perhaps a shared weekend at a country house upstate or on the Long Island shore, but on the whole an unwritten covenant of conduct governs us, a signet of cordiality and decorum, in whose ethic, if it can be called such a thing, the worst wrong is to be drawn forth and disturbed.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  A Gesture Life
  • He made a covenant with us, just like the Shadowhunters believe Raziel made a covenant with them.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Lost Souls
  • Will he the (leviathan) make a covenant with thee?
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • It’s a covenant with my father.
    Sara Gruen  --  Water for Elephants

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  • Obliteration of Catholicism was the Illuminati’s central covenant.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons
  • It was hard to tell, with all this strange legal jargon, words he had never heard before; but was not this plain—"the party of the first part hereby covenants and agrees to rent to the said party of the second part!"
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • said a lot about this religion-Judaismthat some of its followers, old southern crackers who talked with southern twangs and wore straw hats, seemed to believe that its covenants went beyond the color of one’s skin.
    James McBride  --  The Color of Water
  • It seemed that the peace of a day’s ending was an assurance that the covenant God made with children, Negroes and the crippled was still in effect.
    Maya Angelou  --  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Let specialities be therefore drawn between us, That covenants may be kept on either hand.
    William Shakespeare  --  The Taming of the Shrew
  • When you unwittingly stuck your hand into the wasps’ nest, you hadn’t made a covenant with the devil to give up your civilized self with its trappings of love and respect and honor.
    Stephen King  --  The Shining
  • It’s as though we were all sworn to the same secret covenant, so secret we don’t even know what we belong to.
    Amy Tan  --  The Joy Luck Club
  • There are proven ways: play on the certain knowledge of their superiority, the mystique of secret covenant, the esprit of shared suffering.
    Frank Herbert  --  Dune
  • Hoarse, masked and armed, the planters’ covenant.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • "By the law of England may a child enter into covenant and sell itself, my lord?" asked Tom, turning to a learned judge.
    Mark Twain  --  The Prince and The Pauper
  • Part of the cause: of the malaise present in the Mesopotamian psychology was this insecurity under which the people lived out their lives: the lack of a covenant.
    Unknown  --  The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • ’To the flames,’ you mean to say, ’with battle plans, soldierly calculations, covenants our right hands pledged and pledged with unmixed wine’?
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • Then we read that God made a covenant with Abraham and his seed.
    Jostein Gaarder  --  Sophie’s World
  • In the Koran, the story appears in much the same manner as the covenant of Abraham and Isaac does in the Torah and the Bible.
    Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin  --  Three Cups of Tea
  • "I felt myself," she added, "to be as solemnly engaged to him, as if the strictest legal covenant had bound us to each other."
    Jane Austen  --  Sense and Sensibility
  • For decades, L.A. was notorious for restrictive covenants — where some areas were off limits to "undesirables."
    Luis J. Rodriguez  --  Always Running
  • On this covenant, said Sir Uwaine, I will forgive it you, so ye will never be about to do such deeds.
    Thomas Malory  --  Le Morte D’Arthur
  • There was a difference between the proposition and the covenant, which she had felt only too quickly.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Tess of the d’Urbervilles
  • Then, the hard selling done, my mom would move in with the technical stuff like covenants, specifications, and prices.
    Sarah Dessen  --  The Truth About Forever
  • As to that, said Sir Launcelot, I will not take your yielding unto me, but so that ye yield you unto Sir Kay the seneschal, on that covenant I will save your lives and else not.
    Mark Twain  --  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • And if it were not for Christ’s covenant, they would slaughter one another down to the last two men on earth.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • It was already dark, but when I looked up at the sky, I saw a big old moon like God’s own halo hung up there as a mark of his covenant.
    Julia Alvarez  --  In the Time of the Butterflies
  • On this covenant, said Sir Uwaine, I will forgive it you, so ye will never be about to do such deeds.
    Thomas Malory  --  Le Morte D’Arthur, Volume I
  • He sadly wiped his hand clean on the seat, annulling his and Diamond’s solemn covenant.
    David Baldacci  --  Wish You Well
  • …creatures to the knowledge of a Deity, and to the homage due to the Supreme Being of God; but, however, nothing but divine revelation can form the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and of a redemption purchased for us, of the mediator of the new covenant, and of an intercessor at the footstool of God’s throne; and, therefore, the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; that is, the word and Spirit of God, promised for the guide and the sanctifier of his people, are the most necessary…
    Daniel Defoe  --  Robinson Crusoe
  • Heaven was still and faintly luminous and the air sweet to breathe, as in a thicket drenched with showers; and amid peace and shimmering lights and quiet fragrance he made a covenant with his heart.
    James Joyce  --  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • And the people were silent, and Kumalo was silent, for when are three such things found in one place together? I the Lord have called thee in righteousness and will hold thine hand and will keep thee and give thee for a covenant of the people for a light of the Gentiles To open the blind eyes to bring out the prisoners from the prison And them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.
    Alan Paton  --  Cry, the Beloved Country
  • In the words of Job, ’I have made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?’
    Thomas Hardy  --  The Return of the Native
  • Similar to Elisha’s bear that rushed on the children who were taunting him; or the divine blow that cracked down that Jew so thoughtless as to put out a hand to keep the ark of the covenant from falling off the wagon.
    Saul Bellow  --  The Adventures of Augie March
  • Nothing then remained previous to the office of the priest, but the office of the lawyers, which threatened to take up so much time, that Western offered to bind himself by all manner of covenants, rather than defer the happiness of the young couple.
    Henry Fielding  --  Tom Jones
  • There in captivity he lets them dwell The space of seventy years; then brings them back, Remembering mercy, and his covenant sworn To David, stablished as the days of Heaven.
    John Milton  --  Paradise Lost
  • But to me, Charleston is a dark city, a melancholy city, whose severe covenants and secrets are as powerful and beguiling as its elegance, whose demons dance their alley dances and compose their malign hymns to the side of the moon I cannot see.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • …machinery and reality with those imaginative graces and delights, without which the heart of infancy will wither up, the sturdiest physical manhood will be morally stark death, and the plainest national prosperity figures can show, will be the Writing on the Wall, — she holding this course as part of no fantastic vow, or bond, or brotherhood, or sisterhood, or pledge, or covenant, or fancy dress, or fancy fair; but simply as a duty to be done, — did Louisa see these things of herself?
    Charles Dickens  --  Hard Times
  • Miss Squeers and the miller’s daughter, being fast friends, had covenanted together some two years before, according to a custom prevalent among young ladies, that whoever was first engaged to be married, should straightway confide the mighty secret to the bosom of the other, before communicating it to any living soul, and bespeak her as bridesmaid without loss of time; in fulfilment of which pledge the miller’s daughter, when her engagement was formed, came out express, at eleven…
    Charles Dickens  --  Nicholas Nickleby
  • The ark of the covenant with the power to conquer armies.
    Ted Dekker  --  White: The Great Pursuit
  • 31:1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?
    The Bible  --  Job
  • I will have no covenants but proximities.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • What unknown covenants led her ultimately to this beach and this hour and this solitude?
    Christina Garcia  --  Dreaming in Cuban
  • Neither of them is by nature inferior to the other; they only become so for a time by covenant.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 2
  • I have faith in the covenant of marriage and in the God we stood before when we took those vows.
    Jay Allison, et al.  --  This I Believe II
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