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factor -- as in: factor it into your thinking
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as in: factor it into your thinking Define
include consideration of
  • Did you factor maintenance costs into your budget?
  • Be sure to factor the cost of insurance into your decision when you think about buying a car.
  • I thought of telling them about the computer tally, the time-factored death I carried in my chromosomes and blood.
    Don DeLillo  --  White Noise
  • We carry it in our muscles and genes, pass it on to the next set of time-factoring creatures, our brown-eyed daughters and jug-eared sons, or how would the world keep going.
    Don DeLillo  --  Underworld

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  • "You passed a sleaze-factored muster, Judge," he said to Prefontaine.
    Robert Ludlum  --  The Bourne Ultimatum
  • They’ve promoted the Ultimate Intelligence Project as a way to avoid rash decisions, to delay until all variables can be factored.
    Dan Simmons  --  Hyperion
  • But they hadn’t factored in Thomas.
    Ted Dekker  --  White: The Great Pursuit
  • The problem arises when the additional information of gender and race is factored into a decision about an individual patient.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Blink
  • Which was bad enough even before you factored in that I’d eat the same dinner (chicken and salad) with the same person (my mother) at the same time (six sharp), then fill the hours before bedtime the same way (yoga and studying).
    Sarah Dessen  --  The Truth About Forever
  • The problem is that many folks try to grasp some sense of who I am by taking the best version of themselves, projecting that to the nth degree, factoring in all the goodness they can perceive, which often isn’t much, and then call that God.
    William P. Young  --  The Shack

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  • It took years before I began to accept the fact that the nebulous "white man’s world" wasn’t as free as it looked; that class, luck, religion all factored in as well; that many white individuals’ problems surpassed my own, often by a lot; that all Jews are not like my grandfather and that part of me is Jewish too.
    James McBride  --  The Color of Water
  • For the freshmen majority in this survey course, a new score will, in moments, be factored into each student’s personal approval rating: a tracking poll on the issue of whether their acceptance to Brown was, in fact, some sort of terrible mistake.
    Ron Suskind  --  A Hope in the Unseen
  • But I’d never factored a daughter into the equation.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Breaking Dawn
  • And two days after the game it would occur to them that Chris Doleman or Lawrence Taylor or Bruce Smith hadn’t factored into the game.
    Michael Lewis  --  The Blind Side
  • What happens when the whistle-blowers’ corroborating evidence is factored into the analysis of the match data?
    Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner  --  Freakonomics
  • But I doubt they have factored in the humans.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • But every time you post or comment or attend anything, that gets factored in, and you’ll see your rank change accordingly.
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle
  • "There’s one thing this Matt Ridley bloke hasn’t factored in," I said.
    Jojo Moyes  --  Me Before You
  • I’m really not in the mood to divvy up everything into eleven equal parts, factoring in age, body weight, and physical output.
    Suzanne Collins  --  Mockingjay
  • My rank can’t be as bad as it used to be, especially after I beat Molly, but it might not be good enough to get me in the top ten at the end of initiation, especially when the Dauntless-born initiates are factored in.
    Veronica Roth  --  Divergent
  • Quickly he was in a room in Boston, meeting with Eric Ingvall, who was asking what went wrong, why he hadn’t anticipated this, factored in that.
    Dave Eggers  --  A Hologram for the King
  • But then he hadn’t factored in Frits and Martin.
    Donna Tartt  --  The Goldfinch
  • And so, if you factored in her hand, did he.
    Nora Roberts  --  Dark Witch
  • Then the data from the electrodes and sensors is factored in, so that the coders know, for example, when the husband’s or the wife’s heart was pounding or when his or her temperature was rising or when either of them was jiggling in his or her seat, and all of that information is fed into a complex equation.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Blink
  • Given that the current output of the Very Large Array is only eight point six times ten to the sixth joules per second, even factoring for the projected rate of increase, subtracting anticipated heat dissipation, it will require some six months to observe noticeable heating, much less melting, of the material.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • He constructed a rigid system that said that a young black man in a car running from the police had to be a dangerous criminal, and all evidence to the contrary that would ordinarily have been factored into his thinking—the fact that Russ was just sitting in his car and that he had never gone above seventy miles per hour—did not register at all.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Blink
  • Factoring in the casualties and the wounded and…I think it’s at least worth a conversation," says Beetee.
    Suzanne Collins  --  Mockingjay
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