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  • He used the term geosynchronous orbit; though it would have been technically accurate to say geostationary orbit.
  • The space elevator would require a large mass in geosynchronous orbit to act as an anchor.
  • Her tiny piping voice bounced down to me from a hollow ball in geosynchronous orbit.
    Don DeLillo  --  White Noise
  • The next wake-up signal, AAA—encrypted, of course—would alert them to go to periscope-antenna depth to get more detailed instructions from SSIX, the submarine satellite information exchange, a geosynchronous communications satellite used exclusively by submarines.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October

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  • The Paw is a paw—it’s an extension of the ship that is currently in geosynchronous orbit over Brazil.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • It looks exactly like the earth would look from a point in geosynchronous orbit directly above L.A… complete with weather systems—vast spinning galaxies of clouds, hovering just above the surface of the globe, casting gray shadows on the oceans-and polar ice caps, fading and fragmenting into the sea.
    Neal Stephenson  --  Snow Crash
  • Request change of flight plan, direct ascent to geosynchronous, return trip to Huntsville FAA control….
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • As he gets closer, the imagery he’s looking at shifts from the long-range pictures coming in from the geosynchronous satellites to the good stuff being spewed into the CIC computer from a whole fleet of low-flying spy birds.
    Neal Stephenson  --  Snow Crash
  • His neighbor at the next console was watching data from a geosynchronous weather satellite that monitored the Western Hemisphere.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October
  • "The upper platform rests in geosynchronous orbit," the Glatun said.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die

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  • They’re doing a ball-of-twine orbit instead of their normal geosynchronous."
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
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