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Ottoman Empire
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Ottoman Empire
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  • The Ottomans captured Constantinople 1453.
  • The other Jews, just as talented, who went to bank for the Ottoman Empire, in Turkey or Egypt or wherever, didn’t do so well.
    V.S. Naipaul  --  A Bend in the River
  • Next, Minnie (for this, I learned later, was her name) led me into a huge oyster-white living room strewn with voluptuous sofas, portly ottomans and almost sinfully restful-looking chairs.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • At the time I had shipped aboard the Abraham Lincoln, this whole island was in rebellion against its tyrannical rulers, the Ottoman Empire of Turkey.
    Jules Verne  --  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

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  • Through the decline and death of ancient Rome and Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire and the modern states…buried so deep and with such ceremoniousness and such unction and such evil that only a madman centuries later could discover the clues needed to uncover them, and see with horror what had been done.
    Robert M. Pirsig  --  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • 3 The emperor of Turkey [Ottoman Empire] has no right to impose a new tax.
    Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay  --  The Federalist Papers — Modern English Edition 2
  • He reached out to the other great powers—even the Ottomans—and despite their differences, they all agreed that the Atropos must be ended for the common good.
    Henry H. Neff  --  The Maelstrom
  • The Whirling Dervishes of Konya have come to us as refugees from the Ottoman Empire, which has of late been the site of an unspeakable massacre of the Armenian people by the Sultan’s army.
    Libba Bray  --  Sweet Far Thing
  • After the Romans came the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic states, the trade empires of Italian city-states, and the Ottoman Empire, which did not disappear until the twentieth century, when the powerful nations of the European continent contrived to defeat and divide it.
    Megan Whalen Turner  --  Queen of Attolia
  • The Underdowns’ house has soft red Persian rugs, chairs with matching ottomans, even a radio.
    Barbara Kingsolver  --  The Poisonwood Bible

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  • This drove my conservative mother crazy, so Boo and Stewart almost always came to our house, where Mom could relax among the safety and comfort of her ottomans and end tables.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Dreamland
  • Bedroom candlesticks bristle on the distant table by the door, and cousins yawn on ottomans.
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • Meanwhile, upon questioning him in his broken fashion, Queequeg gave me to understand that, in his land, owing to the absence of settees and sofas of all sorts, the king, chiefs, and great people generally, were in the custom of fattening some of the lower orders for ottomans; and to furnish a house comfortably in that respect, you had only to buy up eight or ten lazy fellows, and lay them round in the piers and alcoves.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • Some of them threw themselves in half-reclining positions on the sofas and ottomans: some bent over the tables and examined the flowers and books: the rest gathered in a group round the fire: all talked in a low but clear tone which seemed habitual to them.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • They went off to the piano, which was situated, as pianos usually are, in the back drawing-room; and as it was rather dark, Miss Amelia, in the most unaffected way in the world, put her hand into Mr. Osborne’s, who, of course, could see the way among the chairs and ottomans a great deal better than she could.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • I think that in the railroad car we are inclined to spend more on luxury than on safety and convenience, and it threatens without attaining these to become no better than a modern drawing-room, with its divans, and ottomans, and sun-shades, and a hundred other oriental things, which we are taking west with us, invented for the ladies of the harem and the effeminate natives of the Celestial Empire, which Jonathan should be ashamed to know the names of.
    Henry David Thoreau  --  Walden
  • Some few ottomans and golden candelabra, of Eastern figure, were in various stations about—and there was the couch, too—bridal couch—of an Indian model, and low, and sculptured of solid ebony, with a pall-like canopy above.
    Edgar Allan Poe  --  Ligeia
  • When he put his lips to hers, besides, he took himself into custody by the wrists, and backed himself among the ottomans and chairs and tables as if he were his own Police officer, saying to himself, ’Now, none of that!
    Charles Dickens  --  Little Dorrit
  • The visitors had but time, however, to catch a confused idea of the place—of carved and gilt ottomans and couches; of fans and jars and musical instruments; of golden candlesticks glittering in their own lights; of walls painted in the style of the voluptuous Grecian school, one look at which had made a Pharisee hide his head with holy horror.
    Lew Wallace  --  Ben Hur
  • And now I knew where Captain Nemo had delivered those millions, when the Nautilus navigated the waters where Crete was in rebellion against the Ottoman Empire!
    Jules Verne  --  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • "Even," proceeds Sir Leicester, glancing at the circumjacent cousins on sofas and ottomans, "even in many—in fact, in most—of those places in which the government has carried it against a faction—"
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • Buoyed by Ann’s success, the three of us sit up playing hand after hand, wagering wishes like shillings—"I’ll see your dream of becoming princess of the Ottoman Empire and I’ll raise you one journey into Bombay riding on an elephant’s back!"
    Libba Bray  --  Sweet Far Thing
  • I sat by the side of her ebony bed, upon one of the ottomans of India.
    Edgar Allan Poe  --  Ligeia
  • Yet it was merely a very pretty drawing-room, and within it a boudoir, both spread with white carpets, on which seemed laid brilliant garlands of flowers; both ceiled with snowy mouldings of white grapes and vine-leaves, beneath which glowed in rich contrast crimson couches and ottomans; while the ornaments on the pale Parisian mantelpiece were of sparkling Bohemian glass, ruby red; and between the windows large mirrors repeated the general blending of snow and fire.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • The lofty walls, gigantic in height—even unproportionably so—were hung from summit to foot, in vast folds, with a heavy and massive-looking tapestry—tapestry of a material which was found alike as a carpet on the floor, as a covering for the ottomans and the ebony bed, as a canopy for the bed, and as the gorgeous volutes of the curtains which partially shaded the window.
    Edgar Allan Poe  --  Ligeia
  • …replica of an illustration she had once seen in a Polish edition of The Old Curiosity Shop: festering with French, Italian, Russian and Polish antiques, of all periods and styles, it looked the work of some crazed interior decorator who had dumped out onto the shining parquet floors and sofas, chairs, tables, escritoires, love seats, chaises longues and stuffed ottomans of an embryonic palazzo—shoving into a single large, lofty but finite space the furniture suitable for a dozen rooms.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
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