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Robert Burns
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Robert Burns
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  • Robert Burns is paraphrased more than quoted because so much of his vocabulary sounds archaic today.
  • On the front of the yellow cigarette box is a poem by Robert Burns that Gram likes to sing to an old Irish tune: Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes.
    Christina Baker Kline  --  Orphan Train
  • I know it’s a poem by Robert Burns.
    J.D. Salinger  --  The Catcher in the Rye
  • Robert Burns, "It was a’ for our Rightfu’ King," II.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Deerslayer

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  • "I can hear my thrush, my Hylocichla guttata pritchardi," he said, and then he quoted his favorite poet, Robert Burns: " ’Sing on, sweet thrush, upon the leafless bough.’ "
    Gloria Whelan  --  Listening for Lions
  • Earlier, Robert Burns[321] has given us a song or two.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • Robert Burns.
    Jill McCorkle  --  Ferris Beach
  • The smaller girl put in his lap Robert Burns, the tomcat, respected by all because last summer when a large brown bear had walked a boom log onto the dwelling float, he had greeted him with such an outraged screech that the bear had fallen off the log and into the chuck.
    Margaret Craven  --  I Heard the Owl Call My Name
  • Now and again an Emily Brontė or a Robert Burns blazes out and proves its presence.
    Virginia Woolf  --  A Room of One’s Own
  • ] [Footnote 83: Robert Burns (1759-1796).
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays

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  • ] [Footnote 321: Robert Burns.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • By Robert Burns.
    J.D. Salinger  --  The Catcher in the Rye
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