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  • Her testimonial for the candidate was especially persuasive.
  • I began answering questions and listening to comments and testimonials about Walter, the town, race, the police, the trial, and the way the whole family was now being treated by people in the community.
    Bryan Stevenson  --  Just Mercy
  • Friends and /or family could give testimonials, supposing they cared to (this wording struck her daughters as pathetically tentative), and Reverend Stock could say something brief and—if it wasn’t asking too much—"not too heavy on the religion."
    Anne Tayler  --  A Spool of Blue Thread
  • Whoever built the stone circles, and for whatever purpose, thought it important enough to have quarried, shaped, and transported special stone blocks for the erection of their testimonial.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander

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  • He has lived here from the beginning and gives a better testimonial than I can.
    Dave Eggers  --  A Hologram for the King
  • ’I expect it’s the subscription to the Vicar’s testimonial,’ said Mother, ’or else it’s the choir holiday fund.
    Edith Nesbit  --  The Railway Children
  • This, perhaps, is not an accident, but a testimonial to fate’s sense of fitness.
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
  • I was really out of breath by the time I settled into a chair next to Isaac, and I devoted the entirety of Patrick’s nutless testimonial to telling my lungs they were okay, that they could breathe, that there was enough oxygen.
    John Green  --  The Fault in Our Stars
  • Our holy father, the pope, has made him a knight of Jesus Christ for the services he rendered to the Christians in the East; he has five or six rings as testimonials from Eastern monarchs of his services.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • I am strongly tempted to give the names of two or three of those little boys, as a testimonial of the gratitude and affection I bear them; but prudence forbids;—not that it would injure me, but it might embarrass them; for it is almost an unpardonable offence to teach slaves to read in this Christian country.
    Frederick Douglass  --  The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

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  • It is my experience that it is only an amiable man in this world who receives testimonials, only an unambitious one who abandons a London career for the country, and only an absent-minded one who leaves his stick and not his visiting-card after waiting an hour in your room.
    Arthur Conan Doyle  --  The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • The wounded man sank upon his knees, to again kiss the feet of his preserver; but d’Artagnan, who had no longer a motive for staying so near the enemy, abridged the testimonials of his gratitude.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Three Musketeers
  • At all events, the health of the good town of Boston, so far as medicine had aught to do with it, had hitherto lain in the guardianship of an aged deacon and apothecary, whose piety and godly deportment were stronger testimonials in his favour than any that he could have produced in the shape of a diploma.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The Scarlet Letter
  • His roving eyes began to moisten, and before the hymn was ended scalding tears rolled out of fountains that had long seemed dry, and followed each other down those cheeks, that had oftener felt the storms of heaven than any testimonials of weakness.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Last of the Mohicans
  • The following testimonial is from a man who is now a highly respectable colored citizen of Boston.
    Harriet Jacobs  --  Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
  • "Ought to have some testimonials," said Sir Ector doubtfully.
    T. H. White  --  The Once and Future King
  • Hovstad, don’t you think the town ought to give Dr. Stockmann some sort of testimonial?
    Henrik Ibsen  --  An Enemy of the People
  • This testimonial I accordingly received in about a month, forwarded a copy of it to Mrs. Fairfax, and got that lady’s reply, stating that she was satisfied, and fixing that day fortnight as the period for my assuming the post of governess in her house.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • The influential rap band Beastie Boys were very publicly putting money into the Free Tibet campaign, and were bringing monks on stage at their concerts to give testimonials.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  The Tipping Point
  • —The next business is to sign the testimonial.
    James Joyce  --  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • He brought home numberless prizes and testimonials of ability.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • We must really give the Signora a testimonial.
    E.M. Forster  --  A Room With A View
  • Born-again Christians, many of whom were ex-cons and ex-junkies, preached salvation; I attended some of their testimonials.
    Luis J. Rodriguez  --  Always Running
  • I am ready to give you a testimonial that one can get on with you!
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • But other testimonials seemed more important.
    Tracy Kidder  --  Strength in What Remains
  • Unsolicited testimonials for Professor Waldmann’s wonderful chest exuber.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • …his word as nothing in comparison with the bartender’s—poor Jurgis could not know that the owner of the saloon paid five dollars each week to the policeman alone for Sunday privileges and general favors—nor that the pugilist bartender was one of the most trusted henchmen of the Democratic leader of the district, and had helped only a few months before to hustle out a record-breaking vote as a testimonial to the magistrate, who had been made the target of odious kid-gloved reformers.
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • Some obtain these testimonials with good intentions, others put them to a cunning use; for when they go to pillage on Christian territory, if they chance to be cast away, or taken prisoners, they produce their certificates and say that from these papers may be seen the object they came for, which was to remain on Christian ground, and that it was to this end they joined the Turks in their foray.
    Miguel de Cervantes  --  Don Quixote
  • He asked neither pension nor retaining fee, but, if they deemed him worthy, would they write him a testimonial?
    Rudyard Kipling  --  Kim
  • She’s taken ten bottles, and her headaches don’t seem no better—but she’s written a testimonial to say the first bottle cured her, and she got five dollars and her picture in the paper….
    Edith Wharton  --  The House of Mirth
  • Then for all the world like we were at testimonial time at the Baptist church with fortyfive people listening besides God, he commenced to pray.
    Olive Ann Burns  --  Cold Sassy Tree
  • While I was more than willing to give testimonials for my comrades, I did not want to take any action that would heighten the bitterness between the ANC, the PAC, and the BCM.
    Nelson Mandela  --  Long Walk to Freedom
  • Then he walked round to the back and opened a panel and looked for the name of the manufacturer on the tubes; he would have liked to send them a testimonial.
    Nevil Shute  --  On the Beach
  • I remember saying to her that, on that day, exactly nine years before, I had made their acquaintance, so that it had seemed quite appropriate and like a birthday speech to utter my little testimonial to my friend Edward.
    Ford Madox Ford  --  The Good Soldier
  • I suppose no doctor ever came newly to a place without making cures that surprised somebody—cures which may be called fortune’s testimonials, and deserve as much credit as the written or printed kind.
    George Eliot  --  Middlemarch
  • With the help of his information he began to reckon the extent of this material obstacle, and ascertained, to his dismay, that, at the rate at which, with the best of fortune, he would be able to save money, fifteen years must elapse before he could be in a position to forward testimonials to the head of a college and advance to a matriculation examination.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Jude the Obscure
  • …that this woman and child be incorporated in my design, and following which, as I told you, I made no attempt to keep not only that which I might consider myself to have earned at the risk of my life but which had been given to me by signed testimonials, but on the contrary I declined and resigned all right and claim to this in order that I might repair whatever injustice I might be considered to have done by so providing for the two persons whom I might be considered to have deprived…
    William Faulkner  --  Absalom, Absalom!
  • Real estate advertisements were full of testimonials to its location and appreciating values.
    Erik Larson  --  The Devil in the White City
  • I’ll show you the testimonials some time.
    Thomas Wolfe  --  Look Homeward, Angel
  • At a testimonial dinner?
    Abraham Verghese  --  Cutting for Stone
  • He and Emma MacLain could at any time be printed in the paper where all could see, side by side naked and compared, in those testimonial silhouettes; maybe had been.
    Eudora Welty  --  The Golden Apples
  • Natty entered the hut, and soon reappeared, bringing with him the desired testimonial; and the wood-chopper departed, as thoroughly reconciled to the hunter as if nothing had happened.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Pioneers
  • They were all unarmed, nor did they even wear any of those ornaments or feathers, which are considered testimonials of respect to the guest an Indian receives, as well as evidence of his own importance.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Prairie
  • The literature was filled with glowing testimonials about the Labrador retriever’s loving, even-keeled personality, its gentleness with children, its lack of aggression, and its desire to please.
    John Grogan  --  Marley & Me
  • It makes everybody crowd around, here in this shadowless steel-trussed hall with the rose-like posters of Nelson Eddy and the testimonial for the mind-reading horse in handwriting magnified five hundred times.
    Eudora Welty  --  The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
  • On the back of the brochure—surrounded by what seemed to be hand-drawn pictures of Casper—were testimonials from people who’d seen the lights and an excerpt from what appeared to be an article in the local newspaper.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  True Believer
  • They’d walked down five hundred halls on their way to some ceremonial event, some testimonial dinner, one or another ritual salute to Edgar’s decades in the Bureau, but they’d never heard a sound such as this.
    Don DeLillo  --  Underworld
  • Or was the fact that he did not leave, at least for now, and instead lent an ear to the director’s testimonials on the thaw, traceable to full-bosomed Marusya’s not having departed for good, to her certain return after only five of the smallest units of local time?
    Thomas Mann  --  The Magic Mountain
  • They filled his stateroom with gifts and flowers; they filled his ears with grateful testimonials, and he accelerated toward Jupiter’s IVth Satellite with the pleasant knowledge that he had materially benefited science and never betrayed that fine and generous patron, Mr. Benjamin Reich.
    Alfred Bester  --  The Demolished Man
  • They came with letters and photographs amid the frayed clean linen in their shabby suit-cases-at any opportunity they would stoop over their bags and hopefully bring out testimonials from their Pastors; they begged for a chance to heal humanity, and for themselves only enough money to send The Girl to musical conservatory.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Arrowsmith
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