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  • She is mildly neurotic, but is working at developing greater emotional stability.
  • I am neurotic.
    Sylvia Plath  --  The Bell Jar
  • Demand to know what went wrong; make him talk and talk about it in order to calm your own neuroses.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl
  • They have these neurotic conversations with themselves.
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle

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  • She’s also more than a little neurotic, Travis thought.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Choice
  • The Colossus Neurotic?
    Rick Riordan  --  The Trials of Apollo
  • Shoba, the lady, was vain and neurotic.
    V.S. Naipaul  --  A Bend in the River
  • For within these confessions it will be discovered that we really have no acquaintance with true evil; the evil portrayed in most novels and plays and movies is mediocre if not spurious, a shoddy concoction generally made up of violence, fantasy, neurotic terror and melodrama.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • "You’re starting to sound neurotic, babe."
    Becca Fitzpatrick  --  Hush, Hush
  • "Please excuse me while I escort this extremely disturbed and neurotic child to the other side of the car," said Tootie.
    Kate DiCamillo  --  Flora & Ulysses

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  • And I’m neurotic about it to this day.
    Marcus Luttrell  --  Lone Survivor
  • It was almost neurotically clean of anything personal.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  A Walk to Remember
  • After her transformation, Hanna had been neurotically careful about not only looking cool and perfect at all times, but being cool and perfect, too.
    Sara Shepard  --  Pretty Little Liars
  • It was like struggling with some crushing physical task, something which one had the right to refuse and which one was nevertheless neurotically anxious to accomplish.
    George Orwell  --  1984
  • It was typical Mommy neurotic behavior, and I didn’t fully understand it till I learned how far she had truly come.
    James McBride  --  The Color of Water
  • If the queen were smarter, she would probably be hopelessly neurotic.
    Sue Monk Kidd  --  The Secret Life of Bees
  • Edwards regarded climbing as a "psycho-neurotic tendency"; he climbed not for sport but to find refuge from the inner torment that framed his existence.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into the Wild
  • The place was clean, but not neurotically so.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Last Song
  • He had lived for almost twenty years without trauma, tension, hate, or neurosis, which was proof to Yossarian of just how crazy he really was.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • I was wrong of course, morbid, stupid; this was the hypersensitive behaviour of a neurotic, not the normal happy self I knew myself to be.
    Daphne du Maurier  --  Rebecca
  • Sometimes I have Friday-night dinner with her family when they light candles, eat braided bread, and drink wine (the only time I can imagine neurotic Mrs. Schein allowing Kim to drink).
    Gayle Forman  --  If I Stay
  • But why so gloomy and neurotic?
    Stieg Larsson  --  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • ’that old bat" or "that stupid hag," and conversely, Mrs. van D. refers to our ever so learned gentleman as an "old maid" or a "touchy neurotic spinster, etc.
    Anne Frank  --  The Diary of a Young Girl
  • First a mild neurosis about it, then a full-fledged psychosis.
    Ray Bradbury  --  The Martian Chronicles
  • It’s a form of neurosis, you know.
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • She had the heightened awareness of the deep neurotic, and might have had the position of each box carefully memorized.
    Stephen King  --  Misery
  • Leapin’ lizards, that’s why I’m so bad! DIESEL [imitating a judge] Right! Officer Krupke, you’re really a square; This boy don’t need a judge, he needs an analyst’s care! It’s just his neurosis that oughta be curbed.
    Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim  --  Westside Story
  • Brother isn’t really crazy yet he—he’s an elaborate neurotic.
    Lorraine Hansberry  --  A Raisin in the Sun
  • There was nothing much to be done for her—a family history of neurosis and nothing stable in her past to build on.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  Tender is the Night
  • As a neurotic Jew, at least on my mom’s side, I’m supposed to know all that psychology stuff.
    Ron Suskind  --  A Hope in the Unseen
  • Negroes don’t have much neuroses, do they? I mean you people have a more realistic tradition about sex—you’re not so sheltered from it as we are.
    John Howard Griffin  --  Black Like Me
  • He was a reader and recognized his habit of reading as obsessive and neurotic, and told himself that if he read something less frivolous than newspapers and magazines he might indeed be better off.
    David Guterson  --  Snow Falling on Cedars
  • I’d sit in front of her desk and make troubled-brow faces which I thought illustrated the deep level of neurosis I represented.
    Jack Gantos  --  Hole in My Life
  • Married women were not allowed to teach in those days, hence most of the teachers were women made neurotic by starved love instincts.
    Betty Smith  --  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • But many of Freud’s patients experienced the conflict so acutely that they developed what Freud called neuroses.
    Jostein Gaarder  --  Sophie’s World
  • The gaze of those marble eyes must have been the first stage in the treatment the neurotic got when he came out to the sanatorium.
    Robert Penn Warren  --  All the King’s Men
  • These things were a dime a dozen here, and everyone wore their neurosis like a badge, each carrying a certain weight, the way a particular brand of sweater or jeans had in junior high.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Dreamland
  • It appears to be a way station between neurosis and psychosis: a fractured but not disassembled psyche.
    Susanna Kaysen  --  Girl Interrupted
  • The third and related irony is that it’s the most complex and neurotic and difficult women that I am invariably drawn to.
    Don DeLillo  --  White Noise
  • Persons suffering from epilepsy often have blanks when they cannot remember what they have done Remember that Cust was a nervous, highly neurotic subject and extremely suggestible.
    Agatha Christie  --  The ABC Murders
  • To hold tight is the wish of every neurotic character.
    Saul Bellow  --  The Adventures of Augie March
  • Now, was it that she changed, or was she always neurotic and you were too young to notice?
    Nicholas Sparks  --  A Bend in the Road
  • But—I don’t know—I think the emphasis I put on why he was so neurotically attracted to the mot juste wasn’t too bad.
    J.D. Salinger  --  Franny and Zooey
  • I am so grateful to you for clearing this up—it’s the sort of mistake that worries me, and proves I’m neurotic.
    E.M. Forster  --  A Passage to India
  • T S. Eliot, in "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock" (1917), has his neurotic, timorous main character say he was never cut out to be Prince Hamlet, that the most he could be is an extra, someone who could come on to fill out the numbers onstage or possibly be sacrificed to plot exigency.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • Only she didn’t say "confused" and "screwed up," but said "neurotic" and another medical word I couldn’t make out.
    Victor Martinez  --  Parrot in the Oven
  • The grocer, his clerk, and neurotic Mrs. Dave Dyer had been giggling about something.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Main Street
  • Still, sometimes her neurosis was so annoying’following along behind me, checking and redoing each thing I did, taking over every task so I sometimes spent entire shifts doing nothing at all’that I wondered why she’d bothered to hire me.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Lock and Key
  • Oh, yes, I became neurotically compulsive about cleanliness.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • It does brood over this ramshackle city of half a million people in a way that the neurotic poet-king probably would have appreciated.
    Dan Simmons  --  Hyperion
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