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  • The agoraphobia has progressed to the point where I seldom leave my home.
  • Agoraphobia
    Anthony Doerr  --  All the Light We Cannot See
  • He hated it, as he hated the Texas plains, the Nevada desert; spaces horizontal and sparsely inhabited had always induced in him a depression accompanied by agoraphobic sensations.
    Truman Capote  --  In Cold Blood
  • I wondered if she was agoraphobic, painfully shy.
    Jodi Picoult  --  Change of Heart

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  • An agoraphobia rose in her, speeding higher and higher, bigger and bigger; she would not be able to contain it; there would no end to fear.
    Maxine Hong Kingston  --  The Woman Warrior
  • He made a checking list of the favorite neurasthenic fears: agoraphobia, claustrophobia, pyrophobia, anthropophobia, and the rest, ending with what he asserted to be "the most fool, pretentious, witch-doctor term of the whole bloomin’ lot," namely, siderodromophobia, the fear of a railway journey.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Arrowsmith
  • Stereotype has it" that someone born on Lusus hates to leave the Hive and suffers from instant agoraphobia if we visit anything more open to the elements that a shopping mall.
    Dan Simmons  --  Hyperion
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