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  • The Chinese activist was imprisoned for inciting subversion of state power.
  • Let all our neighbors know that we shall join with them to oppose aggression or subversion anywhere in the Americas.
    Kennedy, John F.  --  John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address
  • Do seek subversion of thy harmless life?
    Shakespeare, William  --  King Henry VI, Part 2
  • People like Martin Luther King, they said, were just troublemakers and subversives.
    John Howard Griffin  --  Black Like Me

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  • "He was subversive, though," Will said.
    "Why? Because he made the priest the bad guy and the ugly guy good?"
    "That was part of it."
    Alex Flinn  --  Beastly
  • They’re worse than useless; they are, in fact, subversive.
    Peter Shaffer  --  Equus
  • No subversive literature was ever in her shop, nor our home, nor that hotel room; distribution was done by kids, too young to read.
    Robert A. Heinlein  --  The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  • "Maybe you could be a subversive governess," Yetta suggested.
    Margaret Peterson Haddix  --  Uprising
  • "You’re subversive.
    Kiera Cass  --  The One
  • Kat looked annoyed for the subversion of her parental authority.
    Gayle Forman  --  Where She Went

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  • They’d lied to us and subverted the judicial process.
    Bryan Stevenson  --  Just Mercy
  • I knew I should be paying attention, knew that the teacher would see this slumber as an act of subversion, but I could not raise my head from the desk.
    Jojo Moyes  --  Me Before You
  • I will not have subversion, I will not have treason in my house.
    James Lincoln Collier  --  My Brother Sam is Dead
  • After all, I was a writer, an artist, and it was a platitude by now that much of the world’s greatest art had been achieved by dedicated men who, husbanding their energies, had not allowed some misplaced notion of the primacy of the groin to subvert grander aims of beauty and truth.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Outrageous to whom, subversive of what?
    Margaret Atwood  --  Cat’s Eye
  • The triumph was in the subversion.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Unbroken
  • He’s my friend, and this is my way to defy the Capitol, to subvert its terrible Games.
    Suzanne Collins  --  Catching Fire
  • He’s a little subversive and libidinous.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Outliers
  • Curt, subvert, overexert.
    Barbara Kingsolver  --  The Poisonwood Bible
  • Nila, however, was well acquainted with certain establishments—pharmacies, as she called them jokingly—where for the equivalent of double my monthly salary a bottle of medicine could be purchased subversively.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  And The Mountains Echoed
  • For a long time there had been rumours — circulated, he had reason to think, by some malignant enemy — that there was something subversive and even revolutionary in the outlook of himself and his colleagues.
    George Orwell  --  Animal Farm
  • He was setting a dangerous example to the other slaves,—one which, if suffered to pass without some such demonstration on his part, would finally lead to the total subversion of all rule and order upon the plantation.
    Frederick Douglass  --  The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  • I realized how subversive Ruth was then, not because she drew pictures of nude women that got misused by her peers, but because she was more talented than her teachers.
    Alice Sebold  --  The Lovely Bones
  • The Fowls have been subverting justice for generations.
    Eoin Colfer  --  Artemis Fowl
  • In the tap-rooms, "subversive" pamphlets were read.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • It was a college for adults, and many years later I found that it was on the House Un-American Activities list of subversive organizations.
    Maya Angelou  --  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Just as prolonged and stubborn is the struggle now proceeding between the old and the new conception of history, and theology in the same way stands on guard for the old view, and accuses the new view of subverting revelation.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • I had surrendered that which all of their claptrap is designed to subvert and to destroy: man’s reason.
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • None may stand before us once we set forth to cleanse Alagaesia of every miscreant, traitor, and subversive.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • ’We are subversive parents,’ Alex whispered to Lacy as they sat with their knees bent high as a grasshopper’s at one of the undersize tables during Open School Day.
    Jodi Picoult  --  Nineteen Minutes
  • Photographs taken with infrared reflectography and X ray suggested that this rogue painter, while filling in Da Vinci’s sketched study, had made suspicious departures from the underdrawing… as if to subvert Da Vinci’s true intention.
    Dan Brown  --  The Da Vinci Code
  • Everyone knew you couldn’t subvert Imperial Conditioning!
    Frank Herbert  --  Dune
  • A handful of other men were also interested, and the questions were many and good when Clevmger and the subversive corporal finished and made the mistake of asking if there were any.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • The approach of the elections was the thread that led him once more to the skein of subversion.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • The most subversive people are those who ask questions.
    Jostein Gaarder  --  Sophie’s World
  • It is interesting to me now that where I thought I would have the most difficulty subverting the language to a feminine mode, I had the least: connecting Cholly’s "rape" by the whitemen to his own of his daughter.
    Toni Morrison  --  The Bluest Eye
  • Angela Carter does that in The Bloody Chamber (1979), a collection of stories that tear the roof off old, sexist fairy tales to create subversive, feminist revisions.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • But there was another story of the master of San Martin (not so subversive, this one) that probably gave to Brother Juniper the hint for his procedure after the fall of the bridge of San Luis Rey.
    Thornton Wilder  --  The Bridge of San Luis Rey
  • What an idea, what a subversion.
    Don DeLillo  --  White Noise
  • She didn’t really know Lio was a communist, a subversive, all the other awful things the editorial had called him.
    Julia Alvarez  --  In the Time of the Butterflies
  • Said they were subversive and anti-South—she’s a Daughter of the Confederacy—and ordered me to take them off the shelves.
    Pat Frank  --  Alas, Babylon
  • Excluded from, and unassimilated in our society, yet longing to gratify impulses akin to our own but denied the objects and channels evolved through long centuries for their socialized expression, every sunrise and sunset makes him guilty of subversive actions.
    Richard Wright  --  Native Son
  • Guerrilla tactics, maybe …. internal subversion …. I don’t know.
    Edward Albee  --  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • Principles which could be subverted by feeling in one direction were liable to the same catastrophe in another.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Jude the Obscure
  • Every discovery in pure science is potentially subversive; even science must sometimes be treated as a possible enemy.
    Aldous Huxley  --  Brave New World
  • Instead—this was often his way, I would learn—he had simply subverted the policy.
    Tracy Kidder  --  Mountains Beyond Mountains
  • All the leisure which his school life left him was passed in the company of subversive writers whose jibes and violence of speech set up a ferment in his brain before they passed out of it into his crude writings.
    James Joyce  --  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • For him, the iron fist was the best and only answer to subversion.
    Nelson Mandela  --  Long Walk to Freedom
  • This is a pitiful attempt to subvert the system and make this court forget what brought us here tonight.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • It’s subversive.
    Steve Lopez  --  The Soloist
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