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  • their troops were untrained militia
  • Congress shall have power to provide for calling forth the militia
  • The state militias contributed greatly to America’s success during the Revolutionary War.
  • They also had to help the khans form a militia by providing an armed man for every small plot of land.
    Malala Yousafzai  --  I Am Malala

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  • Inside was a stockpile of guns and knives sufficient to arm a small militia.
    Ransom Riggs  --  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • I don’t know why the State felt they needed a militia to guard the entrance to the prison on the night of an execution.
    Bryan Stevenson  --  Just Mercy
  • Governor Treat will be appointed Colonel of Militia.
    Elizabeth George Speare  --  The Witch of Blackbird Pond
  • After all, my grandfather is head of the militia.
    James Lincoln Collier  --  My Brother Sam is Dead
  • Militia units from the surrounding colonies piled into the city.
    Laurie Halse Anderson  --  Chains
  • Two Pakistani militia approached our dilapidated Land Cruiser, took a cursory glance inside, and waved us on.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  The Kite Runner

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  • Orders were given to raise recruits, ten men in every thousand for the regular army, and besides this, nine men in every thousand for the militia.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • How could we know if they were affiliated with a Taliban militia group or sworn by some tribal blood pact to inform the Taliban leaders of anything suspicious-looking they found in the mountains?
    Marcus Luttrell  --  Lone Survivor
  • And when soldiers from a rival militia capture these boys, they torture them.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • An aging Mobutu supported Hutu militias in the eastern districts of his country and in Rwanda, militias that ultimately contributed to the Rwandan genocide.
    Warren St. John  --  Outcasts United
  • Here, on this planet, the Seekers had become practically a… militia–my new brain supplied the term for the unfamiliar concept.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  The Host
  • At present, indeed, they were well supplied both with news and happiness by the recent arrival of a militia regiment in the neighbourhood; it was to remain the whole winter, and Meryton was the headquarters.
    Jane Austen  --  Pride and Prejudice
  • I have often seen the militia of Lorbrulgrud drawn out to exercise, in a great field near the city of twenty miles square.
    Jonathan Swift  --  Gulliver’s Travels
  • "Telephone the governor, call out the militia," cried Teece.
    Ray Bradbury  --  The Martian Chronicles
  • Militia would not stop old Bobby Lee.
    Michael Shaara  --  The Killer Angels
  • Why, you King-Post, you, I suppose you would have every man in the world go about with a small lightning-rod running up the corner of his hat, like a militia officer’s skewered feather, and trailing behind like his sash.
    Herman Melville  --  Moby Dick
  • They had just laughed it off as one of those militia freaks.
    William P. Young  --  The Shack
  • He quitted the militia and engaged in trade, having brothers already established in a good way in London, which afforded him a favourable opening.
    Jane Austen  --  Emma
  • MEMORABLE BATTLES RECALLED —North Cork militia! the editor cried, striding to the mantelpiece.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • Thus she did not quite believe in the war, not even when Troop C, our militia cavalry, was called out, loaded its horses on a train, and set out for the open world.
    John Steinbeck  --  East of Eden
  • The Toyota passed through six militia checkpoints before entering Waziristan proper.
    Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin  --  Three Cups of Tea
  • In a moment, the Home Guard and the militia unit in their bright uniforms shook the narrow stairs and crowded into the room, bowing, saluting, shaking hands.
    Margaret Mitchell  --  Gone with the Wind
  • They decided they had to warn the communities surrounding Boston that the British were on their way, so that local militia could be roused to meet them.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  The Tipping Point
  • The discussion concerned one of the questions of the moment, the artillery of the National Guard, and a conflict between the Minister of War and "the citizen’s militia," on the subject of the cannon parked in the courtyard of the Louvre.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • There were, however, two things that I regretted, there being no provision for defense, nor for a compleat education of youth; no militia, nor any college.
    Benjamin Franklin  --  The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  • I ought to have made it, perhaps, but I couldn’t azackly’ — that was always the substitute for exactly, in Peggotty’s militia of words — ’bring my mind to it.’
    Charles Dickens  --  David Copperfield
  • "They’ve got the militia on their side," he thought.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • Bibwit retired to the library, where picture books from Alyss’ earliest youth sat on shelves next to a ten-volume chronicle of the civil war, written from various points of view-the card soldiers who’d fought on the front lines; members of the chessmen militia; General Doppelganger and his sergeants; even Queen Genevieve herself.
    Frank Beddor  --  The Looking Glass Wars
  • It seemed possible that it had already been defeated by the Hutu militias and that Bujumbura was even now a graveyard of Tutsis.
    Tracy Kidder  --  Strength in What Remains
  • They were able to push forward on a broad front, mopping up little bands of our militia here and there, and looting as they liked, and meeting nothing to delay them seriously until they were twenty-five miles or more into civilized parts.
    John Wyndham  --  The Chrysalids
  • A volunteer militia trained in the city square with rifles that had no bullets.
    Rick Bragg  --  All Over but the Shoutin’
  • He was too old to go fight in the War of the Sixties, but they made him a general in the local militia.
    Olive Ann Burns  --  Cold Sassy Tree
  • The Duke of Wellington had but twenty thousand British troops on whom he could rely, for the Germans were raw militia, the Belgians disaffected, and with this handful his Grace had to resist a hundred and fifty thousand men that had broken into Belgium under Napoleon.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • Then touching on the entry of the councillor, he did not forget "the martial air of our militia;" nor "our most merry village maidens;" nor the "bald-headed old men like patriarchs who were there, and of whom some, the remnants of our phalanxes, still felt their hearts beat at the manly sound of the drums."
    Gustave Flaubert  --  Madame Bovary
  • They shot each other over disagreements in the playground, they threatened the teachers if they received low grades on examinations, and one of them, a third-year student at La Salle Academy and a retired colonel in the militia, shot and killed Brother Juan Eremita, Prefect of the Community, because he said in catechism class that God was a full-fledged member of the Conservative Party.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
  • They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgement or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well.
    Henry David Thoreau  --  Resistance to Civil Government
  • …like the Bethel of Philadelphia has over eleven hundred members, an edifice seating fifteen hundred persons and valued at one hundred thousand dollars, an annual budget of five thousand dollars, and a government consisting of a pastor with several assisting local preachers, an executive and legislative board, financial boards and tax collectors; general church meetings for making laws; sub-divided groups led by class leaders, a company of militia, and twenty-four auxiliary societies.
    W. E. B. Du Bois  --  The Souls of Black Folk
  • …to be when they got some money to build it with, and showed them the town hall and the slaughterhouse, and got out the independent fire company in uniform and had them put out an imaginary fire; then he let them inspect the muskets of the militia company, and poured out an exhaustless stream of enthusiasm over all these splendors, and seemed very well satisfied with the responses he got, for the twins admired his admiration, and paid him back the best they could, though they could…
    Mark Twain  --  Pudd’nhead Wilson
  • Most of them just look like indolent Third World militia the world over.
    Neal Stephenson  --  Snow Crash
  • A year of service in the militia also gives the elective privilege.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 2
  • Fearing a bread riot, city authorities called out the militia.
    Erik Larson  --  The Devil in the White City
  • Tens of thousands of Cuban militia have taken up positions to contain the rebel advance.
    Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard  --  Killing Kennedy
  • Professional, disciplined armies, rather than citizen-armies (militias), are used when there are frequent wars.
    Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay  --  The Federalist Papers — Modern English Edition 2
  • The local militia and Federal troops were called in to quell this unplanned and unrehearsed insurrection.
    Ann Petry  --  Harriet Tubman
  • In Switzerland, every adult male is issued an assault rifle for militia duty and is allowed to keep the gun at home.
    Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner  --  Freakonomics
  • A company of militia could not have had the effect upon the wild element of Fairdale that Duane’s presence had.
    Zane Grey  --  The Lone Star Ranger
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