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Sample Sentences Using
levee -- as in: want a higher levee
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  • Residents are working to fortify levees in expectation of heavy flooding tomorrow.
  • In about 100 years, the city will need higher levees because of global warming.
  • Each new levee increases the need for levees elsewhere on the river.
  • Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good. When the levee breaks, mama you got to move.
    Led Zeppelin

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  • The people said when the levee first broke ... they could hear that water coming for miles.
    Ernest J. Gaines  --  The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
  • The levees were meant to hold back fourteen feet of water, and the storm surges in the Gulf were already nineteen, twenty feet high.
    Dave Eggers  --  Zeitoun
  • He began building a vast red-brick headquarters in Imam Deri complete with a madrasa, a mosque and walls and levees to protect it from the Swat River.
    Malala Yousafzai  --  I Am Malala
  • Of course there were levees— big walls of dirt and concrete that protected the city from all that water.
    Lauren Tarshis  --  I Survived: Hurricane Katrina, 2005
  • Be at the levee tomorrow after the parade.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • And the little levee of earth extended until it connected with the highway embankment on either end.
    John Steinbeck  --  The Grapes of Wrath

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  • Now the levee broke wide open.
    Sue Monk Kidd  --  The Secret Life of Bees
  • Then, with a surge, the smoke seethed past the edge of the star, poured over the border like a wave breaching a levee.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Ashes
  • They was setting in the wagon at the end of the levee when I caught up with them.
    William Faulkner  --  As I Lay Dying
  • For a hundred or more miles above New Orleans, the river is higher than the surrounding country, and rolls its tremendous volume between massive levees twenty feet in height.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • They thought I was one of them who got drowned when the levee broke, but I done broke the chain and gone.
    Ralph Ellison  --  Invisible Man
  • Far up the street the levee seemed to have broken.
    Ray Bradbury  --  The Martian Chronicles
  • Salt ponds occur naturally in the San Francisco Bay, and are also man-made and controlled by levees in order to make commercial salt.
    Michael Pollan  --  The Omnivore’s Dilemma
  • Then he held a public levee in the parlours of the Iroquois until eight o’clock.
    Booker T. Washington  --  Up From Slavery: An Autobiography
  • One day, in 1805, during one of the rare apparitions which the Emperor made in Paris, the Minister of the Interior, some Decres or Cretet or other, came to the master’s intimate levee.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • "The queen who mended her stockings in prison," he thought, "must have looked then every inch a queen and even more a queen than at sumptuous banquets and levees."
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  Crime and Punishment
  • It was a passion to get her affairs in order before she had to retire behind doors, to have as much money as possible in case the deluge broke upon her again, to have a stout levee of cash against the rising tide of Yankee hate.
    Margaret Mitchell  --  Gone with the Wind
  • (Carelessly) I was just chatting this afternoon at the viceregal lodge to my old pals, sir Robert and lady Ball, astronomer royal at the levee.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • At last, partly to hurry her off and partly out of a lover’s uncontrollable curiosity, he went into the bedroom to wake her up—a proceeding which was possible in the days of the levee.
    T. H. White  --  The Once and Future King
  • Chapter 24 The levee was drawing to a close.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  Anna Karenina
  • And then there were the Indians, who covered the levee on summer days selling herbs and crafted wares.
    Anne Rice  --  Interview with the Vampire
  • Way off from the road a barn would stick up out of the mist like a house sticking out of the rising water when the river breaks the levee.
    Robert Penn Warren  --  All the King’s Men
  • At Versailles or in Paris the Sun King had one nobleman to hand him his stockings, another his shirt, in his morning levee.
    Saul Bellow  --  The Adventures of Augie March
  • When the boat touched the levee at New Orleans she bade good-by to her comrades on the Grand Mogul and moved her kit ashore.
    Mark Twain  --  Pudd’nhead Wilson
  • …honest and modest, with some tincture of common sense, and Smithfield blazing with pyramids of law books; the young nobility’s education entirely changed; the physicians banished; the female Yahoos abounding in virtue, honour, truth, and good sense; courts and levees of great ministers thoroughly weeded and swept; wit, merit, and learning rewarded; all disgracers of the press in prose and verse condemned to eat nothing but their own cotton, and quench their thirst with their own ink.
    Jonathan Swift  --  Gulliver’s Travels
  • He drove over the levee and down the long slope of cobblestones to the river’s edge and the horse plunged wildly in.
    Richard Wright  --  Black Boy
  • They emerged from the cabins and struggled up the sharing levee to the road—men in staid, hard brown orblack, with gold watch chains and now and then a stick; young men in cheap violentblues or stripes and swaggering hats; women a little stiffly sibilant,and children in garments bought second hand of white people, who looked at Ben with the covertness of nocturnal animals: "I bet you wont go up en tech him."
    William Faulkner  --  The Sound and the Fury
  • Why, Lord Steyne cut me at the levee last year; they are beginning to find out that Pitt Crawley is some one at last.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • Nor with them only, but with every kind of character, from the minister at his levee, to the bailiff in his spunging-house; from the dutchess at her drum, to the landlady behind her bar.
    Henry Fielding  --  Tom Jones
  • As she climbed along the banks of the dark river Carol listened to its fables about the wide land of yellow waters and bleached buffalo bones to the West; the Southern levees and singing darkies and palm trees toward which it was forever mysteriously gliding; and she heard again the startled bells and thick puffing of high-stacked river steamers wrecked on sand-reefs sixty years ago.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Main Street
  • Like water through a breaking levee, the memories flooded his mind.
    Henry H. Neff  --  The Hound of Rowan
  • To control the water depth on our land, I built a low levee across the area.
    Phil Robertson  --  Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander
  • People in the crowd collapse like levees in a flood.
    Marie Lu  --  Legend
  • And then I plans to stop by the Morgans’ sugar cane field near the levee.
    Gloria Naylor  --  The Women of Brewster Place
  • Then as if it had swelled and broken over a daily levee, tenderness tore and spun through her sagging body.
    Eudora Welty  --  The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
  • But Oswald is pleased with the purchase and gets in the habit of riding the bus to a dry riverbed for target practice against the levee.
    Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard  --  Killing Kennedy
  • I take her out on the levee and run to get rid of all my frustration with not being able to have a job that will allow me to afford rent.
    Jay Allison, et al.  --  This I Believe II
  • They saw each other socially at dinners and presidential levees, and on more than one occasion, Jefferson rode out to Richmond Hill.
    David McCullough  --  John Adams
  • He was a mason; the levee that buffeted back the rage of the Colorado in flood, the wall that turned the creek, the irrigation tunnel, the zigzag trail cut on the face of the cliff—all these attested his eye for line, his judgment of distance, his strength in toil.
    Zane Grey  --  The Heritage of the Desert
  • From the Canadian French, as we have already seen, /prairie/, /batteau/, /portage/ and /rapids/ had been borrowed during colonial days; to these French contributions /bayou/, /picayune/, /levee/, /chute/, /butte/, /crevasse/, and /lagniappe/ were now added, and probably also /shanty/ and /canuck/.
    Henry L. Mencken  --  The American Language
  • The words rushed from his heart, incoherent, unashamed, foaming through the broken levees of pride and silence.
    Thomas Wolfe  --  Look Homeward, Angel
  • When he was again told to move on, he made his way to a "tough" place in the "Levee" district, where now and then he had gone with a certain rat-eyed Bohemian workingman of his acquaintance, seeking a woman.
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • Ah, you are happy that you haf a home to go in," he said, when she told him, and sat silently pulling his beard in the corner, while she held a little levee on that last evening.
    Louisa May Alcott  --  Little Women
  • On a fine Sunday in term time, it is quite a Levee—quite a Levee.
    Charles Dickens  --  Little Dorrit
  • He says indifferently and alike How are you friend? to the President at his levee, And he says Good-day my brother, to Cudge that hoes in the sugar-field, And both understand him and know that his speech is right.
    Walt Whitman  --  Leaves of Grass
  • The women were presumed to have been ravished, the men robbed, their corpses plunged into the turgid waters of the Chicago River or the alleys of Halsted and the Levee and that hard stretch of Clark between Polk and Taylor known to veteran officers as Cheyenne.
    Erik Larson  --  The Devil in the White City
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