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devise -- as in: devise a plan
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  • She plans to devise something to launch water balloons.
  • devise a plan to take over the director’s office
  • To paraphrase Churchill, "Democracy is the worst form of government ever devised by the mind of man, except for all the other forms that have been tried from time to time."
  • Every man is his own ancestor, and every man is his own heir. He devises his own future, and he inherits his own past.
    Frederick Henry Hedge

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  • devised a way to distribute the risk and benefits
  • we can devise a thousand honest ways of making a livelihood.
    Anne Bronte  --  Agnes Grey
  • In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak, who are caught in the schemes he devises.
    Psalm 10:2
  • Therefore devise with me how we may fly,
    William Shakespeare  --  As You Like It
  • You must devise a way so that you sleep a little if he is quiet and steady.
    Ernest Hemingway  --  The Old Man and the Sea
  • Then he devised a way.
    Jack London  --  To Build a Fire

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  • I try to devise some way to help her.
    Sabaa Tahir  --  An Ember in the Ashes
  • His absence from the disaster had made him an outsider, and he would never regain what he had lost here—which meant it was time to devise a new plan of action.
    Neal Shusterman  --  Unwind
  • He almost hoped he never found out what they had devised for his friends.
    James Dashner  --  The Death Cure
  • Tell us, creature, or when I get you home, I will set to torturing you in every way I can devise.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • I got turned away from the ICU by Mia’s nurses, and then Kim and I devised this whole plan to sneak in.
    Gayle Forman  --  Where She Went
  • "I devised a special retrieval device," Freak says.
    Rodman Philbrick  --  Freak the Mighty
  • People are running and sweating and devising ways to check each other out without getting caught.
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle
  • While I’m sure your men won’t like that much, we’ll have a very long time to devise our next move."
    Ransom Riggs  --  Hollow City
  • My interactions with him had grown unpleasant, as I resented the fact that I worked for the nastiest man in construction services, and he seemed to take perverse pleasure in treating me in as degrading a manner as he could devise.
    Piper Kerman  --  Orange Is the New Black
  • Three hours later dinner was ready ( it consisted of fish balls cooked Polynesian style with a sweet-and-sour sauce of my own devising), and there was no sign of my guests.
    Farley Mowat  --  Never Cry Wolf
  • The song was obviously of his own devising, a rather candid revelation about the personal habits of a local nobleman.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind
  • Cinder was grateful that the doctor had so easily devised a story, but it also unnerved her.
    Marissa Meyer  --  Cinder
  • In fact, I had devised a detailed schedule for the next couple of weeks.
    Jojo Moyes  --  Me Before You
  • Mr. Benedict had expected him to be a leader to his friends, to be smart enough to devise a plan, to be brave.
    Trenton Lee Stewart  --  The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Toward evening they set her at the easiest task they could devise — the making of corn pudding.
    Elizabeth George Speare  --  The Witch of Blackbird Pond
  • I would have to use my all to perhaps find an unknown metal, strong but very light, or devise a different formula for a known one, mix some bronze with some iron and some air in a way ignored for a thousand years.
    William Goldman  --  The Princess Bride
  • They devised a trick.
    Jerry Spinelli  --  Stargirl
  • And so we devised a plan.
    Sharon Creech  --  Walk Two Moons
  • I think she lacked the imagination to devise more interesting commands.
    Gail Carson Levine  --  Ella Enchanted
  • Once the Indian had resigned himself to mastering twenty-six letters, he took them in a gulp, scorning the childish candle and door and table that Matt had devised.
    Elizabeth George Speare  --  The Sign of the Beaver
  • Since my new friends and I never had any money, we devised what we thought was an extraordinarily clever way to ride for free.
    Leon Leyson  --  The Boy on the Wooden Box
  • I go online and devise a running plan.
    Holly Goldberg Sloan  --  Counting by 7s
  • All these people, in conjunction with the State Department of Education in Tallahassee, have helped to devise this emergency relocation plan.
    Edward Bloor  --  Tangerine
  • Thank you, sir, but Mr. Curran and I will devise a sufficient punishment.
    Christina Baker Kline  --  Orphan Train
  • So the night after the first day of school, I prepared a list of questions, questions that seemed to be the most basic units of information I could devise.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Water is Wide
  • The officials were in the regulation dress devised by the President—short-sleeved jackets, cravats, in place of shirts and ties.
    V.S. Naipaul  --  A Bend in the River
  • But one late afternoon in June nearly brought a disastrous ending to the precarious equilibrium she had devised for herself.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • It seemed to me like he was buying time while he devised an answer.
    Becca Fitzpatrick  --  Hush, Hush
  • You and I know, of course, that Mr. Poe was panicking over Sunny and the Incredibly Deadly Viper, but all Violet knew was that whatever ruse her siblings had devised was still working.
    Lemony Snicket  --  The Reptile Room
  • Now it was time for the explanation I had devised.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander
  • They’d already devised a nickname for it.
    Dave Eggers  --  A Hologram for the King
  • And yet every time I devised some pretext to get her on her own, here he came, thump thump thump, sheepish grin, arm around her shoulder, wrecking everything.
    Donna Tartt  --  The Goldfinch
  • Is there not some magick the four of you can devise to give us the best chance of it?
    Nora Roberts  --  Dark Witch
  • In order to keep you safe, we devised a way for you to be separated from us.
    Veronica Roth  --  Insurgent
  • Maraa Isabel devises a plan to stay.
    Sonia Nazario  --  Enrique’s Journey
  • Whoever devised the Quarter Quell system had prepared for centuries of Hunger Games.
    Suzanne Collins  --  Catching Fire
  • He had to devise something that could etch up the patch area so the glue would stick.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Unbroken
  • I have devised for my own private amusement the most ingenious ways of carrying out a murder.
    Agatha Christie  --  And Then There Were None
  • Jackson has devised a game called "Real or Not Real" to help Peeta.
    Suzanne Collins  --  Mockingjay
  • I’m beginning to think we — meaning the person whose death I’m now devising and me — we might actually have gone unnoticed.
    Suzanne Collins  --  The Hunger Games
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