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  • The cars collided and burst into flame.
  • The plane nearly collided with a drone.
  • The physicists collided the particles
  • [T]hey represented the demon forces forever in collision with beauty, virtue, and the gentle uses of life
    George Eliot  --  The Mill on the Floss

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  • But it was inevitable that these two worlds—the one where I was just another teenager and the one where I was pretending not to be—would collide.
    John Corey Whaley  --  Nogin
  • You mean we might have a collision?
    Roald Dahl  --  Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  • His vehicle rolls until it collides with the rear of a parked truck.
    Mitch Albom  --  The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  • The night I watched two cars collide in a dark intersection.
    Jay Asher  --  Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Wood roared as Harry swerved to avoid a collision.
    J.K. Rowling  --  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • They collided, half-collapsed, knocked elbows, cracked heads, which blew the air out faster.
    Ray Bradbury  --  Something Wicked This Way Comes

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  • As we turned and climbed, she turned and climbed with us, keeping herself on a collision course.
    Kenneth Oppel  --  Airborn
  • I read about the great convulsions of the earth, of the continents shifting away from each other, colliding with each other.
    David Almond  --  Kit’s Wilderness
  • The collision sent both of us flying to the ground.
    Darren Shan  --  A Vampire’s Assistant
  • When you’re dancing — if you and your partner collide into another couple.
    Athol Fugard  --  Master Harold...and the Boys
  • A second later my chest collided against the hood of a moving car.
    Dave Pelzer  --  The Lost Boy
  • I was back there in that theater in Kansas City five years after all reason and all logic and all history collided together to say I was gone forever because this girl needed me just as much as I needed her.
    John Corey Whaley  --  Nogin
  • I almost collided with Dad, freshly showered, in the hall.
    Laurie Halse Anderson  --  The Impossible Knife of Memory
  • We collide so hard it takes me a second to recover my breath.
    Lauren Oliver  --  Before I Fall
  • A couple of times he bumped into the person directly in front of him; he didn’t even know who it was because the boy didn’t say anything when they collided.
    James Dashner  --  The Scorch Trials
  • The man deflected it with his forearm, a red gash appearing there as the two of them collided and rolled across the floor, struggling against each other.
    James Dashner  --  The Death Cure
  • A limerick, actually: There once was a girl from Manhattan Who slept only on sheets made of satin Her husband slipped and he slided And their bodies collided So they did something dirty in Latin.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl
  • He groaned after we collided, even though it really wasn’t that hard.
    Kiera Cass  --  The Elite
  • He went down hard, his back colliding with the icy ground, knocking the breath out of him.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Heavenly Fire
  • He remained convinced that romantic behavior was basically monotonous and predictable, and that therefore one could write a fairly straightforward formula that would predict the collision course of any two people.
    John Green  --  An Abundance of Katherines
  • They were playing basketball, and Eleanor caught the ball, colliding with one of Tina’s friends, a jumpy, wiry girl named Annette.
    Rainbow Rowell  --  Eleanor & Park
  • He creates a dramatic collision between my fielder and baseman, first base sliding back, right field sliding up, then smack!
    Rick Yancey  --  The Infinite Sea
  • Their own GPS systems kept them from colliding, and, coordinating with the satellite view, they found his powder-blue truck in sixty-seven seconds.
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle
  • I sprang from my crouched position, threw my arms in front of me, and collided with the girl, knocking her to the floor.
    Ransom Riggs  --  Hollow City
  • They seemed to be going haywire, colliding with one another like excited atoms.
    Ransom Riggs  --  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • It was like hot and cold air colliding, creating a tornado right inside the hall.
    Piper Kerman  --  Orange Is the New Black
  • As usual the deer were not alarmed and none took evasive action except when the wolves hap. pened to be on a collision course with them.
    Farley Mowat  --  Never Cry Wolf
  • A colossal collision in the very center of the clearing.
    Pittacus Lore  --  I Am Number Four
  • Until some idiot removes the collision sensor, trying to make it go faster.
    Marissa Meyer  --  Cinder
  • Someone managed to scramble over the gates and, after much colliding and giggling, we all found our way to the middle and drank strong cider while someone passed around a joint.
    Jojo Moyes  --  Me Before You
  • Have you ever collided with a bomber?
    Rick Riordan  --  The Trials of Apollo
  • "Excuse me," she said, pushing back her chair and running, coming this close to colliding with a waitress delivering ice cream sundaes to some happy family.
    Judy Blume  --  In the Unlikely Event
  • The first section was rather what Reynie would have expected — one or two questions regarding octagons and hexagons, another devoted to bushels of this and kilograms of that, and another that required calculating how much time must pass before two speeding trains collided.
    Trenton Lee Stewart  --  The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • She gasped as her spine collided with marble, the rapier flying from her hand.
    Sarah J. Maas  --  Throne of Glass
  • Guy Greco struck the downbeat three final times—hop-hop-hop—and the two lines collided at the gate in a frenzy of hugs and shrieks and kisses.
    Jerry Spinelli  --  Stargirl
  • Suddenly kids were racing, a flock of boys bending themselves around parked cars, colliding at the rolling ball.
    Jerry Spinelli  --  Wringer
  • But before I could reach the seventh-grade-class building, I had the misfortune to collide with Mary Lou’s father.
    Mildred D. Taylor  --  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • The only piece of metal not mangled or burned by the collision was a yellow triangle with black lettering on the back bumper, which read: SAFETY FIRST!
    Holly Goldberg Sloan  --  Counting by 7s
  • I even started two games at fullback after Shandra collided with Dolly in practice and wrenched Dolly’s back.
    Edward Bloor  --  Tangerine
  • I ran down the hallway, colliding with someone and running blindly on, thinking only that she must be very disappointed.
    Ji-Li Jiang  --  Red Scarf Girl
  • His nose was bandaged and he had two black eyes from the previous collision with Puller’s head.
    David Baldacci  --  Zero Day
  • Just before they reached it, the robot veered off as if it had a mind of its own and collided with the wall a second time.
    Joshua Davis  --  Spare Parts
  • Obviously, she says, the Nautilus had collided with something and then heeled over at a sharp angle .
    Anthony Doerr  --  All the Light We Cannot See
  • We begin to run toward each other until our fists collide against the glass, smashing the mirror.
    Colleen Hoover  --  Hopeless
  • The words collide in my mouth, and now I know there’s no amount of darkness that can cover the rush of red to my face.
    Lauren Oliver  --  Delirium
  • There’s something about having Leigh and Sunshine in a room together that makes me imagine two planets colliding.
    Katja Millay  --  The Sea of Tranquility
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