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  • He met her when her career was at its zenith.
  • ...and the sun passed the zenith and started down.
    John Steinbeck  --  The Grapes of Wrath
  • The sun climbed through the sky, reached its zenith, began to come down.
    Yann Martel  --  Life of Pi
  • Mr. Fogg still held Aouda’s hand in his own; Passepartout understood, and his big, round face became as radiant as the tropical sun at its zenith.
    Jules Verne  --  Around the World in 80 Days

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  • He knew that a few hours from now, with the sun at its zenith, the heat would be so great that he would not be able to lead his flock across the fields.
    Paulo Coelho  --  The Alchemist
  • Witness this, god of the zenith, noblest of the gods,
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • these quarrels reached the zenith of absurdity when...
    John Hersey  --  Hiroshima
  • a cloud ... hurried across the zenith and hid the brightening stars.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  Young Goodman Brown
  • But even on this supposition the balanced civilization that was at last attained must have long since passed its zenith, and was now far fallen into decay.
    H.G. Wells  --  The Time Machine
  • at its zenith
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn  --  One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

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  • the sun was crossing the zenith to a winter place in the sky, a place where prayers of long winter nights would call out the long summer days of new growth.
    Leslie Marmon Silko  --  Ceremony
  • ESTRAGON: ... Look at the little cloud.

    VLADIMIR: (raising his eyes). Where?

    ESTRAGON: There. In the zenith.
    Samuel Beckett  --  Waiting for Godot
  • It is not for nothing that Zenith is in matters social rapidly becoming known as the choosiest inland city in the country.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Babbitt
  • He laughed with disbelief as the object finally reached its impossible zenith and began a slow, arcing descent.
    Henry H. Neff  --  The Maelstrom
  • After the sun passes zenith it is afternoon and quickly evening with a whispering dusk as long as was the morning.
    John Steinbeck  --  Travels with Charley
  • It had risen nearly to its zenith and seemed to hover directly above the campus, shining a spotlight on Rowan and its quaint little doings.
    Henry H. Neff  --  The Fiend And The Forge
  • An unvaried pall of cloud muffled the whole expanse of sky from zenith to horizon.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The Scarlet Letter
  • I find my zenith doth depend upon...
    William Shakespeare  --  The Tempest
  • I figured we’d come about thirty miles, and the sun wasn’t even fully at zenith.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind
  • The den was Miri’s favorite room in Natalie’s house, not least because of the seventeen-inch Zenith, inside a pale wood cabinet, the biggest television Miri had ever seen.
    Judy Blume  --  In the Unlikely Event
  • Bod watched as the man stopped in the air at the zenith of his spring, and hung there for a moment, before he was sucked through the ghoul-gate, down and down.
    Neil Gaiman  --  The Graveyard Book
  • On the fifth or sixth day—she recalled only that it was a Saturday—she awoke after a restless night filled with confused, menacing dreams and as if by old habit stretched out her hand and switched on the tiny Zenith radio which she kept on her bedside table.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • The sun was, in fact, a little past the zenith, and I became conscious of increasing hunger pangs.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander
  • The sparks come sooner now, alive and bright as the target reaches its zenith.
    Victoria Aveyard  --  Red Queen
  • It was the time when the youthful Speranski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • Behind them, in the west, the crimson and orange were almost faded; a dark bank of cloud had crept into the zenith.
    Aldous Huxley  --  Brave New World
  • The captain of the Musketeers was therefore admired, feared, and loved; and this constitutes the zenith of human fortune.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Three Musketeers
  • When I came to the line, "Ra, the sun’s zenith …" I realized we’d stopped in front of a door.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Throne of Fire
  • Gottfried’s career had reached its zenith.
    Stieg Larsson  --  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • All beneath the fantastic limbs and ragged tree tops, which were, here and there, dimly painted against the starry zenith, lay alike in shadowed obscurity.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Last of the Mohicans
  • Their heads were all reclined, either to the right, or the left; one of their eyes turned inward, and the other directly up to the zenith.
    Jonathan Swift  --  Gulliver’s Travels
  • The moon shone in the midst of the constellations at their zenith.
    Jules Verne  --  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • Such commendations had been bestowed upon his bravery, that he could not, for the life of him, help postponing the explanation for a few delicious minutes; during which he had flourished, in the very zenith of a brief reputation for undaunted courage.
    Charles Dickens  --  Oliver Twist
  • Or prove it this way: out of the zenith hang a golden line and put your weight on it, all gods and goddesses.
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • Not a cloud in the zenith.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • While they continued to plead with the Menoa tree, the sun reached its zenith and then began to descend.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Brisingr
  • More startling, however, was the knowledge that this capstone’s ultimate peak, the zenith of this obelisk, was crowned by a tiny, polished tip of aluminum—a metal as precious as gold in its day.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • On that side wast thou so long as I descended; when I turned thou didst pass the point to which from all parts whatever has weight is drawn; and thou art now arrived beneath the hemisphere opposite to that which the great dry land covers, and beneath whose zenith the Man was slain who was born and lived without sin.
    Dante Alighieri  --  Dante’s Inferno
  • The Milky Way ran in two pale streams from the zenith to the horizon.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • He might well have added that the Roman power was at its zenith when every citizen acknowledged his liability to fight for the State, but that it began to decline as soon as this obligation was no longer recognized.
    Nicolo Machiavelli  --  The Prince
  • Along an infinite invisible tightrope taut from zenith to nadir the End of the World, a twoheaded octopus in gillie’s kilts, busby and tartan filibegs, whirls through the murk, head over heels, in the form of the Three Legs of Man.
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • I had promised myself an easy and zenith-scouring triumph, and this was the outcome!
    Mark Twain  --  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • He was fond of comparing himself to Mahomet’s coffin, attracted in two different directions by two loadstones, and hesitating eternally between the heights and the depths, between the vault and the pavement, between fall and ascent, between zenith and nadir.
    Victor Hugo  --  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • But the work was luxury, for when the sun struck the zenith he could go to his house and food would be there ready for him to eat, and the dust wiped from the table, and the bowls and the chopsticks placed neatly upon it.
    Pearl S. Buck  --  The Good Earth
  • By this time the sun had gone down, and was tinting the clouds towards the zenith with those bright hues which are not seen there until some time after sunset, and when the horizon has quite lost its richer brilliancy.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The House of the Seven Gables
  • The four compass points plus the zenith and the nadir are six.
    Maxine Hong Kingston  --  The Woman Warrior
  • In the zenith of the evening, Little Swills says, "Gentlemen, if you’ll permit me, I’ll attempt a short description of a scene of real life that came off here to-day."
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • …filled with rayless cells, as it appeared to me — to that sky expanded before me, — a blue sea absolved from taint of cloud; the moon ascending it in solemn march; her orb seeming to look up as she left the hill-tops, from behind which she had come, far and farther below her, and aspired to the zenith, midnight dark in its fathomless depth and measureless distance; and for those trembling stars that followed her course; they made my heart tremble, my veins glow when I viewed them.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • It was true that just before meeting Sondra he was actually at the zenith of content and delight with Roberta.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  An American Tragedy
  • Part of me knows to the second the time remaining before ship and farcaster complete their transit to the zenith.
    Dan Simmons  --  Hyperion
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