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  • She approached and then pulled back from the precipice.
  • She skied off a precipice, dropped her skis in midair, and then opened a parachute.
  • Their economy is teetering on a precipice.
  • We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country—its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices, its marshes and swamps.
    Tzu Sun  --  The Art of War

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  • Then suddenly, as though it had come to the top of the hill and gone over a precipice, it dropped like a stone...
    Roald Dahl  --  Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  • They had come, without seeing it, almost to the edge of a small precipice from which they looked down into a gorge...
    C.S. Lewis  --  Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
  • At last they were going in single file along the edge of a precipice and Shasta shuddered to think that he had done the same last night without knowing it.
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Horse and His Boy
  • As the ground flattened, a huge stone precipice rose up ahead of him,
    Louis Sachar  --  Holes
  • beyond these, a country of high mountains, dark precipices, stony valleys,
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Silver Chair
  • We all wait to hear the woman jump over a precipice...
    Jean Rhys  --  Wide Sargasso Sea

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  • ...steep and narrow, with precipices on either side.
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Voyage of the Dawn Trader
  • We stood rooted in place at the edge of the precipice, the four of us pressed against Jalil’s arms, staring down at the snake.
    Katherine Applegate  --  Everworld - Search For Senna
  • After lunch, they followed the trail for another three hours on horseback, sometimes on tracks that ran to the edge of steep precipices, the danger heightening Sophia’s senses.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Longest Ride
  • "Everyone and everything," he’d written, "is teetering on the precipice."
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle
  • Yet as we stood loading our boats in the breaking dawn, on a brand new precipice of Before and After, I thought of everything I was about to leave behind—my parents, my town, my once-best-and-only friend—and I realized that leaving wouldn’t be like I had imagined, like casting off a weight.
    Ransom Riggs  --  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • But all I seem to think of doing is to stop, or turn around, or else dig in for a sprint, a stiffened, perambling, old-man leap off the precipice.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  A Gesture Life
  • If one was to be blind drunk in the twenties and thirties, one somehow managed it on public transport, or on roads that would terrify a sober man with mountain passes, rock cuts, and precipices.
    Michael Ondaatje  --  Running in the Family
  • Reynie had a panicky feeling in his belly, the kind he always got when he dreamed he’d fallen from a precipice.
    Trenton Lee Stewart  --  The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • A precipice opened before her.
    Sarah J. Maas  --  Throne of Glass
  • I saw everybody on the edge of a precipice.
    V.S. Naipaul  --  A Bend in the River
  • The glade ended quite suddenly on the far side, on the edge of a small precipice.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander
  • They stand on the precipice of adulthood, and it is now up to them to decide what kind of people they will be.
    Veronica Roth  --  Divergent
  • She felt as if she were edging toward a precipice, some terrible hurtling fall into nothing and nowhere.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Bones
  • And once more all four of us clutched our rifles, stood up, braved the flying bullets, and headed for the precipice.
    Marcus Luttrell  --  Lone Survivor
  • You have been walking for some months very near to the edge of a precipice.
    Arthur Conan Doyle  --  The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • The castle is on the very edge of a terrific precipice.
    Bram Stoker  --  Dracula
  • A being whom I myself had formed, and endued with life, had met me at midnight among the precipices of an inaccessible mountain.
    Mary Shelley  --  Frankenstein
  • When we climbed the hills and looked down over the precipice.
    Daphne du Maurier  --  Rebecca
  • All I wanted to do was turn around, go home, and never find myself at this precipice again for such a stupid reason.
    Wes Moore  --  The Other Wes Moore
  • There was no path down on to it save by flying; and no path down off it except by jumping over a precipice.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Hobbit
  • Above them, growing larger with every step, loomed Utgard, its craggy precipices deeply furrowed with snowy canyons.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eragon
  • I gripped the chain-link fence and edged down the mountain until I stood on the precipice of the ditch.
    Homer Hickam  --  October Sky
  • At their feet lay a straggle of low buildings, a criss-cross of walls; and on three sides the precipices fell sheer into the plain.
    Aldous Huxley  --  Brave New World
  • Sheer above us rose the Spyglass, here dotted with single pines, there black with precipices.
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Treasure Island
  • The candles revealed the fact that it was not really a precipice, but only a steep clay hill twenty or thirty feet high.
    Mark Twain  --  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • We were hurtling toward the precipice with absolutely no way to stop.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Throne of Fire
  • He was much interested in examining the outlines of the coast, and the rugged precipices of the Cape.
    Johann Wyss  --  The Swiss Family Robinson
  • Thus Hester Prynne, whose heart had lost its regular and healthy throb, wandered without a clue in the dark labyrinth of mind; now turned aside by an insurmountable precipice; now starting back from a deep chasm.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The Scarlet Letter
  • After what felt to Alyss like a lifetime, the Whispering Woods opened onto a wide expanse and they came to a precipice.
    Frank Beddor  --  The Looking Glass Wars
  • The railway track wound in and out among the passes, now approaching the mountain-sides, now suspended over precipices, avoiding abrupt angles by bold curves, plunging into narrow defiles, which seemed to have no outlet.
    Jules Verne  --  Around the World in 80 Days
  • As the camerlegno arrived at the top of the Royal Staircase, he felt as though he were standing on the precipice of his life.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons
  • A few minutes only separated Jean Valjean from that terrible precipice which yawned before him for the third time.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • They had been going to the left at the foot of the precipice, and consequently turn to the right to ascend the bridge.
    Dante Alighieri  --  Dante’s Inferno
  • At the left of this high range rose three peaks; the tallest and nearest stood up like a tooth tipped with snow; its great, bare, northern precipice was still largely in the shadow, but where the sunlight slanted upon it, it glowed red.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Each of the combatants threw all his energies into that effort, and the result was, that both tottered on the brink of the precipice.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Last of the Mohicans
  • Running his hands through his hair, he walked to the room’s precipice and leaned against one side, bark rough against his shoulder.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • Given the treacherous nature of the local topography (most of the cliffs that riddle the region are composed of Navajo sandstone, a crumbly stratum that erodes into smooth, bulging precipices) and Ruess’s penchant for dangerous climbing, this is a credible scenario.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into the Wild
  • It had already happened so many times in my life (my wedding day comes to mind) that I thought I was out of the woods, not realizing I’d merely paused on the edge of another narrow precipice in the midst of a long, long fall.
    Barbara Kingsolver  --  The Poisonwood Bible
  • Get up, look at the mountain precipice.
    Unknown  --  The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • And now, do you ever dangle your toes over the precipice, dare the cliff to crumble, defy the frozen deity to suffer the sun, thaw feather and bone, take wing to fly you home?
    Ellen Hopkins  --  Burned
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