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mean -- as in: the mean score
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  • We have a mean annual rainfall of 23 inches.
  • Mean income is distorted by a small number of people with very high income. I suggest looking at median income instead.
  • The planet Mars, I scarcely need remind the reader, revolves about the sun at a mean distance of 140,000,000 miles, and the light and heat it receives from the sun is barely half of that received by this world.
    H.G. Wells  --  The War of the Worlds
  • That is the mean; that is the average.
    Virginia Woolf  --  The Waves

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  • The log indicated a mean speed of between eight and nine miles.
    Jules Verne  --  Around the World in 80 Days
  • The mean breadth of this territory does not exceed one hundred miles; but it is about nine hundred miles in length.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 1
  • The mean distance from the Atlantic to the Mississippi does not probably exceed seven hundred and fifty miles.
    Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay  --  The Federalist Papers
  • Computing the distance between the thirty-first and forty-fifth degrees, it amounts to nine hundred and seventy-three common miles; computing it from thirty-one to forty-two degrees, to seven hundred and sixty-four miles and a half. Taking the mean for the distance, the amount will be eight hundred and sixty-eight miles and three-fourths.
    Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay  --  The Federalist Papers
  • It has been calculated that the whites advance every year a mean distance of seventeen miles along the whole of his vast boundary.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 1
  • This would be a population proportionate to that of Europe, taken at a mean rate of 410 inhabitants to the square league.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 1

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  • One hundred millions of men disseminated over the surface of the twenty-four States, and the three dependencies, which constitute the Union, would only give 762 inhabitants to the square league; this would be far below the mean population of France, which is 1,063 to the square league; or of England, which is 1,457;
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 1
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