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  • And alcohol brought the same relief to poor farmers and crabbers that it brought to emperors; its particular, elusive magic could dull the cumulative effects of being poor, jobless, isolated, and frustrated.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Water is Wide
  • And the entries are cumulative.
    Suzanne Collins  --  The Hunger Games
  • Gradewise things went pretty well and I ended up with a high cumulative average.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into the Wild
  • What he desires is to absorb as many lives as he can, and he has laid himself out to achieve it in a cumulative way.
    Bram Stoker  --  Dracula

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  • The "Total" column represents their cumulative classroom learning from all five years of elementary school.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Outliers
  • Father Kleinsorge, already growing apathetic and dazed in the presence of the cumulative distress, said, ’We haven’t much time.’
    John Hersey  --  Hiroshima
  • It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and out into the Nothing.
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Screwtape Letters
  • There was almost always a point at which the student who was reading the text would become bogged down by the cumulative intricacies of the questions and would stare down at his Talmud, drowning in the shame produced by his inability to answer.
    Chaim Potok  --  The Chosen
  • All the occurrences of that same thought begin to merge into one, and the cumulative mass of this thought begins to grow.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • Oblivious to the tragedy unfolding outside in the storm, I drifted in and out of consciousness, delirious from exhaustion, dehydration, and the cumulative effects of oxygen depletion.
    Jon Krakauer  --  Into Thin Air

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  • He was a short-legged, wide-shouldered, smiling young soul who whistled bouncy show tunes continuously and turned over cards with sharp snaps when he dealt at blackjack or poker until Hungry Joe disintegrated into quaking despair finally beneath their cumulative impact and began ranting at him to stop snapping the cards.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • The cumulative effect is to convey, indeed to reenact, one of the well-springs of epic poetry, the urge to preserve glory by making the names of heroes of old sound again on earth.
    Homer  --  The Iliad
  • It was cumulative injury, so each bang was tolerable.
    Susanna Kaysen  --  Girl Interrupted
  • I do not think it is, nor that Gilgamesh is continually cheated of an almost attained immortality; but rather that the purpose of each of these incidents is cumulative, and is aimed at breaking down his refusal to accept human destiny.
    Unknown  --  The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • The sorrowful demeanor, the tremolo music, the long, explanatory, cumulative addresses, all were there.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • Instead, I felt nervous, unsettled, as if the cumulative weight of all those sad songs was hitting me at once.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Lock and Key
  • My sister seemed to take on our cumulative emotional reaction: she cried so much she seemed to be shriveling right in front of our eyes.
    Sarah Dessen  --  The Truth About Forever
  • And then suddenly it was not outrage that I waited for, out of which I had instinctively cried; it was not terror: it was some cumulative over-reach of despair itself.
    William Faulkner  --  Absalom, Absalom!
  • She had assigned herself to be last, and because everyone else ran late, she suffered the cumulative consequences.
    Amy Tan  --  The Bonesetter’s Daughter
  • The interval between mountains had quickly become less than his cumulative navigational error—sooner or later his submarine would drive into a mountainside at over thirty knots.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October
  • I have as yet little to report, but as the methods I am employing are gradual and cumulative in their effects, I did not expect rapid results.
    Margaret Atwood  --  Alias Grace
  • For Mr. Tulliver was in a position neither new nor striking, but, like other every-day things, sure to have a cumulative effect that will be felt in the long run: he was held to be a much more substantial man than he really was.
    George Eliot  --  The Mill on the Floss
  • The beaming sight, and the penetrating warmth, seemed to breed in him a cumulative cheerfulness, which soon amounted to delight.
    Thomas Hardy  --  The Return of the Native
  • Jason Bourne knew: Promise a man his life and he will usually co-operate; promise him his life and a great deal of money and the cumulative effect will lead to total submission.
    Robert Ludlum  --  The Bourne Supremacy
  • The force of character is cumulative.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • It was the cumulative effect of several sleepless nights.
    Boris Pasternak  --  Doctor Zhivago
  • Tendinitis and cumulative trauma disorders are also quite common.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • He had a cumulative GPA of 1.
    Michael Lewis  --  The Blind Side
  • The cumulative cost was ridiculous, and Alex tried to make them last by insisting they do other things as well.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  Safe Haven
  • But the cumulative effect of those spots it’s like watching Jimmy Carter saying, "I’ll never lie to you".’
    Stephen King  --  Cujo
  • None of these misreadings is very gross in itself, but their cumulative effect is to exaggerate the psychological incoherence of the play.
    George Orwell  --  Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool
  • She spoke in a low voice, yet every word was bell-note clear and seemed to reverberate through Joe until he gradually began to tremble with the cumulative vibrations.
    Dean Koontz  --  Sole Survivor
  • Ricardo got his bat and walked to the on-deck circle with a slight limp, the cumulative effect of having taken dozens of kicks and cleats to his right leg in the previous twelve games.
    W. William Winokur  --  The Perfect Game
  • "Maternal deaths in developing countries are often the ultimate tragic outcome of the cumulative denial of women’s human rights," noted the journal Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology.
    Nicholas D. Kristof  --  Half the Sky
  • The scalding sun made it hard to move, but I knew the beautiful, if morbid, truth: heat made death reek, and Grovepoint Acres smelled like nothing except cooked air and car exhaust—our cumulative exhalations held close to the surface by the humidity.
    John Green  --  Paper Towns
  • "We’ll by golly get back when we’re by golly good and ready!" he said to Leora; but on them both was the cumulative dread of the fussing voices, beyond every breezy prospect was the order, "Be back at six sharp"; and they whipped up to arrive at eleven minutes to six, as Mr. Tozer was returning from the creamery, full thirty seconds later than usual.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Arrowsmith
  • Do they yield so laudably to the vast and cumulative influence of such enterprise and such renown; do those little rills become absorbed so quietly and easily, and, as it were by the influence of natural laws, so beautifully, in the swoop of the majestic stream as it flows upon its wondrous way enriching the surrounding lands; that their course is perfectly to be calculated, and distinctly to be predicated?’
    Charles Dickens  --  Little Dorrit
  • Cumulatively, it seemed like a lot of dishonesty, enough so that I found myself wanting to keep my word whenever possible.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Just Listen
  • If it’s finely calculated the cumulative effect is enormous."
    Douglas Adams  --  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Cumulatively, these bites aroused him and enraged him, goaded him.
    Ian McEwan  --  Atonement
  • The next day in library class she had to read a theme on the use of the Cumulative Index, and she was taken so seriously in the discussion that she put off her career of town-planning—and in the autumn she was in the public library of St. Paul.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Main Street
  • Haughty this song, its words and scope, To span vast realms of space and time, Evolution—the cumulative—growths and generations.
    Walt Whitman  --  Leaves of Grass
  • [249] Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson  --  Selected Essays
  • Other things followed from time to time, little things of the same sort, which in their cumulative effect were eventually equal to a full revelation.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • Indeed, the rate of these cumulative trauma injuries in the meatpacking industry is far higher than the rate in any other American industry.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • The lower dial showed a cumulative count, well within the safe range.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October
  • A better performance the back end of his junior year, when he’d moved into the Tuohy home, had raised his cumulative average to 1.
    Michael Lewis  --  The Blind Side
  • 1 million for the high rate of cumulative trauma injuries at the Dakota City plant.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • "Entirely safe," the captain read off the cumulative dial.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October
  • The increased pressure, lateral displacement of a weld joint, and cumulative effect of years of high-temperature erosion of the steel damaged the joint.
    Tom Clancy  --  The Hunt for Red October
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