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  • a telephone, cable, and satellite conglomerate
  • With the mind thus impressed, let any one examine beds of conglomerate many thousand feet in thickness, which, though probably formed at a quicker rate than many other deposits, yet, from being formed of worn and rounded pebbles, each of which bears the stamp of time, are good to show how slowly the mass has been accumulated.
    Charles Darwin  --  The Origin of Species
  • A mass of conglomerate two miles long, a thousand feet broad, and a hundred feet thick, broke away from a cliff three thousand feet high and hurled itself into the valley below, burying four villages and five hundred people, as in a grave.
    Mark Twain  --  A Tramp Abroad
  • Perhaps we should be glad the war happened, then, and forced the countries to conglomerate as they did.
    Marissa Meyer  --  Cinder

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  • It appears to be a great conglomeration of soft rimmed cups of infinitely varied sizes, together with a wheel and a dial and a lever, and what it does is beyond me.
    William Goldman  --  The Princess Bride
  • My friends were a strange conglomerate of long-hairs, Marines, and the attractive wives of powerful husbands.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Water is Wide
  • I also, for the first time, felt a touch of warm rage churning in the region of my abdomen; it was a slow conglomerate anger, directed in equal parts at Nathan’s hateful and dictatorial manner, his foul treatment of Sophie and (I could scarcely believe my own reflex now) his gruesome malediction against Bilbo.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Kolya’s one of those Russian conglomerates taken over by a new branch of black-market capitalists.
    James Patterson  --  1st to Die
  • Names were called out to apartments from streets below, and soon, the whole conglomerate of Arthur Berg’s fruit-stealing troop was on its way to the Amper.
    Markus Zusak  --  The Book Thief
  • He let it stray over the conglomeration of hutches and shacks, and then back again to me.
    John Wyndham  --  The Chrysalids

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  • The Apostolic Palace is a conglomeration of buildings located near the Sistine Chapel in the northeast corner of Vatican City.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons
  • You have balanced the whole conglomeration!
    Ray Bradbury  --  The Martian Chronicles
  • Then, snowballing the rest of the clothes into one soft, conglomerate mass, she stuffed them out of sight under the bed.
    Sylvia Plath  --  The Bell Jar
  • To her it was a wonderful conglomeration of everything great and mighty.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  Sister Carrie
  • She worked as a receptionist for a conglomerate of doctors, but referred to herself as an "office specialist."
    Sarah Dessen  --  This Lullaby
  • I went into the out-house to look about me; and the very same lobsters, crabs, and crawfish possessed by the same desire to pinch the world in general, appeared to be in the same state of conglomeration in the same old corner.
    Charles Dickens  --  David Copperfield
  • But everything seemed to have fused, gone into a conglomerated mass.
    D.H. Lawrence  --  Sons and Lovers
  • We also see nowadays how a conglomeration of old and new religions, philosophies, and sciences can form the basis of new offers on the "view-of-life" market.
    Jostein Gaarder  --  Sophie’s World
  • Nothing can possibly come of the prisoner’s conglomeration but his being sent back to prison, which is soon done.
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • My honest and neglected friend, Ingulphus, has furnished me with many a valuable hint; but the light afforded by the Monk of Croydon, and Geoffrey de Vinsauff, is dimmed by such a conglomeration of uninteresting and unintelligible matter, that we gladly fly for relief to the delightful pages of the gallant Froissart, although he flourished at a period so much more remote from the date of my history.
    Sir Walter Scott  --  Ivanhoe
  • I think I see him now!’ said Mrs Nickleby, wiping her eyes, ’looking at me while I was talking to him about his affairs, just as if his ideas were in a state of perfect conglomeration!
    Charles Dickens  --  Nicholas Nickleby
  • It was a huge multinational, multifaceted conglomerate that had its fingers in virtually every type of business there was, including food, medicine, real estate, computer technology, manufacturing, and even book publishing — so heads up, whoever’s reading this.
    James Patterson  --  School’s Out - Forever
  • On the middle shelf a chipped eggcup containing pepper, a drum of table salt, four conglomerated black olives in oleaginous paper, an empty pot of Plumtree’s potted meat, an oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one Jersey pear, a halfempty bottle of William Gilbey and Co’s white invalid port, half disrobed of its swathe of coralpink tissue paper, a packet of Epps’s soluble cocoa, five ounces of Anne Lynch’s choice tea at 2/— per lb in a crinkled leadpaper bag, a…
    James Joyce  --  Ulysses
  • …was said to induce violations of the Army Appropriations Act; the tenth recited that Johnson had delivered "intemperate, inflammatory and scandalous harangues …. as well against Congress as the laws of the United States"; and the eleventh was a deliberately obscure conglomeration of all the charges in the preceding articles, which had been designed by Thaddeus Stevens to furnish a common ground for those who favored conviction but Wereunwilling to identify themselves on basic issues.
    John F. Kennedy  --  Profiles in Courage
  • Are they a pretty large conglomerate? I mean, are they powerful?
    Dean Koontz  --  Sole Survivor
  • Her father was a founder of one of the industrial conglomerates.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  Native Speaker
  • I thought conglomerates were rare?
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • What is it but a conglomeration of greasy mechanics, filthy operatives, small-fisted farmers, and moon-struck theorists?
    Richard Hofstadter  --  Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth
  • The tremendous vault above our heads, the sky, so to speak, appeared to be composed of a conglomeration of nebulous vapors, in constant motion.
    Jules Verne  --  A Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Apparently one side of his mind was unalterably fixed, while the other was a hurrying conglomeration of flashes of thought, reception of sensations.
    Zane Grey  --  The Lone Star Ranger
  • Behind their conglomeration hung a zone of shadow in which might be a further shape to be disencumbered of shadow or still denser depths of darkness.
    Virginia Woolf  --  The Waves
  • The massive global conglomerates, like Bosch, might be able to command discounts when buying, say, specially formulated metals; but Standard has to pay the prevailing price, and for years now, that price has been rising.
    Adam Davidson  --  Making It in America
  • It swayed, minute after minute, hither and thither among the reflections and the weeds, letting the water lift it and sink it until—you know the little tug—the sudden conglomeration of an idea at the end of one’s line: and then the cautious hauling of it in, and the careful laying of it out?
    Virginia Woolf  --  A Room of One’s Own
  • The war explosions that had turned the building into a rainbow crater had also fused the ceramic glazes, the metals, glasses, and plastics in the old plant; and a molten conglomerate had oozed down through the floors to settle on the floor of the lowest vault and harden into shimmering pavement, crystal in texture, phosphorescent in color, strangely vibrant and singing.
    Alfred Bester  --  The Demolished Man
  • Infinite numbers of dull people conglomerated round her of course.
    Virginia Woolf  --  Mrs. Dalloway
  • He’s now going to fight-legally-for the people, not for the conglomerates who buy and sell on paper.
    Robert Ludlum  --  The Bourne Ultimatum
  • In other cases, true conglomerates, they haven’t quite fused together so they are obviously conglomerate.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • "By the ’I need to publish’ definition of conglomerates," Dr. Foster said.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • "Conglomerate," Dr. Foster said.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • In other cases, true conglomerates, they haven’t quite fused together so they are obviously conglomerate.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • It really is a conglomerate.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • "Based on what we’re getting so far and the overall recorded mass, it’s a conglomerate that’s about seventy-five percent mixed low-densities by weight."
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • And as the light increased, flocks of shadow were driven before it and conglomerated and hung in many-pleated folds in the background.
    Virginia Woolf  --  The Waves
  • It was the boom time, and the Wall Street banks and management consultants and insurance conglomerates were crowding the bulletin boards looking for talent.
    Chang-rae Lee  --  Native Speaker
  • But the fact that Boeing, a major international conglomerate, has a hard time paying for implants shows just how hard it is.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • "From lumberjack to financier, mining conglomerate owner and wealthiest man in the world must be challenging," Courtney said.
    John Ringo  --  Live Free or Die
  • A sallow prisoner has come up, in custody, for the halfdozenth time to make a personal application "to purge himself of his contempt," which, being a solitary surviving executor who has fallen into a state of conglomeration about accounts of which it is not pretended that he had ever any knowledge, he is not at all likely ever to do.
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • The most startling thing about the face was its supernatural conglomeration of bright colors.
    Sylvia Plath  --  The Bell Jar
  • All four men were plastered with the gray-and-white conglomeration of dust.
    Markus Zusak  --  The Book Thief
  • There was no alarm; no change in the conglomerate murmur.
    John Wyndham  --  The Chrysalids
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