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  • Harvard College was established in 1636 and named for its first benefactor, John Harvard, a young minister who left his library and half his estate to the college.
  • Don’t you thank me, don’t you give me no credit; it all belongs to them dear people in Pokeville camp-meeting, natural brothers and benefactors of the race, and that dear preacher there, the truest friend a pirate ever had!
    Mark Twain  --  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • "Indulge your benefactor a little bit longer," he responds, and runs a finger down the crease of his pant legs.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl
  • Then the woman in the green demon mask pulled my benefactor away before I could give him any word of thanks.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind

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  • Why do you wish to destroy your benefactors?
    Gail Carson Levine  --  Ella Enchanted
  • Ladies and gentlemen, heirs (for we all inherited something), let us bow our heads in silent prayer for our benefactor Sam Westing, alias Sandy the doorman.
    Ellen Raskin  --  The Westing Game
  • What will Arthur do for Erik, his sponsor, his benefactor, his ticket to the big time?
    Edward Bloor  --  Tangerine
  • I dreamed of my ghostly benefactor, the slave boy Artiste, and the dream became somehow fused with the dream of another slave I had known about years before—Nat Turner.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • I was his benefactor.
    Becca Fitzpatrick  --  Hush, Hush
  • Most of the benches bore the names of benefactors—in memory of Mrs. Ruth Klein or whatever —but my mother’s bench, the Rendezvous Point, alone of all the benches in that part of the park had been given by its anonymous donor a more mysterious and welcoming message: EVERYTHING OF POSSIBILITY.
    Donna Tartt  --  The Goldfinch

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  • "And you are a benefactor of the race," said I. He shrugged his shoulders.
    Arthur Conan Doyle  --  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • And if my benefactor gave me no account number?
    Dan Brown  --  The Da Vinci Code
  • I am for you not only a protector, but a friend; not only a benefactor, but a father.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Three Musketeers
  • He has tonight earned an eminent place in the roll of the benefactors of our town; and he is worthy of many imperishable songs.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Hobbit
  • I shall always feel that you are a benefactor.
    Lucy Maud Montgomery  --  Anne Of Green Gables
  • I felt ashamed to appear before my benefactors so clad.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • We can say that these twelve were great benefactors, that we are all fed by the overflow of the magnificent wealth of their spirit, and that we are glad to accept it in gratitude and brotherhood.
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead
  • I am with the distinguished consideration which is due to the benefactors of humanity,— Jondrette.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • Now you are to understand, secondly, Mr. Pip, that the name of the person who is your liberal benefactor remains a profound secret, until the person chooses to reveal it.
    Charles Dickens  --  Great Expectations
  • "I than you, my benefactor," spoke Siddhartha, disembarking on the other side of the river.
    Hermann Hesse  --  Siddhartha
  • When she could only guess, Denver followed her directions and went to say thank you anywaym whether she had the right benefactor or not.
    Toni Morrison  --  Beloved
  • The busy stage of life, the virtues of heroes, and the actions of men were his theme; and his hope and his dream was to become one among those whose names are recorded in story as the gallant and adventurous benefactors of our species.
    Mary Shelley  --  Frankenstein
  • A benefactor showed up out of the blue last week, and not only offered to cover the rest of the repairs in full, but already had all the work crews lined up.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Last Song
  • He was not insolent to his benefactor, he was simply insensible; though knowing perfectly the hold he had on his heart, and conscious he had only to speak and all the house would be obliged to bend to his wishes.
    Emily Bronte  --  Wuthering Heights
  • My dear benefactor!
    Leo Tolstoy  --  War and Peace
  • Would god no death so sad might come to benefactors dear as she! I loved always to ask and hear about her while she lived, although she lived in sorrow.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • An atmosphere of sympathetic influence encircles every human being; and the man or woman who feels strongly, healthily and justly, on the great interests of humanity, is a constant benefactor to the human race.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • The same is true of the more modern reformers and benefactors of their race.
    Henry David Thoreau  --  Walden
  • He was also in a particular degree the creator and benefactor of mankind.
    Unknown  --  The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Candide drew near and saw his benefactor, who rose above the water one moment and was then swallowed up for ever.
    Voltaire  --  Candide
  • "My lord, my benefactor," I cried.
    Kamala Markandaya  --  Nectar in a Sieve
  • And yet you pity a man who, without being bitten by one of his race, has yet murdered his benefactor; and who, now unable to kill any one, because his hands are bound, wishes to see his companion in captivity perish.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • If we who were the movers, the providers, the benefactors of mankind, were willing to let the brand of evil be stamped upon us and silently to bear punishment for our virtues-what sort of "good" did we expect to triumph in the world?
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • That, if statues were decreed in Britain, as in ancient Greece and Rome, to public benefactors, this shining citizen would assuredly have had one.
    Charles Dickens  --  A Tale of Two Cities
  • Did they forsooth award him special grace, And as some benefactor bury him, Who came to fire their hallowed sanctuaries, To sack their shrines, to desolate their land, And scout their ordinances?
    Sophocles  --  Antigone
  • But, after a while, they found that he considered them the benefactors, and could not do enough to show how grateful he was for Mrs. March’s motherly welcome, their cheerful society, and the comfort he took in that humble home of theirs.
    Louisa May Alcott  --  Little Women
  • His endowments of this spot alone might at any time have placed him high among the benefactors of the convent.
    Jane Austen  --  Northanger Abbey
  • Only then did he permit them to bury him, not in any ordinary way, but with the honors reserved for Macondo’s greatest benefactor.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • Ingratitude is among them a capital crime, as we read it to have been in some other countries: for they reason thus; that whoever makes ill returns to his benefactor, must needs be a common enemy to the rest of mankind, from whom he has received no obligation, and therefore such a man is not fit to live.
    Jonathan Swift  --  Gulliver’s Travels
  • "Come, be calm," said the druggist; "later on you will show your gratitude to your benefactor."
    Gustave Flaubert  --  Madame Bovary
  • It were to be wished, that Christians would take example by this Heathen, to have received by the kind mediation and powerful interposition of their benefactors and deliverers; and it would be likewise happy for mankind, were there no occasion to blame many, who, instead of thankfully acknowledging favours and benefits, rather abuse and condemn those who have been the instruments to save them from destruction.
    Daniel Defoe  --  Robinson Crusoe
  • I am persuaded she knew no difference between his having been a personal benefactor of hers, and a kind friend to me, and that she would have received him with the utmost gratitude and devotion in any case.
    Charles Dickens  --  David Copperfield
  • Let him live outside his income, or shirk the resolute honest work that brings wages, and he will presently find himself dreaming of a possible benefactor, a possible simpleton who may be cajoled into using his interest, a possible state of mind in some possible person not yet forthcoming.
    George Eliot  --  Silas Marner
  • All we’re missing is a plaque honoring our generous benefactor.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Lock and Key
  • It was not to be believed that I was Cass Mastern, who stood thus in the house of a friend and benefactor.
    Robert Penn Warren  --  All the King’s Men
  • The supplying of them to the people in the community has had the same effect as the supplying of bricks, and the man who learns at Tuskegee to build and repair wagons and carts is regarded as a benefactor by both races in the community where he goes.
    Booker T. Washington  --  Up From Slavery: An Autobiography
  • You know, Lise, it’s awfully hard for a man who has been injured, when other people look at him as though they were his benefactors.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • I was the benefactor, the one who dispenses gifts, bonuses, bribes, baksheesh.
    Don DeLillo  --  White Noise
  • The letter was written in an odd, upright hand and signed "Edward Hyde": and it signified, briefly enough, that the writer’s benefactor, Dr. Jekyll, whom he had long so unworthily repaid for a thousand generosities, need labour under no alarm for his safety, as he had means of escape on which he placed a sure dependence.
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • That comes of being a public benefactor.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Jude the Obscure
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