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  • She identifies six boyfriend archetypes.
  • An archetype of the unknown.
    Rodman Philbrick  --  Freak the Mighty
  • He looked like the archetypal sinister magician that seems to be a requirement in so many bad Aturan plays.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind
  • Years were to pass, along with much study in Jewish sociology and the reading of books like Goodbye, Columbus and Marjorie Morningstar, before I would learn of the existence of the archetypal Jewish princess, her modus operandi and her significance in the scheme of things.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice

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  • Harking to the call of a kindred spirit, Frank at once settled down to the mating dance of academe, and they were soon neck-deep in archetypes and the parallels between ancient superstitions and modern religions.
    Diana Gabaldon  --  Outlander
  • I love Tris the Divergent, who makes decisions apart from faction loyalty, who isn’t some faction archetype.
    Veronica Roth  --  Insurgent
  • Odysseus next sees some of the archetypal sinners, Tantalos and others, paying for their crimes.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • Chiron calls them archetypes.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Lightning Thief
  • Like some archetype of the universal unconscious, the image of the gentleman caller haunted our small apartment.
    Tennessee Williams  --  The Glass Menagerie
  • She was the embodiment of that Victorian archetype, Constant Reader.
    Stephen King  --  Misery

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  • The conditions of verse in different languages vary so widely as to make any versified translation of a poem but an imperfect reproduction of the archetype.
    Dante Alighieri  --  Dante’s Inferno
  • This is in some ways the archetypal Lois Weisberg story.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  The Tipping Point
  • I have never seen anything in the real world to suggest the Ancient Mysteries are anything other than legend—a recurring mythological archetype.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • Wily veterans, on the other hand, will absorb those details, or possibly overlook them, to find the patterns, the routines, the archetypes at work in the background.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • As Dr. Jung points out, the theory of the archetypes is by no means his own invention.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • And no wonder: political movements rest not so much on rational attitudes as on the fantasies, images, words, and archetypes that come together to make up this or thatpolitical kitsch.
    Milan Kundera  --  The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Though she was unaware of it, Annie Kate had become the archetype of maternity and there was immense power and authority in her presence as she walked restlessly around the house, gazing out toward the city, or adding a log to the fire to cut the bitter island cold.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • He was the archetypal petit-bourgeois, cautious, complacent, mean.
    John Le Carre  --  The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
  • They are archetypal images—judging, punishing, pitiless.
    Peter Shaffer  --  Equus
  • It was an archetypal force, as Chiron would say—something that could never really die.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Mark of Athena
  • It was the archetype of archetypes; Paralon was the reality that the legend of Camelot aspired to be.
    James A. Owen  --  Here, There be Dragons
  • Though untrained as an architect, he came up with a design that was simple, memorable, and archetypal.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • This"—she paused for emphasis—"is the archetype of an inclined plane…… You’ll not find its equal anywhere.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Inheritance
  • Jackson, in his way, was the archetype of the new American—ignorant, pushful, impatient of restraint and precedent, an iconoclast, a Philistine, an Anglophobe in every fibre.
    Henry L. Mencken  --  The American Language
  • She tried to hold on to it because it was peaceful and lovely: the archetype of a family life she had never had, the type she and Vic would never have with their one planned child and their carefully programmed lives.
    Stephen King  --  Cujo
  • But that is sheer madness! A beautiful, marvelous song like that? A pure masterpiece, born out of the profoundest, most sacred depths of a whole nation’s emotions—its most precious possession, the archetype of genuine feeling, the very soul of human kindness?
    Thomas Mann  --  The Magic Mountain
  • The archetype that is formed in every child for life and seems for ever after to be his inward face, his personality, awoke in him in its full primordial strength, and compelled nature, the forest, the afterglow, and everything else visible to be transfigured into a similarly primordial and all-embracing likeness of a girl.
    Boris Pasternak  --  Doctor Zhivago
  • …pillars of water and of fire, escalating the benches at which they sat down canyons of stardust, striving with coral and myrrh to bend their senses beyond themselves, bringing onto them all their Aspects, wherein he held them, rotating about the archetypes upon which they had based their powers, as Shiva danced in a graveyard the Dance of Destruction and the Dance of Time, celebrating the legend of his annihilation of the three flying cities of the Titans, and Krishna the Dark moved…
    Roger Zelazny  --  Lord of Light
  • …that last hour, while her mind rushed on over thoughts as precise and sharp as the rods of an iron fence: had been through it and out of it to the light again, forced into the shabby role for which she had not the faintest desire and from which she drew, she devoutly believed, no satisfaction (she knew what satisfaction was, knew where she would prefer to be)—the role of God or archetypal mother or stone at the center of the universe—because by senseless accident she had borne sons.
    John Gardner  --  The Sunlight Dialogues
  • Archetypal Germans, the odd Jew, the boys from the east.
    Markus Zusak  --  The Book Thief
  • Dr. Jung points out that he has borrowed his term archetype from classic sources: Cicero, Pliny, the Corpus Hermeticum, Augustine, etc.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • It was the archetype of archetypes; Paralon was the reality that the legend of Camelot aspired to be.
    James A. Owen  --  Here, There be Dragons
  • And now I wish I hadn’t said anything about this archetype dude because I hate looking up stuff in his stupid dictionary.
    Rodman Philbrick  --  Freak the Mighty
  • They form an integral portion of the archetypal myth of the history of the world, and so belong properly to Part II of the present discussion: "The Cosmogonic Cycle."
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • The archetypes to be discovered and assimilated are precisely those that have inspired, throughout the annals of human culture, the basic images of ritual, mythology, and vision.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • It drives the psychic energies into depth and activates the lost continent of unconscious infantile and archetypal images.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • Part of pattern recognition is talent, but a whole lot of it is practice: if you read enough and give what you read enough thought, you begin to see patterns, archetypes, recurrences.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • Solomon had spoken with a contagious passion, presenting a dazzling vision of semiotics and archetypal history that had sparked in Langdon what would later become his lifelong passion for symbols.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • The Buddha beneath the Tree of Enlightenment (the Bo Tree) and Christ on Holy Rood (thc Tree of Redemption) are analogous figures, incorporating an archetypal World Savior, World Tree motif, which is of immemorial antiquity.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • The story ceases to be locked in the middle of the twentieth century and becomes timeless and archetypal, speaking of the tensions and difficulties that exist always and everywhere between brothers, with all their caring and pain and guilt and pride and love.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • "Anyway," Langdon said, "this story falls into a category we symbologists call an ’archetypal hybrid’—a blend of other classic legends, borrowing so many elements from popular mythology that it could only be a fictional construct …. not historical fact."
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • "If you perceive me as such," Mal’akh had replied, understanding as had the ancients that angels and demons were identical—interchangeable archetypes—all a matter of polarity: the guardian angel who conquered your enemy in battle was perceived by your enemy as a demon destroyer.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • The archetype of the hero in the belly of the whale is widely known.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • This archetypal hybrid was the grandfather of them all.
    Dan Brown  --  The Lost Symbol
  • This archetypal nightmare of the ogre father is made actual in the ordeals of primitive initiation.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • Only an unparalleled impoverishment of symbolism could enable us to rediscover the gods as psychic factors, that is, as archetypes of the unconscious…… Heaven has become for us the cosmic space of the physicists, and the divine empyrean a fair memory of things that once were.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • While we may not be all that well versed in types and archetypes from the Bible, we generally recognize, whatever our religious affiliation, some of the features that make Christ who he is.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • But in order that it may be confronted on universal grounds, rather than sectarian, we had better review one further example, equally celebrated, of the archetypal event.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • If the God is a tribal, racial, national, or sectarian archetype, we are the warriors of his cause; but if he is a lord of the universe itself, we then go forth as knowers to whom all men are brothers.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
  • If one or another of the basic elements of the archetypal pattern is omitted from a given fairy tale, legend, ritual, or myth, it is bound to be somehow or other implied—and the omission itself can speak volumes for the history and pathology of the example, as we shall presently see.
    Joseph Campbell  --  The Hero With a Thousand Faces
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