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  • Her theory is the antithesis of mine.
  • This poet ate his salad with his fingers, leaf by leaf, while talking to me about the antithesis of nature and art.
    Sylvia Plath  --  The Bell Jar
  • Her nightwear was the antithesis of Mami’s:
    Julia Alvarez  --  How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
  • When you happened along and saw him doing something that seemed to you to be the very antithesis of his conscience—your conscience—you literally could not stand it.
    Harper Lee  --  Go Set a Watchman

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  • But for every young kid signing up to enter a contest, there was another youngster turning his back on professionalism, holding it as the antithesis of the heart and spirit of surfing.
    Bethany Hamilton  --  Soul Surfer
  • Puller’s immediate task was to separate the obvious and normal from its antithesis.
    David Baldacci  --  Zero Day
  • It felt like the antithesis to four years of building robots at Carl Hayden.
    Joshua Davis  --  Spare Parts
  • (Most notably there had been the occasion when I was about sixteen, at a school dance, when one of those artful little coquettes I have mentioned—of which Leslie was such a cherished antithesis—took me over all possible fraudulent jumps: breathing on my neck, tickling my sweaty palm with her fingertip, and insinuating her satin groin against my own with such resolute albeit counterfeit wantonness that only an almost saintly will power, after hours of this, forced me to break apart from…
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • THE CONCORDE FIRE were, in almost every way, the antithesis of the Fugees.
    Warren St. John  --  Outcasts United
  • …Oh, it has an antithesis—but such a hard, demanding one….
    Ayn Rand  --  The Fountainhead

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  • In other words, the antithesis of Bill.
    Wes Moore  --  The Other Wes Moore
  • Never did God, who is fond of antitheses, make a more striking contrast, a more extraordinary comparison.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • Jack felt a slow, hot grin — the total antithesis of the toothy PR grin — stretch across his mouth.
    Stephen King  --  The Shining
  • (She had learned that expression from The Dream Carrier, which was essentially the complete antithesis of The Whistler—a book about an abandoned child who wanted to be a priest.
    Markus Zusak  --  The Book Thief
  • To antithesis was due his naming.
    Jack London  --  White Fang
  • Few men exhibit greater diversity, or, if we may so express it, greater antithesis of character, than the native warrior of North America.
    James Fenimore Cooper  --  The Last of the Mohicans
  • It was the antithesis of the scientific approach.
    Ralph Ellison  --  Invisible Man
  • Keep his mind off the plain antithesis between True and False.
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Screwtape Letters
  • Although she eventually came to respect his potent intellect, his icy demeanor always seemed inhuman, the exact antithesis of her father’s warmth.
    Dan Brown  --  Angels & Demons
  • Pondering this argument, I asked myself why each of the antitheses noted in the phrase should not be given equal value, or half of full value.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • "This philosophic reflection," thought he, "will make a great sensation at M. de Saint-Meran’s;" and he arranged mentally, while Dantes awaited further questions, the antithesis by which orators often create a reputation for eloquence.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The faces in this seemingly endless influx of vampires were the antithesis to the Volturi’s expressionless discipline—they wore a kaleidoscope of emotions.
    Stephenie Meyer  --  Breaking Dawn
  • They grant the enemy’s basic premise, thus granting the sanction of reason to formal dementia, A basic premise is an absolute that permits no co-operation with its antithesis and tolerates no tolerance.
    Ayn Rand  --  Atlas Shrugged
  • This is why, in many ways, the choice of Paul Van Riper to head the opposing Red Team was so inspired, because if Van Riper stood for anything, it was the antithesis of that position.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Blink
  • He also called these three stages of knowledge thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.
    Jostein Gaarder  --  Sophie’s World
  • Victory on this side, defeat on that—complete for one moment was the antithesis.
    E.M. Forster  --  A Passage to India
  • The city closes in on him now, and in his strange perspective it becomes the antithesis of what he believes.
    Robert M. Pirsig  --  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • He made himself into his father’s antithesis.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Seabiscuit
  • But what’s underneath that sweater is the antithesis of normality, however that word is defined.
    Ellen Hopkins  --  Identical
  • At the moment when she wished to be thought the very antithesis of her father, what she at once suggested to me were the mannerisms, in thought and speech, of the poor old music-master.
    Marcel Proust  --  Swann’s Way
  • The only explanation I can suggest is that for Franz, love was not an extension of public life but its antithesis.
    Milan Kundera  --  The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • He was the antithesis of the prototypical cadet leader.
    Pat Conroy  --  The Lords of Discipline
  • Conway was the antithesis of such a type; he was inclined to see vulgarity in the Western ideal of superlatives, and "the utmost for the highest" seemed to him a less reasonable and perhaps more commonplace proposition than "the much for the high."
    James Hilton  --  Lost Horizon
  • Somehow at this moment, bleak and covered with snow, they identified themselves in her mind as the antithesis of all to which her imagination aspired.
    Theodore Dreiser  --  An American Tragedy
  • If divorce had presented itself as the dastardly antithesis of all this, it could easily have been cast onto the other pan of the scales, along with betrayal, illness, thieving, assault and mendacity.
    Ian McEwan  --  Atonement
  • I realized at that instant just how surely the affirmation of demons or the summoning of Satan somehow can affirm the reality of their mystic antithesis-the God of Abraham.
    Dan Simmons  --  Hyperion
  • "What do you think of that for a fine bit of antithesis?" said the German, searching in his friend’s face for responding admiration, but going on volubly without waiting for any other answer.
    George Eliot  --  Middlemarch
  • …aside petty differences of conclusions which, although they might occasionally cause the deaths of several millions of young men, might be explained away—supposing that after all Bernard Shaw and Bernhardi, Bonar Law and Bethmann-Hollweg were mutual heirs of progress if only in agreeing against the ducking of witches—waiving the antitheses and approaching individually these men who seemed to be the leaders, he was repelled by the discrepancies and contradictions in the men themselves.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  This Side of Paradise
  • He let his mind coil out at her, the antithesis of emotion.
    Stephen King  --  The Gunslinger
  • He caught the subtlety of her antithesis.
    Zane Grey  --  The Border Legion
  • Every turn of her mind seemed to confront her with sobering antitheses of thought.
    Zane Grey  --  The Call of the Canyon
  • There are no categories, only workers; no antithesis between physical and mental labor.
    John Le Carre  --  The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
  • At our final meeting, the trainer—a relaxed woman who was the antithesis of Miss Dominatrix—called us forward.
    John Grogan  --  Marley & Me
  • For the Voit people, makers of swim equipment, an ad that showed a man who was the utter antithesis of the Miami beachboy.
    Stephen King  --  Cujo
  • The frozen, reheated, salty, fatty foods served at McDonald’s and Burger King and KFC are the antithesis of what this new movement wants.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • That kind of world is the very antithesis of the so-called "new order" of tyranny which the dictators seek to create with the crash of a bomb.
    Franklin  Delano  Roosevelt  --  The Four Freedoms
  • Capable, it might be, of things more monstrous than anything he could have dreamed of before; yet modified, too, like a Hegelian thesis generating its own antithesis.
    John Gardner  --  The Sunlight Dialogues
  • This was the direct antithesis of everything that Lincoln had been taught to believe—the equality of man, the dignity of labor, and the right to move upward in the social scale.
    Richard Hofstadter  --  Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth
  • The neatness of this antithesis is more than contrived; it corresponds to and defines the tremendous interval that separates from each other two such simultaneous cultural phenomena as the avant-garde and kitsch.
    Clement Greenberg  --  Avant-garde and Kitsch
  • Everything about the service was the antithesis of a lifetime of Sabbaths at Braintree’s plain First Church, where unfettered daylight through clear window glass allowed for no dark or shadowed corners, or suggestion of mystery.
    David McCullough  --  John Adams
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