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Harry Potter (#7) and the Deathly Hallows
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Harry Potter (#7) and the Deathly Hallows
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unspecified meaning
  • Minutes previously, Harry had plunged his hand into this mulch, experienced a stabbing pain in the fourth finger of his right hand, and withdrawn it to see a lot of blood.
  • It’s supposed to leave in three minutes, if you want to take it.

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  • The minutes stretched into what might as well have been years.
  • Within minutes a procession had formed, which began to snake its way up through the garden toward the marquee.
  • It was several minutes before Kreacher hiccupped himself into silence.
  • "Right then," said Hermione, checking her watch. she ought to be here in about five minutes.
  • Within two minutes, Ron stood before them, as small and ferrety as the sick wizard, and wearing the navy blue robes that had been folded in his bag.
  • He had to wait ten minutes, but it seemed much longer to Harry, skulking alone in the sick-splattered alleyway beside the door con-cealing the Stunned Mafalda.
  • All right then," he went on, tying up the sack with the fake Potters’ clothes in it and leading the way back to the door, "I make it three minutes until we’re supposed to leave.
  • After several minutes’ thought, Harry tore the obituary out of the Prophet, folded it carefully, and tucked it inside the first volume of Practical Defensive Magic and its Use against the Dark Arts.

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  • Harry, who was now sleeping in Sirius’s room, lay in bed with his wandlight trained on the old photograph of his father, Sirius, Lupin, and Pettigrew, and muttered the plan to himself for another ten minutes.
  • Harry also tried tying the laces of his trainers by magic (the resultant knot took several minutes to untie by hand) and, purely for the pleasure of it, turned the orange robes on Ron’s Chudley Cannons posters bright blue.
  • After a few minutes she returned, her sopping hair plastered to her face.
  • For ten minutes or so Ron tapped and muttered, Hermione turned the pages of her book, and Harry continued to practice with the blackthorn wand.
  • Didn’t they realize how far they had traveled in the last few minutes?
  • He could not help remem-bering what had happened the last time they had Apparated to the first place Hermione had thought of — how Death Eaters had found them within minutes.
  • The rain was pounding the tent, tears were pouring down Her-mione’s face, and the excitement of a few minutes before had va-nished as if it had never been, a short-lived firework that had flared and died, leaving everything dark, wet, and cold.
  • He watched Voldemort’s white, snakelike face vanishing into darkness, those red eyes fixed pitilessly on the thrashing elf whose death would occur within minutes, whenever he succumbed to the desperate thirst that the burning poison caused its victim … But here, Harry’s imagination could go no further, for he could not see how Kreacher had escaped.
  • Could you give us a few minutes?
  • I shall meet you in the Great Hall in twenty minutes with my House.
  • "I shall expect you and the Slytherins in the Great Hall in twenty minutes also." said Professor McGonagall.
  • I managed to make contact with Aberforth and he tipped me off ten minutes ago that Hogwarts was going to make a fight of it, so here I am.
  • The realization of what would happen next settled gradually over Harry in the long minutes, like softly falling snow.
  • They had traveled on mere minutes when Harry saw light ahead, and Yaxley and Dolohov stepped out into a clearing that Harry knew had been the place where the monstrous Aragog had once lived.
  • Fleur, Harry noticed, was merely playing with her food; she glanced at the window every few minutes; however, Bill returned before they had finished their first course, his long hair tangled by the wind.
  • It was five minutes until midnight, and though he now knew what the last Horcrux was, he was no closer to discovering where it was… Generations of students had failed to find the diadem; that suggested that it was not in Ravenclaw Tower — but if not there, where?
  • It had been impossible to decide how they were going to do it, because the goblin rarely left Harry, Ron, and Hermione alone together for more than five minutes at a time: "He could give my mother lessons," growled Ron, as the goblin’s long fingers kept appearing around the edges of doors.
  • After five minutes or so, Harry lost some of his immediate dread that the dragon was going to throw them off, for it seemed intent on nothing but getting as far away from its underground prison as poss-ible; but the question of how and when they were to dismount remained rather frightening.
  • They’ll be here in about five minutes," he said, and when one of the Dursleys replied, he left the room.
  • It was clear, as the three of them stepped back into the corridor upstairs, that in the minutes that they had spent in the Room of Requirement the situation within the castle had deteriorated severely: The walls and ceiling were shaking worse than ever; dust filled the air, and through the nearest window, Harry saw bursts of green and red light so close to the foot of the castle that he knew the Death Eaters must be very near to entering the place.
  • I reckon we’ve got five minutes if that — " Hermione’s Patronus vanished with a pop as she turned a horror struck face to Harry.
  • Oh, why did we go there?" groaned Hermione after a few minutes’ silence.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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