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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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unspecified meaning
  • However, a voice responded at once, a crisp, decisive voice that sounded as though it were reading a prepared statement.
  • To the Prime Minister’s dismay, however, the portrait had proved impossible to remove.

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  • I am pleased to say, however, that Dumbledore is growing old.
  • Bellatrix, however, let out a cackle of triumphant laughter.
  • However, let us assume that you have invited me warmly into your house.
  • We have, however, vacated the building temporarily.
  • However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom.
  • However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom.
  • However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom.
  • Uncle Vernon looked as though he had something stuck in his throat; Aunt Petunia, however, was oddly flushed.

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  • However, I would like you to bring your Invisibility Cloak… just in case.
  • Dumbledore, however, seemed completely relaxed.
  • However, I do not think you need worry about being attacked tonight.
  • Inferi have not been seen for a long time, however, not since Voldemort was last powerful… He killed enough people to make an army of them, of course.
  • It is true, however, that many have guessed, correctly, that Voldemort sent his Death Eaters to steal a prophecy, and that the prophecy concerned you.
  • However, it would be poor repayment if you risked your neck while staying with them.
  • I have assured the spirit community that I will not pester you for information, however.
  • With what Harry considered pure pigheadedness, however, Ron was unimpressed.
  • I see that you have an ’Exceeds Expectations’ in Charm however — why not try for a N.E.W.T. in Charms?
  • Professor Slughorn, however, is perfectly happy to accept N.E.W.T. students with ’Exceeds Expectations’ at O.W.L. Do you wish to proceed with Potions?
  • None of them had ever cast the charm without speaking, however.
  • Behind Snape, however, Ron, Dean, and Seamus grinned appreciatively.
  • However, if brewed correctly, as this has been, you will find that all your endeavors tend to succeed … at least until the effects wear off.
  • The person who does best, however, will win little Felix here.
  • According to the addition the previous owner made, however, he ought to add a clockwise stir after every seventh counterclockwise stir.
  • Once they were securely ensconced at the Gryffindor table for dinner, however, he felt safe enough to tell them.
  • Before Harry had time to do more than register his bizarre appearance, however, Ogden had set off at a brisk walk down the lane.
  • He soon discovered that he was mistaken in thinking that they were going to the village, however.
  • However, he had trained himself not to look at the picture very much, and always to tell himself firmly that his eyes were playing tricks on him when anything like this happened.
  • This idea, however, came to nothing: The corridors, which were packed with people on the lookout for the lunch trolley, were impossible to negotiate while wearing the cloak.
  • Before he could respond, however, there was a disturbance outside their compartment door; a group of fourth-year girls was whispering and giggling together on the other side of the glass.
  • To his slight annoyance, however, neither Ron nor Hermione seemed quite as curious about Malfoy’s activities as he was; or at least, they seemed to get bored of discussing it after a few days.
  • When they heard what he was saying, however, the villagers guessed that Merope had lied to Tom Riddle, pretending that she was going to have his baby, and that he had married her for this reason.
  • I urge you, therefore, to abide by any security restrictions that you teachers might impose upon you, however irksome you might find them — in particular, the rule that you are not to be out of after hours.
  • Just as he had concluded that nobody could possibly live there, however, one of the windows was thrown open with a clatter, and a thin trickle of steam or smoke issued from it, as though somebody was cooking.
  • Harry felt, however, that the Half-Blood Princes copy of Advanced Potion-Making hardly qualified as a textbook.
  • Now, however, a wonderful possibility occurred to him.
  • There was no buzz of fear or speculation, however: Clearly, the news of Katie’s fate had not yet spread.
  • However, I shall tell you in due course.
  • However, rest assured that he will not be making away with any more of Sirius’s old possessions.
  • However, I was certainly intrigued by him.
  • The crash, however, appeared to have awoken Ron and Hermione to Harry’s presence.
  • In the meantime, however, he had more pressing worries.
  • However, Ron seemed to gather the worst from the look on Harry’s face.
  • However, it has been difficult gaining their trust.
  • He was, however, reminded of a question he had with regard to Tonks, and who better to ask than Lupin, the man who knew all about Patronuses?
  • He was not, however, alone.
  • When Dumbledore spoke, however, his voice was quite steady.
  • However, if he was frightening or impressing fellow Slytherins with displays of Parseltongue in their common room, no hint of it reached the staff.
  • However, he had the sense never to try and charm me as he charmed so many of my colleagues.
  • Before the Ministry reached their decision, however, Morfin had died.
  • Voldemort, however, stayed behind.
  • However, he has his weaknesses like the rest of us, and I believe that you are the one person who might be able to penetrate his defenses.
  • Hermione, however, took a gloomier view.
  • Ernie Macmillan, however, was muttering, ’Specialis revelio!’ over his cauldron, which sounded impressive, so Harry and Ron hastened to imitate him.
  • Before either of them could express their fury that Harry had come top of the class by not doing any work, however, the bell rang.
  • Unfortunately, however, no such invitation arrived.
  • Unfortunately, however, no such invitation arrived.
  • Harry, however, remained behind, taking a seat beside the fire and looking down into the dying embers.
  • Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.
  • Once it became clear that Mr. Weasley was going to make a full recovery, however, I would have hoped that you returned to the task I set you.
  • However, I have two last memories that I would like to share with you.
  • However, Voldemort was no mere assistant.
  • On the last one, however, he shot off in completely the wrong direction; the crowd laughed and booed and McLaggen returned to the ground grinding his teeth.
  • Professor McGonagall did not invite confidences; Dumbledore, though in many ways more intimidating, still seemed less likely to scorn a theory, however wild.
  • However, I was able to secure a visit to Morfin in the last weeks of his life, by which time I was attempting to discover as much as I could about Voldemort’s past.
  • To his great surprise, however, Dumbledore drew his wand from an inside pocket of his suit jacket, pointed it at the shabby wardrobe in the corner, and gave the wand a casual flick.
  • Unfortunately, however, all the rejected players and a number of people who had come down to watch after a lengthy breakfast had joined the crowd by now, so that it was larger than ever.
  • However, he said no more about Draco Malfoy, but watched as Dumbledore poured the fresh memories into the Pensieve and began swirling the stone basin once more between his long-fingered hands.
  • It was all a shimmering blur to Harry, however, who walked so fast that he was passing the Hufflepuff table before people really started to stare, and by the time they were standing up to get a good look at him, he had spotted Ron and Hermione, sped along the benches toward them, and forced his way in between them.
  • When Harry pushed open the tapestry to take their usual shortcut up to Gryffindor Tower, however, they found themselves looking at Dean and Ginny, who were locked in a close embrace and kissing fiercely as though glued together.
  • He heard nothing, however, except the distant twittering of birds outside.
  • However, he had decided to use the time to attempt another assault on the Room of Requirement.
  • The seventh part of his soul, however maimed, resides inside his regenerated body.
  • However, a withered hand does not seem an unreasonable exchange for a sev-enth of Voldemort’s soul.
  • However, we should not congratulate ourselves too heartily.
  • I am confident, however, that the only known relic of Gryffindor remains safe.
  • "Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable," said Dumbledore, shaking back the sleeve of his robes and exposing the forearm of his injured hand.
  • The surface of the lake was once more shining black glass: The ripples had vanished unnaturally fast; Harry’s heart, however, was still pounding.
  • Thus far, however, we have done well.
  • Something more worrisome than blood and bodies, however.
  • Harry’s eyes, however, were fixed upon the ground at the foot of the tallest tower.
  • Even as he stared wordlessly at the place where he thought Dumbledore’s body must lie, however, he saw people beginning to move toward it.
  • There was something in her voice, however, that Harry knew boded ill.
  • However, like many creatures that dwell in cold and darkness, they fear light and warmth, which we shall therefore call to our aid should the need arise.
  • ’All right then, Snape — but I’m going to have to leave you for a moment so I can —’ Before Harry could make a move, however, he heard run— ning footsteps.
  • After an interval of some years, however, he used Nagini to kill an old Muggle man, and it might then have occurred to him to turn her into his last Horcrux.
  • Harry, however, little though he knew he deserved it, felt unbelievably cheerful all of a sudden, even though none of them spoke again for the rest of the evening.
  • There could be no doubt that Dumbledore’s detailed knowledge of those with whom he was traveling was even less welcome to Voldemort; however, he rallied almost at once.
  • Slughorn, however, did not seem to be listening; he was looking up at the ceiling, from which a number of brass pots hung, and also a long, silky skein of bright white hair.
  • However, if my calculations are correct, Voldemort was still at least one Horcrux short of his goal of six when he entered your parents’ house with the inten-tion of killing you.
  • Harry, however, with the way ahead illuminated for him by Felix Felicis, knew that he must not drink, so he merely pretended to take a gulp and then set the mug back on the table before him.
  • Harry resisted the temptation to laugh, remembering that Ron had refrained from doing so after Malfoy had broken Harry’s nose; Hermione, however, looked cold and distant all the way down to the stadium through the cool, misty drizzle, and departed to find a place in the stands without wishing Ron good luck.
  • It had already occurred to him that this would be the most likely objection to his new evidence; he could hear Hermione now: Obviously, Harry, he was pretending to offer help so he could trick Malfoy into telling him what he’s doing…… This was pure imagination, however, as he had had no opportu-nity to tell Hermione what he had overheard.
  • Large groups of girls tended to converge underneath the mistletoe bunches every time Harry went past, which caused blockages in the corridors; fortunat e ly, however, Harry’s frequent nighttime wanderings had given him an unusually good knowledge of the castle’s secret passageways, so that he was often, without too much difficulty, to naviga t e mistletoe-free routes between classes.
  • As though he had read Harry’s mind, however, Snape said, "No cloak.
  • Sometimes he thought that the post-Lavender Ron might not mind too much if he asked Ginny out, but then he remembered Ron’s expression when he had seen her kissing Dean, and was sure that Ron would consider it base treachery if Harry so much as held her hand…… Yet Harry could not help himself talking to Ginny, laughing with her, walking back from practice with her; however much his conscience ached, he found himself wondering how best to get her on her own.
  • It was, however, eclipsed almost immediately by a glow of smugness at the thought that, deficient though he himself might be in the area of materializing out of fireplaces, there had never been a murder in any of the government departments under his charge… Not yet, anyway… While the Prime Minister surreptitiously touched the wood of his desk, Fudge continued, "But Blacks by-the-by now.
  • Snape and Malfoy, however, were still running; they would soon be beyond the gates, able to Disapparate — Harry tore past Hagrid and his opponent, took aim at Snape’s back, and yelled, "Stupefy!

  • There are no more uses of "however" in the book.

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