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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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unspecified meaning
  • An alarm clock, repaired by Harry several years ago, ticked loudly on the sill, showing one minute to eleven.
  • The minute hand on the alarm clock reached the number twelve and, at that precise moment, the street-lamp outside the window went out.

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  • You can’t have had more than three minutes’ warning?
  • You’d better get on, Harry, I want the trunks ready tonight, if possible, so we don’t have the usual last-minute scramble.
  • Snape did not speak for a minute or so.
  • "You’d better get straight on the train, all of you, you’ve only got a few minutes to go," said Mrs. Weasley, consulting her watch.
  • He knew that Snape had come to fetch him for this, for the few minutes when he could needle and torment Harry without anyone else listening.
  • "Hagrid was only a few minutes late," said Hermione.
  • They avoided Hagrid’s eye and returned his cheery wave only half-heartedly when he left the staff table ten minutes later.
  • Parvati set off for Divination five minutes later looking slightly crestfallen.

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  • A few minutes later, Ron was cleared to do the same subjects as Harry, and the two of them left the table together.
  • Within ten minutes, the whole place was full of bluish steam.
  • Ogden Apparated back to the Ministry and returned with reinforcements within fifteen minutes.
  • Then, with Mrs. Weasley checking her watch every minute or so, they headed farther along the street in search of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the joke shop run by Fred and George.
  • It was Neville’s turn next: This was a very uncomfortable ten minutes, for Neville’s parents, wellknown Aurors, had been tortured into insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange and a couple of Death Eater cronies.
  • One simple incantation and you will enter a top-quality, highly realistic, thirty-minute daydream, easy to fit into the average school lesson and virtually undetectable (side effects include vacant expression and minor drooling).
  • It took him a little over ten minutes to track down everything he needed; at last he had managed to extract his Invisibility Cloak from under the bed, screwed the top back on his jar of color-change ink, and forced the lid of his trunk shut on his cauldron.
  • ’There!’ said Ron, after a minute or so.
  • They stared at each other for almost a whole minute, before Harry said, ’This is a joke, right?
  • When they left the Gryffindor table five minutes later to head down to the Quidditch pitch, they passed Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil.
  • Harry was still fuming when Hermione returned to their table a few minutes later holding three bottles of butterbeer.
  • Harry raised his eyebrows, but said nothing except, "We’ll be starting in about five minutes, you’d better get your boots on."
  • We’ve only looked in for five minutes, so I’ll have a stroll around the yard while you catch up with Percy.
  • It took Harry only five minutes to realise that his reputa-tion as the best potion-maker in the class was crashing around his ears.
  • He opened the box just as Slughorn called, Two minutes left, everyone!
  • Within five minutes, they were climbing through the portrait hole.
  • He said he’d come at four, it’s only a couple of minutes to and he’s never been late yet!
  • The house-elf returned within minutes, followed by a tall young man Harry had no difficulty whatsoever in recognizing as Voldemort.
  • A few minutes later Hermione, who had become so tired of Ron’s recent unpleasant behavior that she had not come down to breakfast with them, paused on her way up the table.
  • Typically, ten minutes into the lesson Hermione managed to repel Neville’s muttered Jelly-Legs Jinx without uttering a single word, a feat that would surely have earned her twenty points for Gryffindor from any reasonable teacher, thought Harry bitterly, but which Snape ignored.
  • Hoping to see you this Friday, I am yours most sincerely, Albus Dumbledore Though he already knew it by heart, Harry had been stealing glances at this missive every few minutes since seven o’clock that evening, when he had first taken up his position beside his bedroom window, which had a reasonable view of both ends of Privet Drive.
  • An idea had just occurred to him, a reckless but potentially wonderful idea… In a minute’s time, Zabini was going to reenter the Slytherin sixth-year compartment and Malfoy would be sitting there, thinking himself unheard by anybody except fellow Slytherins… If Harry could only enter, unseen, behind him, what might he not see or hear?
  • "Snape’s right, though, isn’t he?" said Ron, after staring into a cracked mirror for a minute or two.
  • He thought hard for several minutes before striding off once more.
  • Snape returned ten minutes later.
  • Boiling with anger at Snape, his desire to do something desperate and risky had increased tenfold in the last few minutes.
  • Then I wish you to go and fetch your Cloak and meet me in the Entrance Hall in five minutes’ time.’
  • ’Must have been minutes ago, it wasn’t there when I put the cat out, but when I got upstairs —’
  • But as for being about to kill me, Draco, you have had several long minutes now.
  • We found the Death Eaters minutes later, heading in the direction of the Astronomy Tower.
  • After a minute or so, he pulled the Invisibility Cloak on again and resumed his efforts to get into the Room of Requirement, but his heart was not in it.
  • Once Peeves had vanished, there was silence in the corridors; with only fifteen minutes left until curfew, most people had already returned to their common rooms.
  • But Harry was already hurtling back along the corridor and within minutes, he was saying "toffee eclairs" to Dumbledore’s gar-goyle, which leapt aside, permitting Harry entrance onto the spiral staircase.
  • Harry had already been called out of the common room to endure fifteen highly unpleasant minutes in the company of Professor McGonagall, who had told him he was lucky not to have been expelled and that she supported wholeheartedly Snape’s punishment of detention every Saturday until the end of term.
  • Sure enough, the greenish light seemed to be growing larger at last, and within minutes, the boat had come to a halt, bumping gently into something that Harry could not see at first, but when he raised his illuminated wand he saw that they had reached a small island of smooth rock in the center of the lake.
  • It was several minutes before Harry became aware that they were not heading for Professor McGonagall’s office, but for Dumbledore’s, and another few seconds before he realized that of course, she had been deputy headmistress, …. Apparently she was now headmistress … so the room behind the gargoyle was now hers.
  • Then Cadwallader scored again, making things level, but Luna did not seem to have noticed; she appeared singularly uninterested in such mundane things as the score, and kept attempting to draw the crowd’s attention to such things as interestingly shaped clouds and the possibility that Zacharias Smith, who had so far failed to maintain possession of the Quaffle for longer than a minute, was suffering from something called "Loser’s Lurgy."
  • I’m going to see whether any owls have come…" But when Harry arrived downstairs ten minutes later, fully dressed and carrying his empty breakfast tray, it was to find Hermione sitting at the kitchen table in great agitation, while Mrs. Weasley tried to lessen her resemblance to half a panda.
  • There," said Hermione, some twenty minutes later, handing back Ron’s essay.
  • Then, after two solid minutes, Dumbledore said quietly, "Oh, surely not.
  • S’not too bad," said Hagrid hopefully a few minutes later, looking at the smoking wreck.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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